New Delhi, 14 February, 2018: Bonphul Air Products has launched oxygen optimiser ‘OxyMax 20’.   Co-founded by Prodyut Bora and Narendra Bisht in July 2017, OxyMax operates in a ‘split’ mode, with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit harvests oxygen from the outside air and pumps it indoor, where it is dispensed by the indoor unit. This increases the oxygen level in the indoor air from its current level to 21%, creating an environment of freshness and vigour.
Bonphul Air Products’ OxyMax 20 is the perfect product for supplying the invigorating benefits of pure oxygen to any house or office of 1500-2000 sq ft area.
The OxyMax 20 produces 20 litres of oxygen per minute. Assuming a volume of 20000 cu ft (2000 sq ft area x 10 ft height), the OxyMax 20 can raise the level of oxygen in ambient air by 1 percent–say from 20 percent to 21 percent–in just about 4.7 hours.
Intelligent sensors in the OxyMax 20 maintain ambient oxygen levels in between 20.5 percent to 21.5 percent, shutting-off and starting-on the generator whenever necessary. So after you started the machine for the first time during installation, you can pretty much forget about it. Leave it on, and it would ensure that your house is always oxygen optimised. When you return home after a hard day’s work, the invigorating benefits of oxygen would quickly restore your energy levels so that you could look forward to an evening of fun and activity.
The OxyMax 20 consumes only as much power as an air-cooler, therefore it is extremely light on the pocket.
Narendra Bisht, COO, Bonphul Air Products said, “Running OxyMax for a couple of hours leaves you feeling totally invigorated, fully charged, just the way you felt when you took-in pure air during your last vacation in the mountains.” Further, Bisht adds, “In terms of look, they appear pretty much like a split AC with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. But that is where the difference ends. While ACs merely circulates and re-circulates the same oxygen-deficient indoor air, OxyMax 20 pumps in oxygen from outside and raises the quality of indoor air to mountain levels.”
2.5 lakh plus tax

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