Atlanta HealthcareTM: Trailblazers in Air Filtration Technology

Air pollution has been a significant concern in India for more than a decade, and it’s just that it never got the right attention. One of the key reasons for the same is that on occasions, the health impact of air pollution is long term and therefore people tend to ignore the short term symptoms. Accordingly, public at large needs to be made aware of such health impact and provide them with the solution which can help them to tackle this health hazard. While various initiatives to curb air pollution are executed, Atlanta Healthcare in parallel is offering effective products in the form of Air Purifiers and pollution masks to not only help the impacted segment breathe pure and stay healthy but also have to save millions of kids and newborn from bronchial diseases.
Atlanta Healthcare is the India’s No.1 Air Purifier Brand with an endeavor to help everyone breathe pure air and make a positive impact for generations to come. The company is also collaborating with Governments and Municipal authorities to help work out implementation plans to curb air pollution.
Splendid Leadership
P.K. Jain, Founder & Managing Director of Atlanta Healthcare, with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and chemical sector, started Atlanta Healthcare in 2010 by launching the first range of Air Purifiers in India. Since the appreciation of the impact of air pollution in our daily lives was limited, he saw this challenge of the future and invested time and effort in building this market segment in India, and launched Atlanta Healthcare. His role has been instrumental in Atlanta Healthcare’s ability to create new products and develop special purpose filtration technologies customized to Indian environmental conditions. His experience in manufacturing and execution of institutional projects is a key contributor in enhancing Atlanta Healthcare’s presence in the B2B segment.
Vibhor Jain, CEO of Atlanta Healthcare, is having over 15 years of experience in consulting firms including Arthur Andersen and EY LLP. His background in business strategy has helped Atlanta Healthcare implement an asset-light operating model for both B2B and B2C segments. Vibhor has been focusing on Atlanta Healthcare’s growth strategy including new product development, newer markets and a robust distribution strategy that can support its ambitious growth plans.
Pioneers in Air Purifier Technology
Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifiers are the most advanced Air Purifiers in India offering a variety of applications. Air Purifiers are built with unique, Multi-Stage Air Filtration Technology to beat India’s severe air pollution levels. Purifiers are equipped with a variety of patented, scientifically designed air filters which can be used for a wide range of air purification needs to remove any pollutant from the air like Smoke, Dust, Bad Odor, Pollen, Airborne Infections, PM10, PM2.5, Volatile Organic Compounds, Harmful Gases, Fine Paint Vapour.
‘iClusterTM Technology’ which is Atlanta Healthcare’s unique air purification technology focuses on eradicating various pollutants present in the environment and is very effective in Indian conditions. This technology utilizes synchronized multi-stage intelligent filtration to provide pure air, which clearly differentiates the company from a technology standpoint from the competitors.
In addition to this, Atlanta Healthcare has specific offerings in the form of customized products for various applications where there are significant concerns or impact on outcomes because of air pollution like Hospitals, IVF Labs, Data Centers, Crèches, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc. Over 500+ institutions [which include 20+ consulates, 50+ hospitals / IVF centers, 25+ hotels, etc.] use Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers in addition to an enormous home-based consumer segment.
Solutions Driving Growth
The company estimates that the industry size for air purifier appliances in India is approximately INR 100 Crores and is likely to grow to approx. INR 3,500 Crore by 2020. Atlanta Healthcare is already one of the leading brands in this segment and plans to continue to dominate this segment. According to P.K Jain, “We plan to continue being a focused company targeting newer products and solutions around Air Quality and purification. While 2016 would focus on the development of channel and distribution, in 2017 the company plans to focus on backward integration to build larger manufacturing capabilities.”
New Segments, New Opportunities, New Growth
Atlanta Healthcare is providing sustainable, economical and at the same time cutting edge solutions to the problem of air pollution. Their aim is to deliver solutions based on customer needs and accordingly over the last seven years the company has customized products to work efficiently in Indian environmental conditions.
“In the coming 9-12 months, one would see a series of new products in the air pollution segment being launched by Atlanta Healthcare to complete the value chain.” says Vibhor.
Their new product segments will harness the power of the “Internet of Things” which will change the way we control the quality of air in our homes, workplaces and cities. The company is working on solutions to provide “Pure Air as a Service” (PAAS), which will take air purification to the next level of evolution in Smart Homes and Office Solutions.

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