Why Automated BPM is Key to Stay Agile


Digital Transformation is the need of the hour for every organisation to thrive in today’s fast-paced technological world. Business Process Management or BPM has primarily been the key driver for digital transformation since its early days. The main reason behind this is because BPM aids in the automation of complex workflows resulting in more efficient and productive business processes. With that being said, most enterprises today are taking the route of automating their businesses processes to stay in sync with the trend.
With more and more enterprises adopting business automation, the BPM industry has seen steady growth over the last few years which is expected to increase in the coming years. With all this growth and new technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc., evolving it is quite clear that BPM automation is here to stay and get better with time. Apart from this, the rise of predictive analytics is taking BPM from basic automation of routine tasks to a new level of optimisation of processes. All these emerging technologies are changing the way enterprises work and interact resulting in more social collaborative processes.
BPM to Automate Customer Service Delivery and Enhance the Customer Experience
An important trend that is surfacing shows that focus is shifting immensely towards enhancing customer experience, as it is becoming a key for enterprises to acquire/retain customers, gain competitive edge while differentiating their services. In order to achieve this, seamless collaboration between business and IT processes is becoming necessary. An automated customer service delivery process that provides a unified and responsive interface to all stakeholders can help provide a consistent and unique customer experience. Therefore, BPM makes backend processes much easier and more efficient. This leads to improved experiences for every stakeholder of an enterprise right from internal employees to external customers.
Key Capability of a Low Code Application Development Platform to Define New Business Processes
Enterprises are demanding low code development platform with strong BPM capabilities that can be easily modified based on their requirements. With the rush to digitally transform and stay ahead, enterprises now require automated BPM solutions that easily bridge silos and fit into their existing processes. Apart from this, enterprises want user-friendly applications that can also cut costs leading to the rise of low-code development platforms that are based on a more visual development approach. Platforms built with BPM capabilities aid enterprises with a simple drag-and-drop of critical elements to design complex workflows, configure role-based access/permissions based on requirements and orchestrate the processes.
RPA and AI to Re-define BPM
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two other important trends that are gaining much momentum.  RPA helps in simplifying complex workflows through the incorporation of Bots, AI and complete automation, this, in turn, is creating more efficient and consistent business operations. RPA today is being used to automate a routine task that reduces the dependency on employee work hours, allowing employees to focus on tasks of prime importance. With the evolution of AI, BPM driven by intelligent RPA is a trend that is here to stay. Also, the emergence and evolution of AI technologies through Machine Learning and Deep Learning along with predictive analytics are beginning to play huge transformative roles in workflows and other BPM processes.
Based on the trends mentioned, enterprises today want a BPM solution that not only caters to their current business requirements but also provides the flexibility to extend capabilities for future requirements. Intense Technologies Limited is a global enterprise software products company, headquartered in India, is one of the top vendors in the world that provides a solution that caters to all BPM requirements of today’s enterprises. The company’s enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digital transformation of customer-centric business processes resulting in improved revenues, greater customer centricity and reduced operational expenses.
With key focus on BPM capabilities, built on their low code development platform, UniServe ™ NXT, Intense Technologies transforms enterprise processes in an efficient and streamlined way. “Our UniServe™ NXT platform provides enterprises with a powerful BPM solution that enables the re-engineering of business and information processes. The UniServe™ NXT platform is a Rapid Enterprise Application Production platform that gives the freedom to create, manage, scale, and evolve rapidly and dynamically in this disruptive tech age. Our platform’s BPM capabilities enable seamless collaboration between stakeholders and processes of enterprises, resulting in enhanced customer experience” says Madhavi S.
In modest terms, BPM makes things easy as automation helps reduce the complex workflows, simplifies processes and is amongst the most efficient ways to gain maximum benefits as well as deliver exceptional customer experience. The future involves BPM solutions being built on cloud ready low-code platforms for organisational agility, better optimisation of processes and seamless collaboration between stakeholders. Enterprises that digitally transform their operations and automate their business processes are the ones that will emerge successful.
About the Author
Madhavi Sriramoju, Head of Marketing at Intense Technologies Ltd has more than a decade of experience in marketing roles. She is closely associated in marketing research, product marketing, branding, handling public relations, evolving analyst relation strategies and generating leads through events, email marketing and digital marketing channels.
She has been an instrumental in getting Intense in Gartner magic quadrant and Forrester wave reports. Her passion for content marketing and developing thought leadership for Intense Technologies has become a key role in evolving the positioning of the company. She has been initiated as a website owner who is driving the digital marketing initiatives at Intense.
Madhavi has completed her Management graduate in marketing and IT and has also been recognized as one of the most talented marketing professional in India by world marketing congress in 2014 and 2015.
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