75Health: Revitalizing the Healthcare Industry Through Software Applications

Anish Kumaramangalam | Co-Founder & CTO | 75 Health
Anish Kumaramangalam | Co-Founder & CTO | 75 Health

The Healthcare industry plays a vital role in our lives. The importance and scope intensify with the gravity of the situation, increasing the need for a faster communication, quick decision making, accurate diagnosis and reliable data for analysis.

Technology has transformed the Healthcare industry from the invention of antibiotics, modern diagnostic systems like MRI scanners, automated treatments through dialysis machines, robotic applications, and numerous software systems. Software applications are the current differentiators which have enhanced the process through better reliability, increased efficacy, quality diagnosis, improved patient care and impressive cost reduction.

75Health, the healthcare industry’s technology solution provider, bridges multiple needs through its versatile web-based software products.

The customized software applications help in various dimensions of electronic health records, supporting doctors in managing their functions of patient’s data, electronic prescriptions, medical billing software and online doctor consultation.

Their nine different medical software applications help all the other people in the medical chain, including doctors, diagnostic and pathology centers, consultants, and patients.

Commencing with a noble objective

75Health was formed approximately 12 years ago with the mission to help the patients, doctors and entire medical fraternity with important software solutions helping them prepare, store, manage and share the records, assist in billing functions, and support both the doctors and patients in managing their work processes quickly and smoothly.

Enabling innovations

The company has nine different web-based software customized for the various applications in the healthcare industry. These software products include electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), personal health record (PHR), medical practice management (MRM), E-prescribing, medical billing software (MBS), My Health records (MHR), E-lab orders and Tele doctor respectively.

This web-based electronic software is patient-centric and real-time digital versions of the paper charts described in detail. Furnishing data enables information exchange quickly, reliable, and accurate to the destination in a secure way.

In some instances, when patients are required to approach different medical facilities and consult multiple medical practitioners in different locations, this need can be tackled quickly and intelligently.

This diversity is met effectively using the software unfolds case-specific solutions. Digitizing patient details helps meet these challenges in an efficient way as in this format; information can be circulated with ease irrespective of time and location.

The unique software features include patient demographics, vital signs and symptoms, medical history in a complete form, diagnosis, medication, administrative and billing details, allergies and medication information, lab tests and results, reports, and immunization details.

This ability to provide information exchange efficiently facilitates medical service providers to offer high-quality treatment as well as more secure health care for patients. The general well-being of individuals may be significantly enhanced by using the applications as the chosen method of medical records. Web-based electronic health records software faces all challenges thrown by different issues in the field of medical service.

The advantages include accurate, quick, and complete data access, legible documentation-free errors, improved diagnosis, and care facilities, making decisions and treatment smooth and timely, safer prescription and clear billing service, patient privacy with secure data handling, the better workflow between departments or service providers.

The 75Health application offers the full spectrum of Electronic Health Record services to help medical service providers and organizations work efficiently. All operations from creating medical records standards and helping the medical practitioners connect seamlessly with your patients on the cloud.

75Health’s e-prescription software helps generate and send prescription orders electronically directly to pharmacies from the point of care. The software assures improved accuracy, enhanced care quality, and increased patient safety, e-prescribing software does away with hand-written details that require interpretation by pharmacists. There is no need for calling in prescriptions; patients can now quickly get exactly the medications they need.

Another interesting software developed exclusively for doctors and medical consultants is Medical Practice Management Software (MPMS). This simple doctor-friendly web application helps understand the patients’ statistics of scheduling visits, fixing appointments, managing insurance-related matters, generating reports, and preparing bills.

75Health team has another simple yet useful software called MyHealth record. This online software helps the patients feed their medical details, add, or edit it, and share the same with the Doctors or consultants whenever required.

Their Medical Billing Software focuses on payment process in claim submission, payment collection, reimbursement process and claim settlement.

75health Tele-Doctor is a tele-health software equipped with a secured Tele-Doctor system to ease interactions between physicians and patients for non-emergency doctor advice through phone calls. It provides health-related services through electronic audio or visual means that is maintained online. Users can share images and videos by using this platform. It can even integrate with the electronic health record software of individuals. The role of Tele-Doctor is eliminating direct visits for regular checkups or medical advice. It is a cost-effective technology that is not only beneficial for physicians but also for patients.

Customer-Centric Approach

The company offers a fourteen-day free trial which begins on registration. In this free trial, they offer an instant access to their fully loaded premium plan. They inform the user of the date of expiry. The user can choose the plan of his choice and make the payment through a debit card or credit card to continue using the product. If the user chooses not to continue, then the account gets suspended at the end of the trial period. At 75health, they priorities the safety of the customer data, which is carefully hosted in a world-class data center with the best and most reliable 24X5 security protection. 75Health provides complete flexibility to their customers in choosing, changing, and customizing the software service in their pay-as-you-go model with absolutely no cancellation fees.

Innovative Leadership

75Health is managed by visionary leaders who have harnessed a culture of innovation, product quality and customer satisfaction. The management provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and a skilled technical team focusing on continuous research to enhance product attributes and give customers the highest value.

Kumar Subramaniam: The idea of founding an EHR Company was conceptualized by Kumar Subramaniam when he had to carry several paper reports, accompanied by his wife, who was undergoing treatment. The founder and CEO embarked on a journey with a vision to empower people with digitized medical records that prove accurate and easy, and convenient. The result – the all-new, innovative 75Health EHR!

Anish Kumarmangalam, Co-founder, and CTO active since March 2010. Anish holds a previous experience of more than 3.5 years with other companies in the software development domain. A software engineer himself; Anish has been a passionate role player in the technical dimension of the 75Health product kitty.

Arwin Kumarmangalam CXO is an enthusiastic team player in the operations of 75Health. Having adapted and closely monitored the customer feedbacks, Arwin is an active contributor and support in product development.

The technological applications of 75Health software in the healthcare industry has greatly helped in developing a reasonable control over the medical operations, save time, save costs, gain expert advice, manage crucial tasks easily and give the doctors a better command over the process for more accurate diagnosis, right medication, and quicker patient recovery.

Looking Beyond

The company has ambitious expansion plans in the domestic and international markets, focusing on industry research, healthcare industry needs, expert opinion, and research in product developments.

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