DDF Healthcare: Leading Healthcare Consultancy providing ‘end-to-end’ Solutions

The Indian healthcare division is expanding at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, co-operation and rising expenditure by public as well private players. The shift in the Government’s focus on better healthcare facilities and patients care facilities in the country has facilitated the investment and healthcare infrastructure development by the private sector – ultimately, increasing the number of hospitals, use of advanced diagnosis technologies, cutting-edge medical equipment. Managing a hospital is also the most difficult component in the success of the massive investment that the client makes to conceive a project. Healthcare infrastructure requires extensive support and ancillary services which complement patient care.
DDF Healthcare Consultants (DDFHC) is a pioneering name in the field of Hospital Planning & Management consultancy in India. DDFHC offers the broad range of healthcare consultant services provider to meet these growing challenges in a changing environment. DDFHC professionals, in conjunction with their Center for Health Solutions, bring the innovative strategies and perspectives motivated by deep industry research to help clients lead their organizations effectively into the future.
Excellent Leadership
Prof. Amit Bose, Co-founder & Director of DDFHC, a graduate from the University of Roorkee (now IIT) Roorkee. Prof. Amit is the driving force behind the company, and he leads the team of experts in various fields for implementation of projects of various magnitude and nature, ranging from the planning of townships to creation of built forms. He has worked in India and abroad in diverse fields, ranging from teaching and research to development planning, policy planning, and disaster management and having an experience of more than three decades.
Shobhit Chauhan, Co-founder & Director of DDFHC, is an architect from the University of Bombay and has an expert keen acumen for Project Planning, Administration, and Project Management. He heads the Business Development Division and has been involved in conceptualization to commissioning of large projects. His forte lies in mentoring and developing creative talent by leading various design teams of health and industrial projects.
Saurabh Chandra, Co-founder & Director of DDFHC, a graduate of the University of Bombay, has more than 15 years of project planning, monitoring and execution experience. He heads the Architecture Division of the organization and looks after international collaboration and overseas projects including master planning of Dubai Outlet City. His interest in technology has kept DDFHC ahead all times and has provided an edge to DDFHC by developing new presentation techniques and imaginative ideas.
Broad Spectrum of Healthcare Services

Since its inception DDF Healthcare Consultants has grown rapidly to become a unique hub of skill sets which cuts across various facets, provides the entire range of services that any health care service provider, may require; undertaking market research, feasibility studies, detailed architectural design, project co-ordination, equipment procurement, commissioning assistance, conducting operational audit for existing hospitals. The primary services company provides are Project Conceptualization, Infrastructure Planning, Service Planning, Equipment Planning, Organizational Development and last but not the least Project Management & Hospital Operations.
“Our biggest trend is ‘In-depth analysis’ we are good at analyzing and advising accordingly. So once you have in-depth knowledge of what is happening or what going to happen, you can advise the client the current things to follow,” says Saurabh Chandra.
Successful Team, Successful Company
DDF Healthcare Consultants has the excellent, motivated crew of highly qualified and accomplished Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Healthcare Experts, Business Administrators and Project Managers. These experts have vast experience in managing healthcare projects of diverse nature & capacity, and providing ‘end-to-end’ healthcare solutions. It starts from the feasibility of any medical facilities which need to put up, to the actual delivery of the project with including all the things like; equipment, planning, project management, environing the clients, etc. to provide end-to-end solutions for healthcare consultancy. Key personnel of DDFHC have worked in India and abroad and have won competitions and awards for outstanding work.
“When we start with the project, technology is changing every months or quarter, for this, we have a specialized team, which keeps a tag and focusing on the new technologies and then give advice to the client accordingly,” asserts Amit Bose.
DDFHC is involved in lots of projects, some of them are; private hospital, medical colleges, organizations, institutes, etc. one of their very prestigious projects is Tata Memorial Hospital. Also, in future, they have a vast plan to cover the list of healthcare projects.

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