5 Wearables that prove we are at the Edge of Tomorrow

Do you love sci-fi movies? If you do I know what you think after watching them. You wonder when will be the time when all these gadgets will come to reality. Well, the answer is, ‘sci-fi movies don’t only entertain the audience, but they also inspire the engineers and scientists to turn the pictures into reality’. Here are 5 wearables that prove us that the real world is not far behind than the fictional spy films.
1. Smart Watch
In this world of smart phones, watches are coping with the evolvement of technology. Companies like Apple and Samsung are already producing watches equipped with high technology. These watches don’t only provide you the current time but they also keep updates of temperature, humidity, weather conditions, etc. Smart watches can also be used to answer the calls and they can also possess multiple apps like smartphones. Some smart watches also function as portable media players, offering playback of FM radio, audio, and video files to the user via a Bluetooth or USB headset.

2. Digital Eye Glasses
Digital Eye Glasses or smart glasses are wearable computers which add additional information to what the person actually sees. While walking on the road you may make the map appear in front of you or you may upload various apps you need in these glasses. These devices are vocally operated, that means they recognize your voice and shows you what you demand. One more feature that gives the silver coating to this device is you can record everything you see. Do you remember Terminator, where Arnold looks to the person and bio data of the person appears in front of his eyes? Well, we are almost there.

3. Smart Rings
The era, when finger rings were used just as an accessory to glow your personality is over. The Rings can be now used as a highly advanced electronic device that also makes you look attractive. Here are some of the operations your ring can perform; it can keep you updated with calls, texts, and emails that will enhance your social life. You can scroll from screen to screen of all the different notifications you have from your favorite applications. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, meeting notifications, or text messages.

4. Smart Waist Belts
When all other accessories are turning into electronic gadgets, there was no reason for belts to lag behind. Smart belts totally focus on your health. These belts can increase your walking pace through rhythm. They can challenge you to climb more dynamically and also invites you to drink more water and stand or walk with a good posture. They help you in breathing exercises to keep you healthy. You can communicate with smart belts by just tapping on them; they are smart enough to understand your sign language.

5. Smart Shoes
Shoes as an electronic gadget haven’t been on the market yet. A few years ago, Nike came with the shoes which had sensors to sense the stress produced at different points of the foot. These readings were used especially by athletes to increase their performance. Now the different makers are working on giving more abilities to the shoe. Shoes which can be synced with Google maps to vibrate at the places where a person should take a turn are being made by an Indian based startup. These shoes can be a revolutionary product for the visually impaired people.
The relentless development in technology has set wearables on a continuous upgrade. Let us hope to see a future that enables all the gadgets to make our life more comfortable and joyful.

Vikram Suryawanshi

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