SNG India: Leading Healthcare Solution Provider of India & South Asia

The velocity at which modern technology is reshaping our everyday lives is progressing at lightning speeds. The impact of technological innovation advances to grow, changing all industries as it evolves. Out of all the industries that technology is responsible for accelerating innovation in, healthcare is one of the most important. Healthcare labs are now outfitted with modern types of equipment, and diagnostics techniques and devices like smartphones and tablets are commencing to replace traditional monitoring and recording systems. Technological advancements in healthcare have contributed to services being taken out of the confines of hospital walls and blending them with user-friendly, accessible devices.
Sun Narula Group (SNG) India is one of the largest independent healthcare solution providers, with world class technology products and services. The company is providing high-tech Healthcare Automation in the space of Healthcare Logistics, Hospital Pharmacy Automation, Hospital Warehousing and Stores Automation. SNG has emerged as a pioneer in India and South Asia with an abiding clientele, historically over 2000 hospitals and more recently spanning over 350 leading hospitals and healthcare providers.
Persons behind the Facades of Success
Puneet Narula, Director (Projects & Technical Head) and Pankaj Narula, Director (Marketing & Business Development) of Sun Narula Group a.k.a. SNG India or Narula Group, have taken forward the family legacy of 62 years and have sculpted overall strategic direction and effective operations of the company, ensuring that SNG remains a front-liner in providing automation to healthcare logistics in India.
SNG under the leadership of Mr. Pankaj Narula has been rated to be ‘top 500 leading healthcare brands in India by MBI’ & has been recently awarded as; The Most Emerging Brand of the year 2015 by Medgate, Top 100 SME in India 2016 by India SME Forum, and Top 10 fastest growing healthcare group 2016 by Silicon Review.
“We are not a mere medical equipment or a medical supplier organization. We are a solution provider, and that is what we focus on. We are not a product supplier. We provide customized solutions and technologies which are continuously innovated and improved, enabling the introduction of renovated solutions to our customers’ time to time,” says Puneet.
Comprehensive Spectrum of Services with Stupendous Team
Over the years SNG has evolved as an infrastructure organization, providing solutions for enhancing hospital infrastructure regarding logistics, automation, regarding patient handling & healthcare delivery. So the most important verticals that the company has today is Hospital Healthcare Logistics, which is an automation of materials transport within the hospital, efficient Trunkey ICUs, ERs, OTs, and Patient Handling Solutions right from design to execution. The latest vertical SNG has the Pharmacy Automation Solutions & Storage Solutions.
We are in a very niche product line and products are for enhancing hospital facilities and help them reduce healthcare delivery cost,” says Pankaj.
Reaching New Heights by tackling Obstacles
While discussing the challenges SNG has faced, Pankaj disclosed, “One of the biggest problems the company faced was that the Indian hospitals were not ready to spend even a single dime on logistics automation or pharmacy automation. They were only interested in spending money on radiology and diagnostics. That was a challenge, so it took us few years to educate our customers and to make them aware why they need automation and better technologies in other areas as well. Thankfully, they have listened to us, and everything has evolved since then.”
Successful Clientele
SNG is one of the only companies in India or rather South Asia, who has developed a centralized customer care department for their clients. Apart from that, the company has over 60 engineers, spread over the country so that SNG can provide quick response to their customer’s concerns. The company has strong in-house Project Management Teams & Customer Support Teams to ensure unmatched support to the clients, right from design to commissioning and service support with a dedicated SNG Customer Care Department.
SNG’s Outlook on the Future Aspects
On company’s future plans, Pankaj revealed that; “We haven’t made SNG large yet, but we are trying to do it. Our focus has to be in doing what we like the most not just making it large. We like doing this, and we like creating solutions for our customers. We have to be focused on customer needs, the gaps; the voids and we can fill these shortcomings and provide clients with the right solution at the right cost.”

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