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The dedicated legal firms of today’s age uphold the law and pay proper attention towards delivering justice towards their client. They are committed towards quality and are loyal towards their customers. These law firms put their clients front and centre and focus on offering the best possible services.

One such reliable law firm which provides lasting customer experiences, while following ethical means is none other than Hitesh Soni & Associates. It is known for its courtroom glimmer, which is based around powerful clients-centric moral framework, mutual ethic, and a strategic and panacea mind set. The law firm is proud of its potential, including in-house and international businesses, financial entities, private equity funds, venture equity funds, start-ups and government and regulation agencies, to provide its broad and diverse client base.

It is dedicated to producing high-quality results on a consistent basis. This entails offering prompt, creative, standardized, specific, and way to solve legal guidance that is also cost-effective. The firm’s attorneys work hard to consider the clients’ interests and situations, to think differently, and to act with transparency, justice, dignity, and diligence with everything they do. Hitesh Soni & Associates also represent health care providers, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, and health insurers in matters involving fraud, false claims, and other business-related wrongdoing.

Offering a Variety of Excellent Services

Hitesh Soni & Associates currently advises clients on litigation risks stemming from business disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many immigrants facing immigration issues worldwide, and issues related to medical and healthcare negligence.

The firm has rendered its valuable services on varieties of legal aspects. Whether it is a small vendor or a big corporate house, it has always been there for them in the hour of their need. Amongst others, Hitesh Soni & Associates has represented and served some of its top clients which include big corporate houses having worth more than 1000 crores, associations, civil servants, pilots, and immigrants, and many more.

Because of its experience in providing impactful service, the firm frequently collaborates with teams in litigations, intellectual property, and general litigation cases on trial themes, presentation, and strategy. Hitesh Soni & Associates had a ground-breaking start with the successful resolution of one of the most complex litigations, affecting various clients.

Innovation in designing concrete legal strategies is one of the many reasons the clients turn to the firm for their legal needs. Hitesh Soni & Associates is capable of delivering detailed and unique solutions to its clients across a wide range of legal fields due to its ability, expertise, and resources.

Amongst others, Hitesh Soni & Associates have active practice in the fields of corporate & commercial; insolvency & bankruptcy; healthcare & hospitality; litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution; international trade & customs practice; project infrastructure & energy; real estate; immigrations and white-collar crimes; service and labor laws; taxation and indirect taxations; and much more.

Hitesh Soni & Associates has strong ties throughout different industries. However, the law firm’s primary emphasis is on the future – it wants to transform into a leading expert in legal matters and to deliver excellent services to its clients around the world.

The Erudite Visionary

The person responsible for the success of Hitesh Soni & Associates is none other than Mr. Hitesh C. Soni. He is an independent counsel is the Founder & Managing Director of the firm. He was born into a business family in Mount Abu and is well-known for his transparency, efficiency, versatility, and ethical legal practice, as well as his excellent leadership skills. He holds a B.A. LL. B (Honors) degree from Jodhpur National University. Within a year of obtaining his law degree, he founded his own full-service law firm in Mumbai.

Mr. Soni possesses considerable litigation expertise and has represented clients in company, criminal, statutory and civil litigation, maritime and utility disputes, income-tax, power and energy, customs, intellectual property rights, excise, and other indirect taxation.

Overcoming Tremendous Difficulties

Mr. Soni states that he is a fortunate fellow who had dreamt of becoming a lawyer at the age of 15. By the time he was in his first year of law, being completely unknown to all the sufferings and difficulties he would eventually face, he only wished to establish his own law firm in Mumbai.

While pursuing his law studies, Mr. Soni also took up a permanent part-time internship, attending courts for the entire 5 years. Subsequently he shifted to Mumbai and established his own law firm. “It was a dream come to true for me”, says Mr. Soni.

Mr. Soni believes that one can start a business with money but cannot succeed in the legal profession through financial support. He adds, “In the legal profession, whether you’re a second-generation lawyer or first generation, you have to prove your presence, which is only possible if you have legal mind, honesty, and consistency”.

He says that things are even difficult if a person starts practicing in the India’s financial capital. However, Mr. Soni’s secret to overcoming postgraduate challenges was the idea that worked for him. He believed in the idea of attaining maximum practical knowledge during law school, which was only possible with having vast and cogent knowledge.

Tackling the Pandemic Efficiently

Hitesh Soni & Associates initially started with preparing a blueprint for tech-driven practice while ensuring the safety of their resources, but gradually, these activities became a practice for them. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the firm has served justice through virtual platforms. “It is true that everyone in our lives is affected for one or other reason. In such uncertain times, it is often difficult for clients to decide whether to proceed with legal recourse or to wait while risking their operations”, opines Mr. Soni. The firm has assisted its clients by providing strategic support while ensuring their maximum safety.

Its operation was hampered at the start of the lockdown, but it was eventually restored; the office staff visited the office only when their physical presence was unavoidable. “Prior to the second wave, our high court was only functioning physically in such situations; people at the firm were required to attend office and court hearings. But we have been ensuring no-contact, such as for senior citizen clients and those who are at risk, and their signature and notarization of documents require physical attendance of clients, we have provided them homely service, many times segregated from the public”, states Mr. Soni.

Words of Inspiration for the Leaders of Tomorrow

While advising the gen next, Mr. Soni states, “If you’re into this profession only part time or for money, the legal profession is not for you”. He says that the legal profession tests patience and if individuals do not have one, this profession is not for them. Mr. Soni advises them to remain persistent in order to achieve their goals and to stay consistent to maintain their supremacy. He feels that the lawyers of the first generation now weigh a lot on their shoulders. Anyone who does not feel the pride and anticipation of the family members when they begin this long journey to become a lawyer should ask themselves if they can do it and make others proud.

Mr. Soni further adds that the lawyers of the first generation have independence. They have the freedom to ignite their way. No one else in the family has led the way, but nobody else has expected how they practice with whom, what kind of law, or when. This provides the lawyers with the freedom to practice according to their interests, their performance concept, and the style of practice they choose to follow. It is difficult to be a lawyer of the first generation. However, there is wonderful freedom to discover and evolve.

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