BitBang: A Problem Solver for the Digital Era

Data is the most potent asset any business or organisation can have in today’s world. Data assists in making better company decisions, product enhancements, marketing efforts, and creating stronger customer connections, among other things, all while lowering total costs and increasing profits. However, in order to fulfil all of these objectives, a business must have a solid data management strategy in place. A lack of one might stymie progress.

As firms become increasingly regulated in terms of data security, data privacy, and legislation, the significance of data management has skyrocketed. Apart from that, enterprises’ data consumption has hit the roof with the growing variety of data kinds and database systems in big data. It is difficult to attain long-term goals and produce money if one does not have adequate data management skills.

Data management benefits businesses in a variety of ways, including discovering and fixing underlying issues and enhancing the overall customer experience. To help businesses keep their data safe BitBang offers an array of services that include data management and consulting services, collaborating with you on strategies that get your business where you want it to go.

BitBang’s experience has aided customers in developing customer-centric strategies for quick, data-driven decision-making and long-term success.

Standing Out

These days, most companies understand the importance of turning data into insights, and BitBang ensures success in adopting an effective enterprise customer analytics strategy and executing it. The company wants to enable teams across organizations to fully leverage data in a meaningful way and design customer-centric programs to win, serve, and retain customers.

With Google Since the Beginning

Partnering with Google in the modern digital ecosystem is not just an option; it is mandatory. As one of the first providers of web and cloud solutions, BitBang has been working together with Google since the very beginning, so being recognized today as a Premier Partner of both Google Marketing Platform and Certified Google Cloud Platform, allows it to have an increased strategic advantage in terms of recognized expertise and new businesses opportunities.

Tech-Savvy Offerings

BitBang is a close team of over 130 experts (and growing) providing leading consulting services in Data Strategy, Data Management, Digital Intelligence, Customer Analytics, Marketing Automation, Insights, and Cloud Engineering Services. In simple terms, BitBang uses data-driven approaches to deliver business results and improve customer experiences.

Surpassing the Challenges

BitBang works in the digital consulting industry, and probably the main challenge BitBang faces every day is the speed of change in its environment. Technologies update, new channels are born, projects evolve, and new kinds of services appear almost every month or week. Because of this, the company needs to be flexible in its line of work whilst at the same time being able to manage tasks efficiently and effectively.

As mentioned, BitBang is forced and accustomed to managing huge changes in its work habits every day. The “new normal” due to the pandemic has shaken the ground for everybody, but BitBang’s adaptive approach has helped it manage this challenge as well.

In terms of business, the necessary-first standby phase, BitBang has actually seen an increase in new types of requests related to the COVID-19 situation, which the company is currently able to meet while preserving a safe working environment for its colleagues – who are happy to the benefit of a hybrid onsite shift/smart working system.

Words that Motivate

“A good advice for future digital marketers is to be bold and believe in yourselves: you and your innovative ideas are the nourishment for this highly fertile ecosystem. In addition, on the other hand, today’s digital scenario may be quite complex, and soon, you will be facing very advanced topics, which will require an unavoidable initial learning phase with a good dose of modesty on your part. Probably a good balance between these two elements is the key to success in our field,” says the team of BitBang.

Learning – A Key to Success

Data is more of a management challenge than a technology challenge. For this very reason, BitBang’s main goal, in the long run, is to increase the focus on the data business management practice. In addition, it wants to increase resolution capacity because data exploitation, on average, is still very low, so it absolutely needs to increase the success rates of initiatives.

The company plans to address the changes by reading, studying, practicing, doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the curve and meet the challenge of convergence, multi-tool, and insight activation.

The Know-how of the Industry

Now more than ever, customer expectations have grown. While the rise of the standard has followed a gradual process all these years, the pandemic has accelerated dramatically in the last two years alone. People have suddenly found themselves being thrown from a physical to a predominantly digital world within their homes. This has increased traffic; more needs to be met, more time spent on the web or mobile, and the need for fast, efficient, and personalized services.

How Google Analytics plays an integral part in digital marketing? – By the team of BitBang

Today Google Analytics is a springboard from connecting digital data to offline.
The environment in which Google Analytics is located allows many solutions to structure the data to provide insights, improve site performance and maintain relationships with e-commerce customers.

For our projects that involve integrating all marketing touchpoints and ensuring the data is well-orchestrated, Google Analytics is the essential tool to collect digital data from websites and mobile apps. Google Analytics is the core of the digital marketing ecosystem: so only once it is correctly configured and the tracking is correctly implemented, we can start to progress with other marketing activations.

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