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Acute Quality Consultants
Acute Quality Consultants

As Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar said, “Life should be great rather than long,” the quality of life and everything in our lives matter more than the quantity. Quality of our standard of living, health, fitness, profession, knowledge, and the businesses we establish matters the most than anything else.

Further, quality is not a fixed state. It has to be augmented with each passing moment and maintained as always. It could be surmised in the axiom, “Quality Yesterday, No Longer Quality Today.”

This philosophy is at the core of Acute Quality Consultants (AQC) – a leading provider of specialized quality consulting services to the healthcare and industry sectors.

Quality – A Journey, Not a Destination

Mr Malay Gurey, the Founder and Executive Director, says, “With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering tailored solutions, we help organizations across various industries optimize their quality management systems, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth, certifications and accreditations.”

Acute Quality Consultants offers a wide range of quality management consulting services with specialization in (NABL as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025–Testing & Calibration Laboratories), (NABL as per ISO 15189–Medical Laboratories), NABH, CAP, JCI, AABB certification/accreditation etc. The organisation provides Quality accreditation/certification consultation, training, awareness programs and implementation services throughout Pan-India.

Acute Quality Consultants Vision

Committed to being the undisputed leader in providing peerless quality consulting services in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner, maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards and aspires to be the Global Consultancy Benchmark for value creation and providing solutions for a better tomorrow.

Acute Quality Consultants Mission

Mr Malay adds, “In AQC, we belief in the earlier quotes and continually strive to improve our insights regarding quality and standard requirements and continually assimilate the latest developments in the field of quality, assisting our client organizations – achieve, maintain their goals and improve upon existing processes thereby realizing full benefits of accreditation and certification.”

Mr Malay, an engineering graduate in the field of Biotechnology, having experience of more than ten years in the relevant field, initiated AQC. He started as an executive in a reputed consultancy firm and, in the year 2019, began the consultancy house Acute Quality Consultants, dedicated to propagating quality today and tomorrow. Malay achieved more than 500 assessments and dedicated himself towards the growth and improvement of various quality aspects of clients. Notably, he has consulted over 200 clients on a Pan-India basis and plans to provide services in an international field, with the first steps being taken from Nepal.

Aspiring Perfection

Sharing his inspirations behind venturing into the quality consultancy business, Mr Malay says his motivation was many. He was deeply passionate about acquiring significant expertise and experience over the years. He wanted to share his knowledge to help others. Starting a consultancy allowed him to leverage his expertise and make a positive impact by providing guidance and solutions to clients facing challenges in their respective domains.

Also, the desire for independence and the freedom to make his own decisions motivated Mr Malay. By starting a consultancy, he had greater control over his work, choosing clients and deciding on the projects to take on. “This freedom allowed me to shape my professional path, creating a work-life balance that suited me,” says Mr Malay.

Consultants are problem-solvers by nature, and so is Mr Malay. He enjoys tackling complex issues and finding innovative solutions. He adds, “The challenge of working on diverse projects and helping organizations overcome hurdles has always been highly fulfillingStarting a consultancy allowed me to take risks, build a team, and scale our operations over time. It provided a platform to translate our collective ideas and vision into reality.”

Assured Excellence 

Sharing its USPs that make AQC stand out as a fastest growing consulting service provider, Mr Malay says, “There are many, including-”

*Exceptional client service: Focus on delivering outstanding client service at every touchpoint.

*High-quality offerings: “Ensuring that our services are of the highest quality, we implement rigorous quality control measures,” says Mr Malay. It helped AQC deliver consistently superior offerings, establishing its reputation as a provider that values excellence.

*Innovation and uniqueness: AQC differentiates itself by offering innovative and unique solutions.

