Aktiv Software Pvt. Ltd: Supporting Transformations for Better Business

Aktiv Software
Devang Mehta & Jainesh Shah | Founder

For the 21st century organizations, it is very important to have a digital presence. Digital transformation in this century proves to be necessary. In today’s world, the digital standing of a company shows its credibility. The digital transformation process involves replacing non-digital or manual processes with software supporting various business requirements. As necessary as this is, it is difficult to find a team of experts who can provide unfaltering software support during and after the process of transformation.

Aktiv Software Pvt. Ltd. is one of the companies serving businesses to fulfill their digital transformation needs. The company was incorporated in 2015 by a squad of four intelligent brains. With the vital experience of working with global customers, the idea to dive into the service industry popped in their head.

Being in the industry for the past 5 years, they have set up a team with a strong base. They also have a satisfying figure of partners as they pave their way towards ERP and Ecommerce Industry. The company has achieved a favourable global presence in serving the business community with 1000+ successful projects.

Delivery of Services

Odoo (suite of business application) and Magento (eCommerce development platform) have been the core set of services for Aktiv Software. Till date, they have served customers from more than 30 countries. They provide a broad spectrum of ERP and Ecommerce services while solving known or unknown business glitches. They also help businesses in development, implementation, integration, customization, or migration. They serve all sizes of companies, startups, mid-size, or large enterprises, facing issues with their business processes. Aktiv remains a support partner to the clients helping them address any post go-live issues ensuring successful delivery.

Founding Motivation

The company was founded by four partners, two of them being Mr Devang Mehta and Mr Jainesh Shah, and their common objective was to increase process efficiency by decreasing manual jobs leading to enhanced productivity.

They recognized the lack of guidance from the service providers in most of the ERP/eCommerce project failures. As a result, they formed a business approach that consults clients, evaluates the business factors, and then comes up with a best-fit solution. Through a basic questionnaire, they discover and understand the client requirement, create a design path, and define the scope of work (SOW), develop, and finally deploy the solution. They place great emphasis on post Go-Live issues as well.

Positive Benefits

Benefits from Services: The company provides around the clock business support with smooth communication, technical/functional quality checks, streamlined business solutions, etc. to boost client business. They follow rigorous and comprehensive standards to identify high-quality solutions for the partners.

Benefits from their Solutions: Businesses looking for enhancing their sales, integrating services, streamlining operations, building websites, managing accounts, etc. could gain benefits from their business solutions. They evaluate the business requirements and suggest a suitable business solution. All in all, the businesses could increase their operational and managerial efficiency from the solutions provided by Aktiv.

Benefits from their Technology: Aktiv works with ERP and Ecommerce technologies to custom-make solutions as per business requirements.

Odoo is a suite of business application that helps eradicate the need for painful integration. It gives everything needed for a business in a single software. Odoo has got everything to automate the business processes that include CRM, HR, Sales, Project, Finance, or Website.

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce development platform that helps businesses create rich shopping experiences for their customers.

Dynamics 365 is yet again a suite for CRM and ERP applications specialized for bigger enterprise market.

The Ups and Downs

Like every other company, even Aktiv has faced various limitations and obstacles over the years. The main challenge while hiring lies in bridging the gap between employee expectations and organizational goals. It is no secret that employees often ignore open conversations and end up switching companies.

The company has been trying to adopt retention strategy like encouraging employees to aspire roles and responsibilities within the company instead of looking for advancement opportunities outside. Due to the company working with a niche product with scarce resources, the company requires trained professionals. They recruit developers who are strong on their fundamentals and train them with respect to their product.

Driving Force

Professional development is very important for employees. Keeping this in mind the company tries to provide opportunities for succession planning and training to their employees. Due to this training, the employees get opportunities and confidence for taking on additional responsibilities or cross functional assignments that could boost their morale.

Future Sightings

The long term goal for every company is to be successful and achieve their goals. Aktiv Software has the goal of becoming a solution-based company rather than a service based company in the coming years. By becoming a solution based company, they want to imply integration of services and products focusing on customers’ unique business needs. It will be possible to fulfill client requirements in a better way.

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