BuildTrack: Transforming the Living through Smart Touch Solutions


Smart present and future demands innovative products and solutions which will provide an intelligent, automated, sustainable, and efficient experience to the end users. By doing this these smart solutions will transform our living experience into a truly modernistic one. An immersive experience where advanced technologies like smart automation and IoT will integrate with the living spaces to offer a genuinely awesome feel.

This is precisely what BuildTrack is doing as a leader in Smart Automation and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Homes, Enterprises, Hotels, Hospitals, Senior Living, Warehouses, Energy Efficiency and Building Management Systems (BMS).

Under the ardent leadership of its Founder and President, Narendra Bhat, BuildTrack has a network of partners in over a dozen locations across India, offering unmatched service and responsiveness.

Narendra shares, “We successfully serve some of the largest builders, corporations, and public institutions in India with our smart solutions.”

Narendra spoke in an interview with Insights Success about BuildTrack and its award-winning smart solutions which are completely transforming living spaces in and around us. Highlights of the interview are given herein.

Please, tell us the saga of your reputed brand.  

We offer solutions for Energy Efficiency that enable ZERO energy wastage and we offer a unique BMS that enables productive management of Residential and Commercial Buildings and Campuses. We also offer voice-enabled control via Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Our award-winning IoT and Smart Automation solutions are Made in India and carry CE and IEC Safety Certifications. Our solutions can be deployed in wireless, wired and hybrid formats providing tremendous flexibility to serve new or existing spaces reliably and economically. The BuildTrack framework of hardware and software is designed to enable operating scales that range from individual homes to entire townships.

What are the USPs of BuildTrack?

Our award-winning solutions deliver on important aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Operating Efficiency that are important in these segments. Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice control are also offered by BuildTrack. We are pioneers in offering solutions with wireless, wired or hybrid connectivity to suit new construction and existing spaces with the best range, reliability, economy and with the least disruption to the customers during deployment.

Our products are Designed, Developed and Made in India. Our solutions offer the broadest set of offerings that are competitively positioned relative to global brands. BuildTrack is a business unit of Surmount Energy Pvt. Ltd which serves the global construction and real estate industry.

What are the immersive benefits offered by BuildTrack solutions?

BuildTrack Touch Switches offer the perfect combination of Art and Technology. Through their distinctive looks and high-quality materials, they enhance the ambience of any environment that they serve. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures an unparalleled experience through the set of smart features they present to their users. Their combinations of colours and configurations offer customers the ability to find the perfect choice for their space. The switches have international certifications for product safety and radiated emissions.

Colours: BuildTrack Switches are available in a selection of colours for the capacitive touch glass and exquisitely machined metal frames that border the glass. These can be mixed and matched to provide a variety of elegant combinations to enhance every ambience.

Configurations: BuildTrack Switches are available in over 1,00,000 configurations, when you combine the available choices of switch types, sizes, glass, and frame colors. The aim is to provide the best match to the functional and aesthetic requirements of every room or space they serve.

Keypads for Profiles: BuildTrack allows the unique ability to have KEYPADS with keys to which PROFILES can be assigned from the Smart App. This allows customization of the action of a physical switch to perform the same action as the PROFILE on the App or Voice Assistant.

Smart Apps Control: BuildTrack Switches can be operated using the highly visual Smart App that provides access to the switches within a 360-degree panoramic photograph of the room. The highly visual setting enables users to easily identify and control the appliances that are linked to the switches like lighting, fans, curtains, or blinds. The switch LED reflects the status of the device even when it is operated by the App.

Voice Assistant: BuildTrack Switches can be operated using Voice Assistants, like Google (Home) and Amazon (Alexa). Any switch setup using the Smart App or even combinations of switches (Profiles) can be operated through Voice Commands. The switch LED reflects the status of the device even when it is operated by the voice.

Schedules: BuildTrack Switches can be operated by schedules set on the Smart App. Either individual switches can be turned on or off, or profiles consisting of multiple switches can be scheduled for convenience.

Status Indicator: BuildTrack Switch LED’s are unique in their ability to correctly display the status of the appliances they control. This is irrespective of the method used to trigger the switches – physical touch, smart App, Voice Assistant or Remote.

Feather Touch: BuildTrack Touch Switches are designed to operate with a very light touch. Being made of tempered glass they are very robust and have a surface that can be easily cleaned to keep looking like they are brand new over time.

Low Voltage: BuildTrack Touch Switches are low voltage switches and so unlike conventional switches, they are very safe to touch even if the hands have moisture on them. They are therefore very child-friendly as well.

Industry-wise, the immersive benefits are,

Hotel: BuildTrack Touch Switches add to the elegance of hotel rooms. They provide a unique combination of a modern look with the colourful elegance that they add to the ambience of the room. The leading-edge technology serves to enhance guest experience options by enabling them to use Smart Apps or Voice Assistants to control the switches.

Home: BuildTrack Touch Switches add to the ambience of every room. The vibrant colours offered in the touch glass along with the metallic lustre of the bordering frames can serve to complement or contrast any wall colour as desired.

