A New life begins – with the Pandemic


A sudden change in lifestyle was experienced all over the globe due to the COVID-19 crisis. A virus which has changed the routine life of every individual all over, and every single day is just filled with lots of challenges and uncertainties. Living a simple life is now one among those new challenges, as many day to day things have changed drastically and nobody has a clue of when things will get back to normal.

After the spread of the pandemic, suddenly the whole world was locked inside four walls, there were no humans seen around, and roaming on roads were close to being banned. Meeting and catching up with friends and family was stopped as places were not supposed to be crowded.

Slowly, teeming roads were vacant, neither the traffic nor humans visible. Retail shops, shopping malls, hotels, theatres, companies, industries, religious places all were closed. A virus changed everything. Yes, it changed everything, from us human to our preferences.

The situation was terrible in this phase, as people faced many difficulties. The life in pandemic was easy for the people who where sheltered safe and where able to get a healthy meal but it was a difficult situation for the people who used earn a daily wage.

People below the poverty line and living in slums, labourers, daily wage workers, etc. were the people who have faced a lot of struggle in this phase. Many of the NGOs, social welfare organizations, government officials, and the Police, had came forward to provide daily meals and healthcare to these people.

This was the time where we saw the god in human and humanity in existence. The life which had become so busy and bustling, the one which always preferred money over humanity has taught us that luxury and standards are useless when such an uncontrollable situation occurs. It also taught us life is not all about money but about living each day with our closed ones happily and taking care of them.

We can that say a new way of life has begun with the pandemic. As we all know we were in lock down and have taken the precautions to our best to stay away from the virus for more than three months. But now we know the situation is uncertain and things will be getting difficult due to situations getting worst day by day.

All our doctors, nurses, police, essential services, cleaners are risking their lives on daily basis to help those affected and impacted by the pandemic. They are the front line fighters who are just busy with serving each day of their life for nation. Their families are warriors who are supporting them in this situation and standing strong with them. We all are with them too, but just saying this won’t bring about a change.

We all need to take care of ourselves as forces and officials can’t do it for us every single time. We are the ones who can take care of ourselves and the people around by following the guidelines of health and safety issued by government in public interest.

After the lock down was lifted, I experienced a change when I came out of house after two months. An experience of seeing the world in two different scenarios. The busy and noisy world before lock down and the other with very few humans and hushed roads.

I was just wondering and observing all the things around with silence and too many thoughts in my minds. So many questions and assumptions everything was just because of the changed world. A life which was somewhere locked in rooms for more than two months just to be protected from virus, has now come out to live a life with the virus. Bitter but true, we all are in that stage of life where we have to accept the things and the situation with a brave heart and be habitual to face it.

It’s so strange to see that the situations are not that great where we can just simply come out of house and roam around due to boredom. Nor can we hangout with friends and family wherever we want. Its strange to see that we need to share our love and care for our people by staying away from them.

Social Distancing is the only way of showing our love for our family and friends. Its just so hard that even seeing your family or friend after couple of months you just can’t run and hug them tight and, give and take the warmth of love. Now it has to be experienced just by staying away from them. Self Isolation is the best way to show our care and to protect our family from the virus. Thanks to technology that has played a vital role and proved helpful to people to stay in touch with our loved ones and keep ensuring that they are safe and healthy in this phase.

Workplaces now are not that noisy, nor the gossips in the group are so interesting since the high fives with laughter are missing. Everyone is considering themself as a priority as it is the only way to take care of oneself and the people around. The faces all around are covered by masks. Strange again to see the people with a smiling faces are now continuously covered with masks.

The places which we used to visit often are now difficult to even enter. All of a sudden everything has changed. Sometimes it feels like a nightmare which would end once we wake up. But no, it’s not that easy. Every day is a new challenge for all of us; to protect ourselves from this virus.

Roaming around with your family and friends in malls, theatres, hotels is not that simple now. Visiting different places for a change and peace of mind is now difficult too. Travelling is now an unfathomable risk and not fun. Visiting our native places and villages is not easy without the official permissions.

Schools and colleges have moved their lectures online. New academic year for students have started in the house itself and not in classrooms. Students’ excitement of re-opening of schools/colleges and meeting friends after the summer vacation is no more seen. We can see that students here are taking digital education but are surely missing the fun of learning.

Many things have changed drastically and yet will keep changing every single day. The only thing we can do is take care of ourselves and our family, and maintain hygiene. All of us should take responsibility of fighting against this virus and ending it soon by following the guidelines and co-operating with the officials. Instead of complaining about the situations and panicking, we should accept the facts and keep going.

A new life has began with the pandemic. We will soon win the war against virus. But yes, it is our responsibility to do our best till the virus is no longer a threat. Till then we must make ourselves ready for a new phase and a new Beginning.

Stay Safe. Stay healthy. Stay Home. Protect your loved ones.

– by Tejaswini Whaval

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