Biometric Face Reader Attendance With Thermal Temperature Screening

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The world is facing trouble due to the impact of coronavirus. Every industry is struggling and seeking help in a variety of ways. Many companies are working on advanced facial attendance system to help the organizations in protecting their staff members and enabling contact tracing from this virus threat. Many companies have suspended the fingerprint-based Biometric Attendance Software due to the fear of infection. In order to ensure the safety of the employees, the organizations are seeking touch-less attendance, as the pandemic is bringing the focus back on hygiene.

Innovation in facial attendance system:

With the help of the advanced facial recognition system, which includes Body Temperature Detection using a thermal imaging device, companies can ensure the safety of the employees. This system allows tracking the employees with high temperatures, which can be a sign of infection. It avoids further contamination, which might cause due to the finger-based biometric scanners. It will detect the faces of employees along with their body temperature. Also, it restricts the entry of the employees with high temperature with audio/visual alerts as “Access Denied.” This is the only way to protect the organization and its employees from this pandemic.

Benefits of a biometric facial recognition system:

Most of the sectors use facial attendance system with temperature screening feature for individual identification & authentication. The face reading machine monitors the dimensions of a face, maps the facial features which include the distance between eyes, nose & mouth from each other and saves an analytical picture of the face into it. Here are some of the top benefits of using Biometric Devices which are mentioned below for your consideration:

  • Detects an employee based on their individual physiological characteristics that are useful for individual tracking
  • It provides accurate tracking of employee time by verifying the identity of those clocking in, creating a digital audit that cannot be altered. Using this method, we can eradicate time-theft
  • Biometric Security System is more reliable and accurate. The employee biometric templates cannot be duplicated
  • It can decrease employee absence and significantly increase productivity. Hence, this system approach offers time and time saving thus reducing contagion.
  • Facial recognition software can clearly track time and attendance without human error. It tracks the exact number of hours an employee is working, which can help in saving a company’s capital.

Once you use the facial recognition attendance system in your company, then your business can be benefited with more efficient time tracking and reduction in time fraud.

About the Author 

The enablers of this advanced biometric system is Star link Communications. This company is a leader in providing solutions related to Attendance and Biometric Access Control. The sole motto of the company is to provide solutions according to the requirement of the clients. It incorporates the demands of the client according to their requirement, providing customer delight.

It also provides cost-effective solutions that are highly efficient, which help our clients to reduce the administrative cost. To achieve this objective, it has set strict parameters of checking quality, and efficiency of its products.  Driving this company to the zenith of success and maintaining its continued growth is Mr. Vipin Yadav, Managing Director of Star Link communications.

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