Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

It’s the question we have since the startup revolution became global- Are entrepreneurs a special kind of people, born with a drive and desire to succeed that most of the other people don’t possess, or can they be made through education, mentorship, and experience.
A research stated that 8 out of 10 startups fail in the first eighteen months. Then the question strikes- Why other two startups become successful and why not all of them? Obviously, everyone wants to succeed with their unique business ideas. They take their necessary steps and do the hard work required, but still they FAIL.
“It doesn’t matter which business school you go to or what books you read, you can’t go into Boots and buy a bottle of entrepreneurial juice- entrepreneurial spirit is something you are born with,” a famous entrepreneur once said. But are they really born or can be created? Let’s find out.
Traits that only Born Entrepreneur can have
No one would disagree that there are some creative minds born with the ideas and the desire to make the world a better place. They don’t need anyone to tell them that they are unique and innovative in their own way. Every successful business needs a novel idea. There are traits that an only born entrepreneur possesses.
Well, it is a universal truth that one needs to love what he does. When one cannot love the work, he is doing, he can never reach the peak. Every successful business has started with a person full of passion. Even, Amazon founder left the successful career as a Vice President on Wall Sreet to pursue his passion and rest is the history. But the thing about passion is that it cannot be learned or developed, one needs to have it within.
No one can becomes successful by duplicating someone else’s idea and make it to the top. Creativity is the key that makes the business global success. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and we all know what happened to it. All he had was a creative idea of connecting people through the internet. We may argue that creativity can be learned, but the truth is it cannot. Only, the entrepreneurs with a silver spoon of creativity have them.
Ever saw a founder of any successful business who was pushed back in the initial struggle and gave up? An entrepreneur is willing to fail and able to get back up and try again. The trait of being able to stand up when the whole world is against him makes one unique. Even Steve Jobs was forced to leave the company in 1985, but he returned in 1997 to create the history.
There are two types of entrepreneurs. Those who need someone else to encourage them and those who doesn’t feel the need of anyone else to motivate them towards the goal. Self-motivation has helped many entrepreneurs to take the necessary steps when the company needed on their own.
The Traits that could be Learned and Developed to be Successful Entrepreneur
There are some entrepreneurs born with the special traits required to be successful, but there are also self-made entrepreneurs who changed the history. One may think that entrepreneurs need to be born with the ideas and creativity, but it is also true that one can be successful with developed skills. History teaches us from time to time. There are traits that helped them reach the top.
‘Know what you know and know what you don’t know’ has been the mantra to be an expert in every field.  Doing research and case studies has always helped to be the most knowledgeable person in the respective industry. Learning from competitors’ mistakes has been the key to success, since ages. By knowing, everything about the market, one can be unable to chase.
One needs to be the best salesman in the industry if one is going to make the next big thing. If one can sell their product, then no doubt they will be the best in their industry. And selling a product which can be learned and developed. Every successful business was once an idea, but the pioneer who had the ability to attract the investors on his own made it a reality.
Being able to adapt to changes in any business is not easy as it seems. In fact, most entrepreneurs changed their idea or business plan drastically from where it began. Every brilliant idea does not need to be effective in reality. Entrepreneurs who learned to adapt have become successful in history.
Strong leadership has been crucial for every startup. The leader who takes a decision by keeping in mind the past, present, and the future is the one who runs a successful company. No matter how great the idea is until it doesn’t come at the hand of a strong leader it is of no use. No matter, if a leader is born with a strong leadership or became one with experience, great companies will need their advent for the betterment of the humanity.
Well, the answer to the first question is BOTH. The entrepreneurs can be reborn. If they are born with necessary traits, then it’s well and good. If they are not, then they can learn and develop themselves to be a successful entrepreneur.
No doubt, entrepreneurs are the present and the future and doesn’t matter if they are born or created, till the time the entrepreneurs are in the making, the humanity will remain intact.

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