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Tripathi & Associates
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The most reliable law firms provide timely services with sheer dedication. They embrace technology and emphasize on diversity. These dedicated law firms manage talent efficiently and deliver justice, while upholding the law.

One such renowned law firm which tackles every case passionately and with high level of commitment is none other than Tripathi & Associates. Established in, 1990, the firm handles every case with responsibility and dedication.

Tripathi & Associates and its versatile team of skilled lawyers practice law with a rare passion. It is a full service law firm committed to proficient brilliance, personal and high-quality support, and effective solution solution-oriented advocacy. The firm’s approach is simple, direct, and uncompromising pursuit of resolution and results for its clients. Team Tripathi & Associates believes that its client’s success is eventually its own. Tripathi & Associates strives to maintain the highest standards of professional responsibility in all its engagement.

A Law Firm that tackles every case passionately with high level of commitment (technology at its backbone) makes it simpler to bring direct resolution, result and deliver justice for its client yet upholding the law.

A full service professional law firm committed to proficient brilliance, personal and high-quality support, and effective solution-oriented advocacy in low turnaround time.


Tripathi & Associates offer a plethora of excellent services spanning through various fields. The firm also practices in the all major high courts of India, district courts of all major cities, session’s courts and lower courts & Tribunals.

Tripathi & Associates has surely visualized the complexity in the (law) chain and specializes in handling Criminal Cases, Immigration, Customs, Matrimonial & Money Recovery Suits.

 Offering Excellent NRI Advisory:-

The firm provides the best and top expert legal advisory, assistance and help for NRIs in matters arising out of Indian matrimonial/ divorce/ family laws. The team advises and practices international and Indian family/ matrimonial/ divorce litigations arising out of Mumbai courts jurisdictions to minimize courthouse litigations and resolve complex matters via personal mediations, conciliations, and Hon’ble courts legal processes and disputes resolutions with systematic legal approach, counsel, and advisory.

Tripathi & Associates specializes and advises on disputes resolution, statutory matrimonial laws/divorce laws/ family laws and the implications of the criminal laws with major areas of international divorce laws and matrimonial and divorce litigations.

It also provides assistance on cases arising out of personal laws pertaining to divorce/ matrimonial laws, dispute resolutions, and child custody cases regards conflict of laws and issues arising out of private international laws. The firm ensures that the client is best advised on every possible aspect of Indian and complex issues of trans international divorce/ matrimonial laws, child custody, and women’s rights and litigations.

One of the Best Law Firm having great experience in handling the cases relating to Foreign Nationals:-

Top and best expert legal advisory, assistance, and help for foreign nationals in matters arising out of any type of criminal activities regarding passport, visa, immigration, custom, bodily injury, cheating, fraud, narcotics, and so on.

Its team has great experience of working with the foreign nationals visiting to India from different countries, who have somehow got involved in criminal cases. Tripathi & Associates has provided fruitful services to the foreign nationals on the immediate response by visiting the police station, embassy, and further proceeding with the matter in the court as well as visiting the foreign national in prison for discussion of their case and guidance.

Lawyers of Tripathi & Associates are affiliated to the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. The firm covers most of the major cities of India for handling cases in Metropolitan Magistrate Court, District/Session Courts as well as Hon’ble High Courts & Apex Court.

The firm had experience of handling criminal cases for foreign nationals from different countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Finland, New Zeeland, Taiwan, China, Cameroon, France, Iran, Italy, South African Countries and the counting goes on.

The firm provides various services to foreign nationals;

  • It provides legal consultation to the foreign nationals visiting to India, so that they can be familiar to Indian law
  • Specializations are in criminal cases related to immigration, passport, visa and such other type of criminal activities related to narcotics, bodily injury etc. as well as all type of documentations works
  • It has the experience of representing various foreign nationals
  • The firm can provide legal aid to the deserving cases of foreign nationals, which are recommended by their embassy

Unique Services For Foreign National visiting to India

TRIPATHI & ASSOCIATES with their amazing experience in handling the cases for foreign nationals & NRIs visiting India have taken initiatives and about to start a special program for Foreigners & NRIs in the name INDIAN LEGAL HELPS (ILH), wherein just by registering on the Mobile App, the clients can get Legal Consultation and the same is about to be launched by the end of Year, 2021.

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