AMAMA – The Glittering Jewelry Sharing its Story

Nikita Gupta | Founder | Amama Jewelry
Nikita Gupta | Founder | Amama Jewelry

Amama means Amma in Telugu, which is how Nikita addresses her grandmother, who currently is in her 80s. Amama, the brand, is curating the best of jewelry from every part of the world and trying to invoke every feeling that comes when you see or hear about jewelry.

Every woman is very close to the jewelry they own and even more to the ones that are inherited. The brand Amama and all its designs are inspired by the Founder & CEO Nikita Gupta’s grandmother, from whom she inherited a lot of silver jewelry, which are now priceless.

Amama, the brand, tells stories of people who buy jewelry and people who make it. Every piece that Nikita sells is very close to her heart as buying is done personally from all the globe-trotting. Connoisseurs will find pieces from all over the world that describe a particular culture or country.

All that Sparkles is Amama

Thus, Amama’s outstanding inspiration was equipped from the heirloom jewelry Nikita inherited. The prominent goal is to have ‘all you need’ under one roof!

Nikita always wanted to build a brand that withholds lightweight and aesthetic jewelry. Established in 2017, Amama represents a new definition for handcrafted statement jewelry collections and is also a one-stop brand for everyone and anyone who admires jewelry.

Many celebrities and influencers have worn Amama’s intricately designed pieces. Such as Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Richa Chadha, Yami Gautam, Masaba Gupta, Riya Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Nora Fatehi, and popular influencers and bloggers such as That Boho Girl. Komal Pandey, Masoom Minawala, and Kusha Kapila have also adorned the pieces in their unique ways.

One roof for all the Jewelry Brands

Amama is not just the representation of their buyers but also those who carve and reinvent the aspirations of Amama with their intricate designs and hard work.

Amama constantly strives to reincarnate the essence of traditional and western jewelry in the metamorphoses of threadwork and embroidery. “Adda” work has been the inception of Amama. With the surface ornamentation of pearls and metalwork, a new version of accessories has been explored and brought to existence once again.

With the vital aspect and mindset, Amama believes in aspiring into a marketplace for jewelry in the upcoming years, at the very latest!

Starring through the Pandemic Darkness

The pandemic has brought a lot of destruction, but somehow, it has also benefited the people who occupied the most from it.

According to Nikita, the fashion industry has faced a severe change, like the production line was stuck, and due to this, workers who had petty jobs and income have suffered the most. Over that, these conditions have directly affected the health of many companies as well.

“We took this chance and explored every inch of these situations to our competence which has benefitted us immensely,” Nikita shines her smile.

Social Branding

During this pandemic, Nikita had to sustain operations and ensure the safety of her team at the same time, but she managed it and got Amama in this race for the long run.

Social media platforms have been the most beneficial element for each and every company during these challenging times, and her brand has utilised every aspect for her firm’s growth. Other than social media, it had grown around the offline mode by experimenting with new imagination with the help of her customers and the karigars (the artisans)!

Shining on the Horizon

According to Nikita’s personal opinion, present situations, and future changes, bringing up and hype about these AI and ML technologies would be a great option. These will be the basic needs and requirements of every company in the upcoming times.

As an established industry leader, Nikita’s sole advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into this industry in these situations is to look after every step and balance the process very efficiently to have a prosperous brand future.

Amama’s further plan, for the time being, is to focus on the development of brand value amongst the people and earning most of it. Moreover, the vision is brightly strengthened as the brand believes in achieving more and possessing a stronghold in the market as an excellent roof for all the jewels.

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