*Speed and efficiency: Guided by Mr Malay, the team AQC emphasized quick turnaround times and efficient processes. They streamlined their operations, optimized workflows, and invested in tools and technologies that help them deliver faster results. “Being known for our speed and efficiency, we attracted time-sensitive customers like Sumant Kumar Testing Lab; Heritage Institute of Medical ScienceAloka Medicare Pvt Ltd; Bharat Foundation; Dr. Abg’s Pathoscan Center Pvt Ltd; Envision Enviro Technologies North East; M. L. Jain Diagnocare; Nemcare Hospitals Pvt Ltd; Organ Diagnostic Centre; Orchid Medical Centre Private Limited; Vida Diagnostics Pvt Ltd; Health Accurate Diagnostic; Clinical Laboratory (Kjr Genetics Private Limited); Dr. Roy’s Diagnostic Center Pvt Ltd; Zeusnjove Diagnostics LLP; Nirnayan Health Care Private Limited; and KPC Medical College & Hospital” shares Mr Malay.

*Transparent and fair pricing: AQC established transparent pricing structures that offer value for money. Mr Malay adds, “We clearly communicate our pricing policies, avoid hidden fees, and provide detailed breakdowns of costs. Being transparent and fair builds trust and credibility with our clients.”

*Strong online presence: AQC has a strong online presence through an engaging website, an active social media presence, and positive client reviews. It utilizes digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and showcase its expertise.

Prevailing Over Adversities 

While there were certain challenges which the AQC team had to overcome to reach new heights of success. Developing expertise in various domains of testing and calibration is crucial for providing effective consultancy services. “We overcame our initial challenges by acquiring and expanding our knowledge base to cover a wide range of industries and their specific requirements,” informs Mr Malay.

Acquiring clients in a competitive market was also challenging. AQC developed effective marketing and networking strategies to reach potential clients, highlight its unique value proposition, and convince them to choose AQC as their trusted partner.

Mr Malay adds that they are overcoming these challenges with their dedication, continuous learning, effective marketing, and a commitment to delivering high-quality consultancy services. “It is important to remain adaptable, responsive to client needs, and always strive for excellence in your field of expertise. That is exactly what we did and are still doing,” he explains.

Advanced Tech Adoption

Being an experienced leader, he opines how technology is transforming the industry and what advancements can be expected in the future. Technology has enabled the automation and digitization of various processes. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote auditing and virtual inspections.

We provide quality consultancy services,” says Mr Malay. They include

  • NABL Accreditation Consultancy Services for Medical and Industrial Laboratories
  • NABH; CAP; JCI; and AABB Accreditation
  • ISO Certification
  • Turn Key Project Consultancy
  • Quality, Operations, and System Implementation
  • Manpower Consultancy

Adept Advice

If you want to venture into the quality consultancy field, here is Mr Malay’s advice to help you get started.

~Develop a strong foundation: Gain a solid understanding of quality management principles and methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, ISO standards, and other relevant frameworks. Acquire the necessary knowledge through formal education, certifications, and practical experience.

~Build industry expertise: Identify the industries you want to specialize in and become knowledgeable about their specific quality requirements, regulations, and challenges. This will help you position yourself as an expert in those sectors and provide tailored solutions to your clients.

~Network and build relationships: Attend industry conferences, seminars, and workshops to connect with professionals in the quality field. Join relevant associations or organizations to expand your network and stay updated on industry trends.

“Develop effective communication skills; Stay updated and adapt; Focus on providing tangible value to your clients; Market yourself effectively; and finally, Commit to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Stay curious, seek new knowledge, and invest in professional development opportunities. This will enhance your skills and keep you ahead of industry changes and ensure your consultancy remains relevant and valuable,” adds Mr Malay.

An Astute Idea

On envision scaling AQC’s operations and offerings in the future, Mr Malay and his team are considering a solid roadmap. They are evaluating their operations, identifying target markets to expand into, creating a comprehensive growth strategy, investing in developing the skills and expertise of their consultants to meet the evolving demands of clients, leveraging technology to streamline their operations further, building strategic partnerships, further enhancing marketing and branding activities, fostering a long-term client relationship, and regularly reviewing their growth strategy to monitor KPIs.

In short, we are prepared to make adjustments and adapt our approach based on market trends, client feedback, and internal insights,” concludes Mr Malay.

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