A call for nature lovers with new education course


Students with love for nature have an offer or opportunity to pursue it as a career. Courses in biodiversity will provide them not only an inquisitive scientific approach, but also a profession.
Abasaheb Garware College’s has come up with the unique course, a masters in science in biodiversity in biodiversity department, the only one of its kind at Savitribai Phule Pune University.
The course is a two-year full-time innovative course that has been running since a decade. Teaching from the perspective of diversity, human need, environment, and conservation methods is provided in one place and in one curriculum.
Head of the department of biodiversity Ankur Patwardhan informed the course layout provides students to work on the field along with laboratory research. “This amalgamation of field and lab work is organized in this two-year course of MSc. The curriculum builds a specific phase for studying plant, animal and microbial diversity along with evolution and the balanced relationship between the components, learning about them directly from various subjects in the field of ecology, molecular diversity and natural product chemistry.”
The MSc course is an accredited ‘credit system’ that covers environment and media, environmental awareness and laws, environmental pollution and climate change, environment impact assessment (EIA),  as well as the use of GIS remote sensing and wildlife photography for the study of biodiversity taught by the experts in the respective fields. Students are given freedom to choose the topic of their interest for the dissertation.
The department of biodiversity is a recognized PhD centre with potential research is carried on topics like nature conservation, medicinal plants, and molecular diversity and bio-prospecting.

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