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Rithesh Raghavan, Director : Acodez IT Solutions Pvt Ltd[ Google Partner, traditional marketing, digital technologies, digital marketing]
Rithesh Raghavan | Director | Acodez IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Digital Marketing has been transforming businesses into something easily accessible may it be seamless services, products, or a combination of both. Creating awareness and educating a consumer has never been so easy, but various campaigns involved in digital marketing has made a lot of things possible. Be it customers, interested buyers or the business/organization itself, digital marketing is paving the way for growth in a new light.

Similar to this notion, Acodez is a company that provides services in verticals like digital marketing, website development, software development, and mobile application development along with acting as a creative agency. The organization was incorporated in 2011 and its name was derived from three words: Ads, Codes, and Dezigns. Hence, the name Acodez was coined in this way. It is awarded as one of the top digital agencies in the country by different business magazines and review websites. The firm handles all the requirements of the clients pertaining to online advertising, programming, and software developing as it has an in-house creative team that focuses on creating brand identities.

Acodez envisions of becoming a one-stop solution provider for any company. May it be a start-up or a corporate giant; the company can offer customized solutions as per their individual and collective needs. The firm is focused on maintaining a long-term business relationship with its clients, by taking care of every aspect related to their web and digital marketing requirements.

A Class Apart

The things which make Acodez stand apart in the market is its strength and belief in versatility. While promoting versatility, the company ensures that it stays strong in each and every part of the services that are being facilitated to the clients without compromise in the quality aspects of it. If it is catering to a tech-based company and it requires some assistance in designing or vice-versa, the in-house creative and web-design team is apt in providing on-point solutions to the clients with more than proficient results. The firm has worked with clients in more than 80 countries and has won 14 International awards for some of the creative work carried out by its excellent team. The quality of work has been a major factor that had been differentiating Acodez from the rest of its competitors.

Basically, Google Partners help other businesses in setting up campaigns and add value to their operational activities digitally. Acodez is. Google Partner since 2013 and has helped various organizations, which includes companies like Panasonic India, Axis Bank, Anchor Electricals, Agarwal Packers & Movers, etc. It has also helped many start-up companies which were fairly new to the concept of Google Ads; yet the company has created the whole digital marketing campaign on the client’s behalf. By analyzing different variables, the company finds appropriate mediums to enhance the ROI of the client organization and comes up with a solution suitable for them. Acodez’s function of providing the right solutions at the right time helps in optimizing the campaign of the customers. This process enables the clients in acquiring more traffic on the website and other media platforms while keeping the cost low at every level. Sometimes, when a client has an existing campaign running, Acodez helps such customers in streamlining various aspects of the campaign like the keyword research, campaign setup, AB testing and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and UX consultation on the issues on landing pages, etc and thereby improving the conversions and also reducing the ad cost. Hence, a Google Partner makes a difference in areas where one is lacking. The firm assists other organizations to be digitally proficient in a seamless manner while formulating proper strategies for them. For the clients who are planning for a digital marketing campaign, Acodez can add value by reducing their initial cost of the same campaign, or at the same spend, it can help in bringing in more traffic and conversions. “In this way, a Google Partner can bring that sort of value addition to the clients,” conveys Rithesh Raghvan – Director of Acodez (Sales & Marketing).

Leading by Creating Identities

Acodez is a market leader in creating digital brand identities for businesses. The company has adopted this quality of building identities from its distinguished leader Rithesh, who has a rich experience of more than 16 years into marketing out of which more than 12 years are specifically into Digital Marketing. Currently, he handles the Strategy and Marketing operations at Acodez. He has incorporated his exceptional marketing skills in the company and has positioned its growth where it is right now – growing from a 2 people company to a 100+ member team with 6 offices across India.

Rithesh explains how traditional marketing is different than digital marketing and its dynamics that are affecting the Indian business paradigm as a whole. The marketing practices are very different from method-to-method and when it is compared with the existing channels, digital marketing has a game way different than others. It is completely customizable and the campaigns can be set up from anywhere as per the clients’ consideration without their physical presence involved. Developing the right solution becomes way too convenient and the clients get appropriate or even more than expected ROIs with this process. Evidently, digital marketing has made customer identification, acquisition and retention much easier than traditional methods. Google Partners like Acodez is facilitating the right options or services in a way where the beneficiaries are getting effective and efficient digital marketing campaigns targeted towards the right audience. “Reaching the right target audience is a huge advantage of digital marketing,” states Rithesh.

As part of future endeavors, the company has already started an overseas branch in Canada and is very keen on the idea of going global. “We are trying to catch-up with International trends as part of our growth prospectus,” says Rithesh in a conclusive statement.

Aviv Digital – A venture to train and nurture new talents

One major challenge that Acodez, like any other company, faced is finding the right talent for the jobs. There were a lot of job seekers, but finding the resources who were passionate about their jobs was very hard. This led to the formation of Aviv Digital, the digital marketing training institute. This was initially started as an in-house training center for Acodez, where students were given personalized training on various digital technologies. However, in 2018, it was incorporated as a full-fledged digital marketing institute, under the name Acodez Educational and Consulting solutions Pvt Ltd which functions in the brand name – Aviv Digital. In the past one year, Aviv Digital has grown into one of the leading digital marketing institutes in South India with more than 300 students successfully completing their courses.

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