Augmented Reality: A Comprehensive Overview

The way Equipment is overtaking all our needs, and most of human life has be contingent on the technology, it looks like we are on the way to transforming each aspect of our life inspired by technology.
Most of the world’s inhabitants use smartphones and have started adopting all the crucial things through it, from gaming to videos, chatting to photograph, shopping to money transfer almost all the required tasks are now on your fingertips.
In the early in 2016, the world experienced a new game called ‘Pokémon Go’ and it was the most popularized game of 2016 based on augmented reality with millions of downloads.
Augmented reality is a new height of technology, providing users with boosted experience towards any object or subject with an additional layer of content.
What is Augmented Reality?
It is the amalgamation of digital or computer generated information in term of audio, video, animation, and GPS data with user’s environment in real time.
A Brief History
Thomas Caudill, a Boeing scientist invented the term Augmented Reality somewhere in the 1990s. To define how electricians can use the head-mounted display while accumulating convoluted wiring yokes worked.
One of the first commercial application of AR technology was the yellow “first down” that begun appearing in televisual football game somewhere in 1998.
NASA used Augmented Reality in its aircraft X-38 to overlay map data for providing boosted visual navigation during flight tests in 1999.
AR toolkit took AR to the web browser in 2009.
In 2013 automobile industry had shown their interest in Augmented Reality where Volkswagen car manufacturer developed an app called MARTA to provide step-by-step repair hindrance to the technicians thus allowing foreseeing of how technical process will look on the vehicle in front of them.
Google announces the consignment of Google glass devices for customers, whereas started the trend of wearable AR.
In the meanwhile, Microsoft has launched its AR wearable equipment Hololens to show its presence in upcoming AR market.
Today, Augmented Reality technology is being used in many different industries like manufacturing, entertainment, automobile, real estate, education, branding and many more.
And lots of enterprises are providing the Augmented Reality solutions worldwide like Augment, Blippar, and Yeppar.
Augmented Reality solutions are really revolutionizing the business sectors. And industries have start adopt augmented reality solutions towards the upgrading of their research and development procedures.
We have noticed a solid knock of augmented reality in every business dimension towards the betterment of existing practices.
There are lots of global brands has started exploring the AR to grab the early benefits of this technology and to be in the upcoming competition.
AR companies like Augment, Blippar, and Yeppar are the AR inspired enterprises which are rigorously trying to grab the AR market by offering different marketing elucidations to organizations and trying to transform the existing processes.
Industries using Augmented Reality
Have you know-how the match with a graphical staging such as Replay shots, animated balls with 3D potion graphics, virtual lines to validate the ball line & length helps umpire to make correct decisions. Usually, broadcasters use augmented reality to provide an immersive experience to users.
Medical science has achieved a milestone with its powerful research and development. Augmented reality has shown it’s latent towards the betterment of medicine industry where its doing wonders by offering it easy for doctors, researcher, and pharmaceuticals to provide exceptional content to the industry.
Do you remember how Pokémon go game has drastically popularized amongst the game lovers and gain the worldwide attention? Yes, it was an Augmented Reality infused gaming interface which created huge curiosity and addiction among the population towards this game resulted in millions of downloads across the year 2016.
Have you ever experience any fashion app asking you to try fashion apparels in their virtual trial rooms? This is so amazing and magical experience for fashion followers where they can try the outfit with the help of augmented reality based app.
Augmented reality also becomes an intermediate of marketing for products and services where with the help of AR it becomes easy to engage the user and gain the energy in the market by building brand attraction.
Current Scenario of Augmented Reality
Today the most common example of augmented reality is computer graphics, sounds, audios, videos etc. That day is not so far away when augmented reality. Augmented reality provides us a great opportunity to understand the world in different manner. With help of this very technology we will roaming in that world which we never seen before.
Future Scenario of Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is totally life changing and it can make positive impact on the human’s life. We are on that particular stage where we are learning new techniques and machines. Computing is not about computers anymore it is now all about to living it. There is a huge requirement of designers who can or will boost up the augmented reality. Techniques changing day by day and augmented reality would surely bring a diametrical change in human’s life
Augmented Reality Market

  • 30% of smartphone users use augmented reality once in a week.
  • That’s over means 60 million of users is the US alone.
  • Augmented reality applications are used by 200 million users in 2018.
  • By 2020 the revenue for augmented reality is expected to reach $ 120 billion.

About the Author
Ankush Sharma is the CEO of Yeppar, an organization providing innovative solutions based on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Ankush is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in various industries. As a strong business development professional, Ankush is skilled in Management, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality, and Marketing Strategy. With Yeppar, Ankush aims to revolutionize all the perpendiculars of business in Print, Packaging, Retail, Manufacturing, Industrial Training, Advertising, Real Estate and so forth.

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