Ashish Life Science: Providing Distinctive Animal Health Products Across the World

Throughout the ages, humans are dependent on animals for services, food, and companionship. In modern times, animals have played a crucial role in research settings where diseases are studied and drug therapies are developed. Ashish Life Science was founded with a strong believe that animals have been catering to serve mankind and it is our duty to reciprocate it.
The founder of Ashish Life Science (ALS), Raujesh Agarrwal, realized the potential of Indian Veterinary medicine during his travel to different countries. He recognized the huge business prospective for Animal Health Products in International markets. As most European companies are leading the international markets, and all Indian Pharmaceuticals companies are focusing on Human Health products, he decided to start manufacturing and exporting veterinary products.
ALS, established in 2002, is a Veterinary pharmaceutical company engaged in the wellness, prevention and treatment of diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas for animals. The company operates through innovative products and established veterinary businesses. It manufactures and exports Veterinary Pharmaceutical products to more than 50 countries across the Globe. “Our quality is beyond the horizon of any negotiation,” says Raujesh. Hence, a World Class Manufacturing Facility has been set up that meets the stringent CGMP guidelines of many regulatory bodies.
Additionally, ALS is one of the first companies in India specializing in Veterinary Pharmaceuticals to receive the WHO-GMP certification. They are also recognized and approved by various overseas Health authorities and renowned Quality Assurance Experts from Europe. Also, their manufacturing facility is approved by various health authorities like Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria, and Ethiopia for the supply of Veterinary Medicines.
The Mastermind behind ALS
Founder of Ashish Life Sciences, Raujesh Agarrwal, completed Master’s in Business Management and later joined the family Business, which was founded in 1975 by his father Premsukh Agarrwal. When he joined the Ashish Group of Industries, it mainly dealt with textiles, plastic products, chemicals, medical devices, bulk drugs, etc. and were also involved in trading and export of these products.
Customers have been the sole reason for the existence of ALS as an organization and providing quality products at a reasonable price has always been the motto,” says Raujesh. He constantly makes sure that they are always connected with the customers to understand their distress areas and resolve them effectively. At ALS, they help customer to grow their business. “Our customers rely on us and that trust encourages us to do much more for them,” shares Raujesh.
Raujesh makes sure that every employee understands the importance of customer satisfaction and together they can ensure customer delight. Satisfied customer base and dedicated team of people has made this possible.
At ALS, they are a team of dedicated professionals who believe in learning, empathy and innovation. They exhibit high diligence at every level and function. Adherence to quality, best-in-class manufacturing practices, investment in infrastructure development, highest levels of laboratory certification and high service standards have enabled them to build lasting relationships across the Globe.
Remarkable Offerings
ALS is the first dedicated Indian veterinary products manufacturing company that has received WHO-GMP Certificates for their production plant. With exporting to more than 50 countries, ALS has become a brand in many countries. With a team of young and dedicated people, ALS aims to reach great heights.
They offer a range of cutting-edge veterinary products, world-class manufacturing infrastructure and relationship driven approach. At ALS, they are consistently evolving to meet their customers’ needs across the Globe. They strive to deliver significant value to their customers by understanding their needs and innovating to offer the right choice of products.
ALS operates across the entire spectrum of therapeutic segments – Antiparasitics, Ectoparasiticides, NSAIDs, Antibiotics, Antifungal, Antiprotozoal, Tonics, and Neutraceuticals to name a few. Besides, they also offer all dosage forms – bolus, tablets, powder, suspensions, solutions, oral paste, injectable and spray & ointments – ensuring that their clients also have an ease and effectiveness of administration. They have set up a state-of-the-art liquid injection line with some unique attributes. They have gathered the resources and skills required to achieve this task.
ALS provides cost-effective products and is aiming to get into the regulatory market as there is a huge scope for generics in the veterinary segments. The company has built its infrastructure and its F&D capabilities around this strategy. It has products that are volume builders but at the same time they are introducing innovative products to tap into the overlooked needs.
Awards and Accolades
Ashish Life Science has won the “SME Business Excellence Awards 2014”, Presented by D&B, The Times Group & Federal Bank. ALS has also been recognized as “India’s Small Giants” by India SME in 2014. Furthermore, Raujesh was interviewed by ET NOW after ALS was recognized as an emerging “Pharma Company in micro segment”. Additionally ALS has won the prestigious “Top 100 SMEBOI Awards” (Achievers of 2012), the “Top 100 SMEBOI Awards” (Achievers of 2013) and the “ECGC- D&B- India Exporters Excellence Awards 2015- Best Manufacturing Exporters” Award along with the Golden Maharashtra MSME’s “Manufacturing Summit 2015 Award. ALS has also been features in the well-known Dollar Business magazine in 2016.
Future Aspects
There has been a clear vision to know what we want to achieve in future. We anticipate the future and gear up to adopt the future trends,” says Raujesh. To become & maintain leadership position, ALS aims to enter regulated markets like Europe, Australia, South Africa and the US.
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