The Breeze of Overseas Education & Immigration in India

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Education abroad has opened many horizons for the students who are looking forward to receiving higher education outside the country. As the competition in the market is increasing rapidly, there are hardly a few job opportunities being generated in India every year. These desperate times have encouraged students to undertake desperate measures in order to secure their respective future. Most of the students who have gained technical knowledge at a rudimentary level in India, aspire to go overseas and learn modern techniques with the latest vocational training along with hands on experience in their field. There are a lot of International Universities that have such broad or extensive courses which provide a series of experiences that nurture a student’s academic needs on a significant level.
The mentality amongst the parents and guardians has unilaterally reached to a point where making their child’s dream true via educating them overseas has become a grand gesture and responsibility. Students (and parents as well) work hard to ensure that they become successful in getting the opportunity to study overseas. Not just studies, all the preparation related to moving abroad and the necessary arrangements regarding housing and financials needs to be planned properly. There are a lot of challenges one encounters during such period of preparation and planning. That’s where the Immigration Consultants come-into the picture. Even though Immigration is not limited to the education sector, it has played a vital role in education industry and especially in young aspirants’ lives. It will not be wrongful to assume that Immigration stands as a stepping stone for many of the students preparing to fly abroad.
Immigration Consultants in India
In general, Immigration consultants undertake the responsibility of assisting people who are looking to relocate internationally. The main role of these consultants is to ensure that the clients don’t get involved in any legal disparities concerned with their relocating and helping them in other areas related to immigration documents like obtaining visas etc.
There are various immigration consultants in India, catering to the needs of a different set of students aspiring to go international for their academics. Depending upon the competency, a student can choose from an array of service providers who are known under different aliases such as abroad education consultants and study visa consultants, etc. in the industry.
Current scenario of Immigration for Indian students
A lot of scrutiny has been speculated in terms of issuing visas and the process of application for the said visas. Especially in the USA, the matter of H1-B visa is making headlines in a challenging manner targeting Indian students specifically.  Also, with Trump administration’s policy of ‘Buy American, Hire American’ there has been a substantial declination in the issuing of visas and rise in denying of the applications. Although H1- B visa is for people who want to work in the US, for students who are aspiring to attend courses in the US Universities has no reason to rejoice either. Recently, to prioritize visa applications from individuals holding advanced degrees from well-known American universities; the order of the H-1B lottery was flipped. Regardless of being educated to undergraduate level, landing an appropriate job proves to be quite difficult. Unless, there is an option for the student other than the H1-B visa!
If not the US, then where?
The countries favoring Indian students or have favored them for a long time now has been Canada & Australia. STEM education in those countries has been producing all around developed human resources. The immigration process of Canada & Australia is also quite hassle-free as compared to the US. This is the reason nowadays students are keener on studying in Canada & Australia. Another country that students prefer to opt rather than the US is Ireland. The management courses that the University of Ireland offers are one of the prominent and well-distinguished across the world. Indian students have started recognizing the potential of Ireland, in higher studies with respect to cost effectiveness when it comes to having higher education in Ireland.
How to get there?
To get an Australian visa there are few of the requirements that needs to be fulfilled such as

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement
  • Financial Requirement
  • English Proficiency Requirement
  • Health & Character Status Requirement

Completing the above mentioned requirements will allow a student to get an Australian study visa in a hassle-free manner. Along with the visa, some language eligibility tests are also there which the student must take and build a base for making conversation & establishing a network. Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, iBT & Cambridge Advanced English are one of the prominent ones to look forward to. Also, there are a lot of immigration consultancies in India, providing services from initiating the process of application to safely guiding the student through the whole course in Australia & Australian universities.
Similarly, there are several immigration consultancies who guide students aspiring to visit Canada for studies. Canada’s immigration process is also streamlined. Following are the requirements for obtaining the Canadian student visa:

  • Get the proper & necessary documents ready in-order to apply for a study permit, which includes an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI).
  • A student needs to give his/her biometrics after applying for the study permit.

Rest of the process can be done online, from filling up of the applications to giving language proficiency tests & payments of fees etc.
It can be said that the flow of the educational winds are constantly shifting due to various reasons such as political disparities, financial crisis, economic differences etc. But, the flame of aspiration towards higher education abroad is still ablaze amongst a lot of Indian students. The ocean of opportunities will always attract the young studious sailors to travel the seven seas.

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