Anand Sahay: A Technophile Business Leader

Anand Sahay
Anand Sahay | CEO | Xebia

The world of business is changing rapidly as ever. Today’s global and competitive business environment asks for constant innovation, and innovative technologies are reshaping the world. One has to be on the learning curve and need to keep continuously move up the levels. All the smart and genius persons have to leverage intellectual capital for growth, creative destruction, and keep on innovating.
One such passionate business leader, Anand Sahay is currently leading a niche technology company Xebia. with authority in Agile & Lean startup methodologies and strong expertise in cutting edge concepts such as DevOps, Big Data, and Data Science.
Meet the Techie
Anand has completed an MBA from Duke University -The Fuqua School of Business and did Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology. A senior IT leader, Anand, carries more than two decades of experience in building and leading global high-performance teams for driving sustained business growth and creating shareholder value. He has been a software programmer, client engagement manager, business development professional, head global IT operations, and currently holding the position of CEO at Xebia.
Having worked with prestigious companies like Interglobe, HCL, Polaris, and Samsung, he has always loved technology and its applications to create value for customers as well as stakeholders. Now, for Xebia India, Anand is responsible for its P&L and manages the technical, commercial and operational aspects of its business.
Key Performance Indicator
When one thinks about the world’s most innovative companies, then names like Tesla, Emirates, DHL, GE, Hyundai, Barclays, Xerox, Delta are obvious to get reflected in mind. But, as a blockbuster movie is possible only after the collaborative efforts of the entire team or crew, the success of these inspiring businesses is impossible without their technology partners, and Xebia is one of their inseparable partners.
The Dutch-born technology firm is globally serving to companies in diverse industries from its offices in the Netherlands (HQ), US, France, UAE, and India, since 2001. Xebia’s tech solutions related to new and emerging technologies are providing impetus to the world’s leading airlines, banks, strategy consulting firms, government organizations, retailers, media firms, and many more.
Always one step ahead of the businesses need, Xebia explores and creates new frontiers for its valued clients with the latest technologies and customized solutions. As a mainstream frontrunner, backed by an international team of more than 1000 passionate technologists and pioneering craftsmen, Xebia provides the cutting-edge tools, training and consulting services that help businesses work better, smarter, and faster.
Agile transformations; DevOps and continuous delivery; big data and data science; cloud infrastructures; agile software development; quality and test automation; and agile software security are Xebia’s signature offerings in the global market. In reward to benefiting industries with cutting-edge technologies and innovations, Xebia is regularly nominated by Gartner and Forrester for excellence in new technologies. Besides, the organization is rewarded by Deloitte, PwC, and other agencies of repute for creating new frontiers in IT training services.

The Crew of Xebia
Under the indomitable leadership of Anand Sahay, CEO at Xebia, Xebia Group of companies is thriving on three distinct principles: Authority, Focus, and Values.
A strong leader, Anand, who has led turnarounds for companies by handling failures head-on and implementing heavy change management to turn companies into a global enterprise with strong financial. In the last fiscal year, Xebia Group’s turnover was USD 100 Million, and it is expected to rise by 50 to 55 percent in the year 2019-20.
Anand has a strong ability on the market repositioning of service offerings and adept in keeping the right balance between cost, risk, and growth. He quickly builds a high-performance culture and takes bold steps to put companies in the path of recovery and growth.

The Upcoming Future
As a business leader of a global corporation, Anand is planning to implement innovation under difficult circumstances, manage crisis communication, changing management, market repositioning, managing and restructuring, building and managing culture and its conflicts. By using his astute understanding of the market and the structural weaknesses/ fault lines in the company to lay down the right foundation for companies to deliver the value it aspires to and create shareholder value.
With his acumen for identifying new upcoming technologies, Anand is creating unique service offerings and continues to do so; to create innovative service lines, products, and potential market.

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