Healthcare Consulting Services: Preparing Hospitals for KPI Excellence

In the recent years, the landscape of the Healthcare Industry has changed with the advent of technology. Just a few years ago, hospitals infrequently saw the need to advertise and promote, or market its brand in India. The healthcare ecosystem was much simpler and straightforward. But all that has transformed over the past 20 years and has grown more sophisticated. Better hospital infrastructure, establishing a standard of excellence and marketing & media planning for hospitals is almost an obligation. The marketplace is much more competitive, and each healthcare institution is jockeying for an advantage. Often, hospital marketing and their media planning are stringent which makes it challenging, but Healthcare Consulting Services has emerged as an expert, rendering end to end solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions with their marketing strategies to espouse and leverage brand positioning as a growth strategy and also assisting hospitals with operations management.
Meet the Maestro
The bellwether of transformation was founded by eminent professional Amit Sontakke, Managing Partner & Principal Consultant of Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS). Amit is having very productive and fruitful experience in the field of Hospital Operational Management and proficiency for optimization of resource deployment in existing facilities and superfluous business generation in the unit/hospital/project. His core skill is to achieve faster market response and decision making, increase performance, reducing cost and strengthening competitive advantage for Healthcare projects.
He is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospital Administration from Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Indore in 2001 and he has completed advanced course in Senior Management Program from IIM Calcutta in 2013-14 . He is having 16 years of experience in the major Multi-specialty Hospitals & Multinational Companies namely Hinduja Hospital, Manipal Group, Reliance ADAG Healthcare in senior positions. He has been instrumental in developing Health Management vertical (India Operations) as a Vice President of Alere Medical, a Global MNC. During this time he got global exposure of healthcare market & opportunity to meet healthcare professionals in Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Taiwan, Malaysia & Paris to exchange ideas for business model validation.
A Broad Spectrum of Services
Since its inception in 2013, the company is committed in preparing hospitals to engage future challenges and renders end to end solutions like Operations GAP Management, Marketing & Branding Strategies, Media Planning, Establishments of Clinical & Non-Clinical planning, helping hospitals with adequate and competent manpower & media equipment planning, Quality benchmarking and last but not the least managing and integrating Information Technology to the processes.
To find success in this modern time, hospitals need effective strategic planning, proper infrastructure, best medical professional consultants, human resource allocation, clinical planning, sufficient knowledge & exposure towards statutory compliances and particular attention to the hospitals marketing and sales. HCS services are specially designed considering these multitudinous obstacles and these services contrive to overcome existing challenges clients face today.
A Glimpse of Inspiration behind Finding the Company
According to Amit, “The underlying motive behind establishing this firm is to reform and serve the hospitals better. We strive for standardization in the hospital and healthcare system. Our idea is to help stalk the building blocks of the mid-size hospitals, less than 150 beded hospital.” “Over the years of experience, every institution has its system and culture of working which doesn’t require any change but needs streamlining as per the industry benchmarks. We help the hospitals simplify and assist them to sustain within the available resources,” he added.
Paving the Way by Overcoming Obstacles
Being a small industry, it has many competitors which they come across. But HCS vision and goals remain the same which help them differentiate themselves from others. The key differentiator is “We evaluate & measure standards of the Hospital by setting key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard for individual hospitals”.
While discussing most daunting tasks the company has faced, Amit has revealed that the biggest challenge was to help them recognize and expose them to the macro ecosystem of the industry and letting them out of their protective shells & coverings.
Along the way, the company has achieved milestones and which proves that the company has made a stronghold in the Healthcare Industry. Amit shared, “GAP Analysis for a hospital set-up was our first milestone. ‘Hospital Health Check Up’ was the name given for the GAP Analysis, which was started by only two of us at the beginning. ‘Commissioning of the Hospitals/Clinics’ was the second milestone we achieved. We successfully commissioned two major centers, one in Delhi & other in Bangalore for an MNC Investor. This led us to reach our third milestone of managing a mid-size hospital. To manage the complete business operations were a critical turning point and led us to our vision of Managing & Sustaining the Hospital Growth.”
Aggressive Roadmap
The company plans to grow from managing few couple of hospitals to 10-12 hospitals in each state. HCS has started talks with University Hospitals of the USA to collaborate with them to share clinical expertise with their managed hospitals. The company wishes to create their “Administrative & Clinical pool of Talent” to be routed in all of their managed hospitals to provide the best of clinical and Management expertise, even at the remotest level of the state. Amit also revealed that their long-term goal is to get into 10 -30 cities and manage at least 1000-5000 beds in the next five years.

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