The leading edge technology offers residents of the home every comfort and convenience to ensure that the lighting, fans, AC, and other appliances work together just as they intend using either Smart Apps, Voice, Remotes or Sensor technologies offered by BuildTrack.

Board Rooms: BuildTrack Touch Switches add gravitas to every board room. They can provide a complete panel of switches that can control all aspects of the board room from lighting to shades and projectors.

Smart App or Voice Control brings the latest in technology to facilitate ease of operation of all appliances in the room. BuildTrack offers the ability to customize the corporate brand on these touch switches to enhance the stature of the room.

Hospitals/Senior Living: BuildTrack Touch Switches add conveniences that are expected in hospital rooms or senior living, such as the incorporation of nurse call systems into the other aspects such as lighting, fans, and AC control.

The glass surface provides the ability to be cleansed using antibacterial cleaners thereby ensuring that any transfer of germs from these surfaces is reduced or eliminated. The choice of Smart App, Voice or Remote provides all types of users from the technophile to the technophobes with options to interact with the switches in the manner that they most prefer.

Being an experienced firm, how BiuldTrack is adopting the automation technologies.

Our offerings enable Smart App-based control of switches, curtains, blinds, remote door locks, air conditioners, media devices, cameras, and video door phones and include monitoring of sensors for safety and security related to a smoke, gas leak, door intrusion and more. Our choice of wireless and wired deployment options allows users flexibility, minimizes disruption, and allows them to easily adapt the solution as their needs change. Users have access to control and monitor devices through Smart Apps or through voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Further, our solutions achieve this by enabling enterprises to significantly reduce their energy consumption through our Award-Winning Wireless Sensors. Our Energy Monitoring solutions allow energy consumption to be monitored and enable control of electrical assets across the enterprise. Our Disaster management solutions allow a centralized monitoring of safety and security across distributed locations and our infrastructure management solutions enable efficient Facility Management.

Smart Office Solutions: Conference Room, Board Room, and Executive Offices can all be automated to operate via Smart App for control of

  • Lighting
  • Fans
  • Air Conditioning
  • Blinds/Curtains
  • Projector mounts
  • Projection Screens
  • Concierge Call buttons
  • Conference Room booking
  • Conference Room Occupancy monitoring

Seating Capacity Monitoring: Enterprises that have flexible seating policies need to be able to identify available seating locations easily. This solution allows for centralized monitoring of all seating locations through under-table sensors. This solution can be coupled with automated lighting control for energy conservation.

Wireless Call Buttons: These call buttons can be placed across an office for a variety of uses. They can be used to alert the concierge for food service, or they can be placed in washrooms and pantries for cleaning or supply needs.

The notification of these buttons can be received on central kiosks or Smart Apps. The historical data and analytics of such call requests and fulfilment data can be used for planning staffing.

Energy Management: BuildTrack offers CII Award-winning solutions for creating energy efficiency across the enterprise. Our portfolio of solutions is flexible and aimed at enabling ZERO energy waste.

  • Wireless Sensors for all Lighting, Fans and Air-conditioning for Cabins, Aisles, Pantries, Warehouses and Production areas
  • Sensors for efficient parking lighting
  • Centralized control and scheduling of Air Conditioning and Lighting via smart app
  • Remote Control for all lighting, fans, and blinds/curtains

Energy Monitoring: BuildTrack enables single-point control of all energy consumption across your enterprise. Access data from Smart Energy Meters and monitor the status of UPS and DG sets including DG fuel levels.

For high-consumption devices, our unique hardware node allows energy consumption monitoring without using any sub-metering.

What futuristic solutions do you offer to the industry?

BuildTrack BMS (or Building Automation System, BAS) solution is aimed at providing smart automation for the building enabling the monitoring of various sensors of the buildings to make them safer, and more secure and to provide both control and monitoring of the electrical assets of the building to improve the building operations, essentially transforming the building into a Smart Building.

BuildTrack’s Building Management System (BMS) is a solution that provides a single point of control and monitoring for the building. This access to the sensors and assets of the building is provided through BuildTrack Kiosks or Smart Apps for practically everything in a building or campus – ranging from safety/security sensors to water tank level sensors, STP, energy meters, control of lighting, pumps and more.

Third-party equipment utilized in buildings, such as lifts (elevators) can also be integrated into this BMS system allowing it to serve as a single point for all monitoring and control of the building or campus.

The Building Management System from BuildTrack also provides additional Facility Management (FM) features such as Preventive Maintenance (PM) Scheduling, Asset Maintenance History, Service and Help desk features, Reservation capabilities and more that collectively enable better management of Assets and Property.

The BMS system, therefore, enables cost-effective operations of the building by improving the productivity of the facility staff while increasing the responsiveness to the needs of building occupants.

Please give us a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight Kirby’s position in the market.

So far, BuildTrack has won several awards like,

  • India Design Mark 2021 Award for Good Design,
  • The Innovative Product of the Year’s Award 2021,
  • IAMAI Digital Awards 2018 and 2019 – India’s No.1 Smart Automation and IoT Company,
  • National Award 2015 and 2018 for Most Innovative Energy Saving Product.

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