Advatech Healthcare: Delivering the Best Mobile Medical Technology and Care Services

Advatech Healthcare
Samit Biswas, Founder and CEO, Advatech Healthcare

Healthcare services have transformed dynamically over these past few months, especially with the advent of covid-19. The field has seen tremendous growth and challenges as well. It has become quite difficult to churn out the negatives and the positives since the pandemic has hit hard and it has affected almost every industry. Businesses are finding difficult to strike a balance and it has become evident that the challenges have just started.

There are many companies that are providing healthcare services that have become quintessential during this pandemic. One such healthcare giant is Advatech Healthcare Europe. It facilitates 24-hour medical transport for governments, corporate organizations, and individual clinics. The company is based in London and deliver services as well as accredited training through existing providers. Advatech Healthcare works with non-emergency patient transport; ambulance services for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories and ensures these services are readily and easily accessible.

Its technology allows cost-effective, convenient, comfortable, real-time tracking, and safe movements of non-emergency patients transport vehicles, ambulances, and logistics (e.g., pathology samples).

“Our Services also include air ambulance and medical repatriation, mobile and web-based medical consultations, telemedicine, tele-radiolology/pathology, hospital information system (HIS), electronic medical records (EMR) and the nationwide logistics model ensures fast, reliable diagnostic testing and primary healthcare solutions,” says Samit Biswas, Founder and CEO of Advatech Healthcare.

A Dynamic Leadership

Samit hails from a middle-class family. He was born and raised in a small town of West Bengal called Katwa. He completed his education there and moved to Kolkata for better opportunities.  Samit started his career in sales with a reputed brand like Eureka Forbes. Although, his ambition was to become a doctor, his economic condition and education became a limitation to it. “But I am glad that I ultimately landed into the medical and healthcare field eventually,” says Samit.

His journey into the healthcare sector started with his exit from Metronics. Samit told them that he will be moving out in two years and will provide a suitable substitute in his place to take over the operations of Southeast Asia – Metronics Spinal business, which he was taking care of. He moved out of the conglomerate in 2011 to start Advatech Healthcare to fix the gap between the patients and doctors.

His uncle whom he called ‘bade papa’, passed away due to the lack of right transportation resources in his hometown. This moved him to the core, and he went on to establish a company that is more equipped to avoid such hazards in the future. That is how Advatech Healthcare was born.

Facilitating Transformational Capabilities

Advatech Healthcare was launched in 2011 and incubated in STEP IIT Kharagpur, when Samit was exploring the opportunities of medical tourism for India. Having 23+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, Samit is well networked with all the major hospitals in India and abroad.

During the process of moving patients, tissues, and samples from one region to another, it became apparent that there were clear gaps in organizing efficient medical transport. There was a need to improve the coordination and quality of the ‘pick up’, safe transport, and ‘drop off’ facility at all times.

By 2014, a dedicated team of professionals had been recruited to run Advatech Healthcare’s medical transport services. The service has now been increased with several technological innovations, which run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “We are now able to securely access the entire logistics pathway and patients’ movement online and through smartphones,” states Samit.

“We have introduced a business model TACIT (Technology, Administrative, Consultancy, Infrastructure, and Training) on which we have built our healthcare services,” he adds further. TACIT services are now being expanded in the UK and there are clear long-term economic benefits of delivering these TACIT services within the UK and to other countries, for e.g., Asian, African, and other countries within the Middle East (MEA).

In the Long Run….

From the last eight years, the company has created a successful ambulance service and training program in Kolkata. Advatech Healthcare has become a leader in providing air and road ambulance services within Northeast India, where services have previously been lacking. The high quality internationally recognized training program encompassing all stages of life-saving training such as first aid, basic life support, advanced life support, and first responder and emergency medical technician courses.

“We are clearly aware of the risks involved and have provisions in place to ensure adequate management of risks; hence services are delivered via a risk-averse model,” states the team at Advatech Healthcare.

The company is also promoting an online and call center-based helpline service dedicated to providing up to date information about private healthcare services in the UK. At present, the focus of the business in the UK is in expanding its ‘HIPPO Mobility’ services for non-emergency medical transport and ‘out of hours logistics service’ for pathology samples to the NHS and independent sector. There is a UK wide requirement that is currently not being provided nationally; 24 hours a day; by any other company in a cost-effective manner.

The company’s model will be able to positively impact the 7-day week, which is currently being implemented in the NHS GP services. It will also make more effective use of the existing laboratories and pathology reporting teams, consequently dealing with workload and capacity issues that are inherent in all parts of the healthcare sector.

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