AI: A Harbinger of Revolutionary Changes in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already become an integrated part of various online activities. Moreover, the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the ever growing sophistication of programmers is ushering in a new age of cloud computing. After witnessing the recent developments in cloud technology, we can make a clear estimation of how it is affecting our businesses. People are increasingly storing data and existing workloads in the cloud. But, owing to the fact that cloud is a new technology, companies have to think about how it will evolve in the days to come. We have witnessed small changes in the field of cloud computing with the emergence of mobile phones in place of computers, and the Internet of Things. But now organizations and tech giants are focusing on how AI can enhance cloud technologies just like cloud technology has made significant contributions in AI development.

A leading tech giant states that the integration of AI and cloud computing can act as a source of innovation and a means to accelerate change. AI can provide cloud with the required data, while cloud can help AIs with the information that they need to learn. AI and cloud computing are dependent on each other; this can contribute greatly in AI transformation and development. In fact, many leading companies are researching to validate this theory.

Groundbreaking Transformations in AI Technologies Nowadays, tech companies are creating AIs which can finally learn. This can be considered as one of the landmark achievements in AI development. A prominent example which solidifies this fact is how an AI defeated the world’s best Go player with moves and strategies that even the Go player hadn’t considered.

AI is also being implemented in many practical fields like voice-responsive command systems in which AIs respond to human commands. AIs responding to voice commands have already made their made their way into our lives. We have already seen AIs like Siri and Cortana who can respond to voice commands. While there are many improvements yet to be made in AIs, companies aim at creating an AI which can communicate like human beings.

Cloud companies can assist companies to achieve this objective. Many cloud servers collect and store the data which AIs can access and use for decision-making and learning things such as holding a conversation, and so on. In this process, AIs can transfer this newly collected data back to the cloud, in turn helping other AIs to learn as well.

Mixing the Cloud and AI
The potentials of combining AI and the cloud are endless. As a result, companies which specialize in one of those two are putting their efforts in getting involved with the both.  As per data, many cloud AI technologies come in two forms. Many cloud machine learning platforms combine machine learning with cloud but don’t have deep learning frameworks. On the other hand, there are other cloud services which have several applications through which businesses can use AI cloud services. For the latter, it is not as easy as it sounds. The concerned AI cloud has to be taught and instructed by the researchers how to tackle hackers and cyber criminals. It becomes steadily more effective as it stores information through the network.

An interesting aspect of these learning processes is that even though they store so much data and information, humans still have an important role to play. Some of these applications can read far more reports and process numerous data, but still makes basic mistakes like thinking that ‘ransomware’ means a place. Researchers play an important role in helping these cloud AI applications and guide the data so that they can make correct predictions.

For successful implementation, AI, cloud computing technologies, and humans are all needed. All these elements need to complement each other; AI is needed for learning processes, cloud computing is required to provide AI with the required data as and when required, and humans are needed to correct the errors made by humans. This combination of AI, humans, and cloud computing can be applied in any field today for positive results.

Towards a Future of AI–Cloud Fusion         
Combining AI, machine learning, and cloud computing can work wonders for organizations. It can provide both humans and AI to gather and analyze more data than ever before. With the passage of time, AI is gradually becoming a pervasive part of our daily lives, and the development of cloud technologies is further improving AI capabilities. Major tech giants are working on combing AI and cloud technologies for revolutionary outcomes. The results may introduce us to a world of countless possibilities transforming our way of viewing AI and the cloud.

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