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We are living through the golden age of idea genesis. Every other day, we read stories about companies that have reached unprecedented heights, all owing to the brilliance of their core idea. Be it Uber, AirBnb, Facebook, Google – all were born through unmatched innovation and lateral thinking.
There was a time you could hire an artist who would help you to render your imagination on to paper. In today’s digital age, this medium has shifted from canvas to images and videos. Without a vision or a graphic, it is virtually impossible for you to share your ideas with the World. By 2019, over 90% content on the Internet will be video. That gives us something to think about.
An explainer video is the tool that all companies need today to reach out to their potential customers. A well-made explainer video is like the perfect elevator pitch. It starts out with your idea, explains your core points and highlights the key features of your company, all within 60 seconds. In the right hands, it is a powerful weapon that can be wielded to win clients in the brutally competitive marketplace i.e. the Internet.
One such company that creates animated explainer videos is Tiara Motion. Founded in 2012 by Tarankit Sharma, Tiara Motion is an animation studio that specializes in turning your ideas in to hand-crafted animated videos that are engaging and informative at the same time.
Tiara Motion believes in one thing – to create stunning animated videos for companies that find it hard to explain their ideas to their customers. The team consists of animators, script-writers, voice-over talents and designers that work together seamlessly to create fresh and unique content. Till date, Tiara Motion has created over 1000 videos for clients in 15+ countries, with clients like HDFC, Reliance JIO, Ministry of Health India, amongst other top companies.
What are Explainer videos services?
It is imperative for people to understand the difference between animated videos and explainer videos. Individuals come up with brilliant new ideas that can change the World but if no one understands their concept, those ideas are shelved. Explainer videos help in breaking down complex ideas into simple words and animation that can be understood by people of all ages. For example, we can write about how an engine works thoroughly, but seeing it in animation with an explanatory voice-over will do a much better job in educating its audience. Also, an animated explainer video adds a fun element to the most boring of topics that keeps the viewer hooked till the very end. This is why explainer videos are crucial for a company’s success.
Virtual and Augmented Reality
It isn’t hard to notice that videos are going to be the creative medium of the future. What started as a mode of entertainment as movies turned in to a mode of communication i.e. video-calling and has further evolved into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Virtual Reality is coming up in a big way. The immersive experience of being inside the scene is something that no flat screen or 3d video can compete with. Tiara Motion is working towards seamlessly blending Virtual Reality with education through videos that are interactive and fun to watch. The possibilities are endless. VR videos can be used to train surgeons, pilots, armed forces, and simulate a World of scenarios.
Videos today can also be interactive, allowing the viewers to choose different storylines while watching the video itself. Tiara Motion aims to use interactive videos to create educational content for children, allowing them to explore their creativity and develop critical thinking. These won’t be videos that you just watch from start to end, but will play according to the choices you make. It is really exciting to think about how videos are going to define the future.
As the latest technology makes its way to everyone, people will realize how much there is left to explore. For example, augmented reality was just science fiction a few years back and today, it is supported on all top-end smart phones. Imagine being able to hold up your phone to a product and being able to watch an educational video about it without having to press a button.
Future of Tiara Motion
Tiara Motion is on a mission to create video content for everyone. Be it a explainer videos for corporate giants or educational videos for Government Schools, Tiara Motion means to generate creative and imaginative videos that help people learn and appreciate new concepts. Communication is key to the evolution of ideas, and videos are the tools that will make it happen.
About Author
Tarankit Sharma, is Founder at Tiara Motion. He has completed his specialisation in 3D Character animation from Animation Mentor, USA and Diploma in character design from Schoolism, USA. He has also developed a 3D short film during school in 2007 which was nominated among the top 10 3D films by students all over India. He has worked as an integral team member in a short stop-motion film that won the best film award in Goa, India in 2010

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