US Transworld Logistics: Redefining the Indian & Global Supply Chain Distribution Space

US Transworld Logistics| Logistics company
Uttam Singhal | CEO | US Transworld Logistics

Logistics is a channel of the supply chain that adds the value of time and place utility. The complexity of logistics can be modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized through software but the working environment in this industry keeps constantly changing. Logistics facilitates the transportation and delivery of a lot of things. The transportation can comprise of anything from consumer goods such as Food, IT materials, to aerospace and defense equipment, etc. Logistics is a huge part of the supply chain management or distribution sector. In India also, it has a significant amount of contribution towards the collective growth of the country.

A renowned name in this industry that is redefining the Supply Chain Outlook across boundaries with the supportive initiative enabled by Modiji, is US Transworld Logistics. The company strives to facilitate ‘Ease of Doing Business’ across the globe. The CEO of the company Mr. Uttam Singhal, in this interview, shares some insights on how US Transworld Logistics operates. Let’s read what he has to say:

What is your vision behind the startup? Tell us how the idea came about.

Our Vision is to bring pride to the Nation, making Indian origin company to emerge as Global Leader in Supply Chain Distribution to facilitate all Logistics needs of every industry of all scale and sizes around the globe to manage their distribution of goods from production to end-user irrespective of boundaries and states. We vision to be a thread that connects all buyers and sellers, especially cross border traders and industries to manage all their supply chain solutions under one umbrella. We hope to work with the entire industry as their Global Logistics Partners and cater to them with ease of doing business. 

The idea originally was mapped by Mr. Purushottam.P.Singhal, CEO of Transport Wings (CAL) Pvt. Ltd. Since 1956, he was working on making a single platform where each person can facilitate their logistics needs from around the globe, all under one roof. Through enablement of this idea, he is helping the people with their time and money both which will eventually lead to boosting their business effectively and efficiently. Hence, the launch of the start-up US Transworld Logistics (USTL) took place. 

What services/products/solutions do you offer?

We at US Transworld Logistics offer all solutions needed to facilitate supply chain and distribution irrespective of scale, size, and territory of the customer, whether domestic or foreign. We undertake and understand the need of every shipper/industry or trader, importer or exporter, and accordingly, we provide them with customized solutions. Few of them listed as under: –

  1. End to End Solutions
  2. Break Bulk
  3. RORO
  4. Vessel chattering
  5. Heavy ODC
  6. Project Cargo
  7. Stowage plan
  8. Hydro DDP
  9. Ocean Freight
  10. Air Freight
  11. Road Freight
  12. BOAF
  13. DAP
  14. CIF
  15. DDP
  16. CFS
  17. Custom Clearance – 3PL
  18. Custom broker
  19. Vessel Agent
  20. Warehousing
  21. Export agent
  22. FOB
  23. Route survey
  24. Customized Project Solution
  25. Logistic Consultancy
  26. Domestic Logistic

 Our Tagline defines our theme – ‘Let the Experts Handle your Cargo’.

What were the challenges you faced during the inception of your startup?

The journey of this start-up was full of challenges. At inception, we didn’t receive the company name registered from MCA. Later, we got the name registered as a Proprietorship Firm. few of the other challenges were:

 – Negative competition

 – Lack of awareness in customers 

 – Cartels

 – Criticism

 – Favoritism

 – Funds Management

 – Threats of Bad Debt by Big Industries in lack of Control Checks

 Besides all those challenges, we still had one thing which was our confidence and enthusiasm. We started our journey with dignity and determination subsiding and overcome all challenges.

Is your company bootstrapped or have you received funding, or do you plan on approaching investors?

The startup was started with a total of 2 lakhs of my savings and thus we started from scratch. Later, funding was arranged from friends and relatives. Other than limited funds, what we are rich in is our spirit to success, enthusiasm, and dedication. As a result, from the very first year, we had (3.5 months) turnover 7 figures (in Lakhs) and now we are running in 9 figures ++ (in crores).  

These figures itself are promising and reveal the story of hardships that we went through.  There can be multiple layers of development if a good investor joins hands with us whether it may be government bodies or private players. Those who want to grow and achieve success can come forward and join our hands. We welcome them with open arms.

As the founder/CEO, what is your opinion on the current landscape of startup culture in India?

It was a blessing to be an Indian. India itself is a land of diversity and diverse cultures, religions, castes, and creed. But a thing common is their love and support for the country. We feel proud to be among them. We find the government’s various initiatives and progressive actions, and programs for the development of skills very uplifting. Due to lack of awareness, employment opportunities and motivation for entrepreneurs along with misused communication mediums have proved to be a huge limitation.

One of the big reasons for such limitations is that the schemes are not getting materialized properly, as they are designed to be. Some efforts are needed to get it circulated to each and every struggling start-up in order to add their efforts to the GDP and the growth of the country. This will generate more employment and income opportunities with pride and dignity.    

 We like to thank our Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji, who enabled platforms and motivated young rising entrepreneurs like us to speak up their grievances. He awakened their dreams to start something new and passionate which is also bringing money, happiness, and prosperity to self as well as the nation as a whole. A special thanks to Modi Ji and his team.

According to you, how important is it to be updated with technology as per your industry sector?

Everyone has their own views on how they believe technology works for them. For a startup like us, Technology we believe is a tool that can help in speeding up our progress rates as well as accomplish our goals with utter satisfaction and progress. We always believe in 3 I’s (Imagination+Innovation+Implementation) and according to the same, we are going on and providing customized solutions for our customers using available resources, technology and using 3-I’s for polishing to deliver better outcomes. 

Hence, if we want to become the leader in the industry, we must keep ourselves on par with the latest technological trends. Technology is one of the main components of the Next Genx Biz Houses.

How do you strategize on scaling your company in the future?

We focus on developing the growth of our industry across the globe as prima facia motto, in which we are also finding success in few segments too. Now we plan for making our presence known in each and every industry across the globe to derive economic value in their existing spending. We intend to help them in saving time and give peace of mind by facilitating them with ease of doing business. All traders and the business houses can avail of these one-stop solutions for their supply chain needs in a single window. They just need to drop an email; the rest of the work will be done by our team without any hassle. We will provide all customized solutions and whatever that is needed in a best-designed manner. We wish to contribute to the economy in a way where we have a win-win situation at both ends. Some of our Key Strategies we are shared as under:


  1. To be updated with technology
  2. Mix bag of Experience and Young team members
  3. Expanding Network
  4. Collaboration with Right people at the right time
  5. Cost Control through technology
  6. Excellent & Efficient services to Clients
  7. Dedicated and Customized Solutions

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