Jay Storage Solutions: The Search for Smart Storage Ends Here!

Mr. Premal Karelia | Managing Director | Jay Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.[Warehouse,logistic operations, inventory, segregation, bifurcation]
Mr. Premal Karelia | Managing Director | Jay Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.[Warehouse,logistic operations, inventory, segregation, bifurcation]

Effective logistics solutions play a pivotal role in driving seamless trade operations across diversified industry segments worldwide. The past five years have observed a paradigm shift from organizations embracing traditional logistics to now leveraging Intra-logistic solutions with a futuristic outlook. These solutions will prove to be one of the major catalysts in making India a $5 trillion economy by 2025. With government reforms like GST and other regulatory compliance joining the foray, the domestic trade market has now increased manifold and are generating profitable outcomes like never before. On the other hand, companies are witnessing the demand for warehouses from the traditional 5-6 mtrs. to 12 mtrs. and above ensuring secured storage.

Acknowledging this scenario, Jay Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is rolling out intelligent storage solutions by attaining global partnerships and investing in cutting-edge technologies. Founded in 1984, it stands tall as an ISO 14001:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company having the potential of quenching the needs of the clientele with utmost excellence. Its comprehensive range of Industrial warehousing storage and Automated warehouse solutions are dedicated to satisfying a wide variety of needs across various industry segments and applications. Jay Storage has established itself as the market leader in India with its manufacturing plants near Mumbai. Its industry expertise and curated acumen have carved it into one of the fastest service providers of industrial storage solutions serving clients globally.

Jay Storage has been felicitated with the Best Storage Solutions Company of the Year on many occasions. Its years of consistent endeavors have helped it to get recognized as one of the Most Trusted Storage Solutions Partner in its field.

Leading from the Front

Mr. Premal Karelia is the Managing Director of Jay Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. His father Mr. Arvind Karelia started the business of providing manual material handling equipment which was later joined by him. His two-decade of experience in this field helped him in sensing the need to provide Integrated storage & handling solutions across the Indian sub-continent. He is instrumental in driving continuous improvement within the organization alongside adding value to the Intra-logistic segment. Currently, Mr. Premal is at the helm of storage solutions business and plays a significant role in suggesting the right options for the customers. These suggestions prove to be a major attribute in solving various issues and transforming the overall outlook of the client warehouses.

A Warehouse of Services

“Helping customers achieve their business goals is what keeps us moving,” says team Jay Storage.

Taking on a customer-centric approach, the company focuses on providing a plethora of products & services showcasing Smart storage of materials, leading to effective identification, inventory, segregation, bifurcation, and flow of the materials. This flexible and transparent approach backed by products that are easy-to-adjust, dismantle, install & modify at the site helps it in creating a win-win situation and outperforming own milestones. Its wide-ranging products include Warehouse Automation, Rack Clad Warehouse, Automated Racking system, Conventional Pallet racking System, Mezzanine System, Multi-tier Racking System and Cantilever racking system tailored to meet customer demands.

Recognizing and analyzing the pain points across the warehouse logistic operations, the company crafts out solutions that best fit the customer requirements. This potency differentiates Jay Storage from its competitors and helps it in being future-ready. Altogether, from the conventional racking to the futuristic Automated storage solutions, Jay Storage is committed to providing it all, under a single roof.

Why Choose Jay Storage?

The knacks to stay committed to deliver the best and keep up with the changing times & customer demands help the company in outshining its competitors. Its pool of dedicated sales, production and installation professionals keep no stone unturned in satisfying present and engaging new customers with complete determination.

The Company’s Take on Technology

We are in the disruptive technology age, and with the onset of Industry 4.0, technology is already changing the face of warehousing. Many companies are now using automated storage solutions in warehouses like ASRS and Shuttles. With the help of technology, overall throughput time is getting reduced and picking operations are becoming almost error-free & efficient than before. With WMS software, AI and ML capabilities, customers now get live access and real-time information of their storage conditions, materials flow, and other details.

The Big Picture

“It is more of a science about how, and where you store material, how fast can it be retrieved, and how efficiently can it be delivered. And we know this better,” states team Jay Storage.

Technology is changing the way organizations do business. But, when it comes to storage automation and retrieval processes, the racking has to be more stable and rigid. As warehouse users shift their focus to productivity and throughput, racking will continue to move at the forefront. Considering this, the company has started moving from 8 meters to 12 meters and is now looking to go higher. It believes that as it will go higher, it will require more stability to outshine its competitors. It has identified that warehouses will need narrow aisle equipment, articulated forklifts as standard basic equipment to effectively deal with the height. Also, these equipment require very stringent stability and tolerances during installation and if not designed and erected right, it can cause a major disaster.

A Futuristic Approach

Jay Storage believes that the future will witness automated storage solutions and retrieval market ruling the businesses. The Indian trade segment will shift to million square feet taller warehouse designs in the coming times. Investing in robust R&D centres would become more crucial as the industries are all set to move from unorganized to organized. And, the company is all set to tap this change and be a change-maker.

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