Cadsys: Enabling High-Quality Knowledge Solutions on Time

Harish Rangacharya | Promoter and Managing Director | Cadsys (India) Limited

Data integration through GIS (Geographic Information System) has become one of the crucial activities to map the world and generate information required to be analysed and managed. There are very few players in the market that are doing it well, especially so in India. One of the premier names in the GIS services sector that is making a difference in this space is Cadsys (India) Limited.

Cadsys was started in 1989 and for over thirty years, it has been recognized as one of the premier firms in its field, working for clients from various industries such as Telecommunications, Utility, Power, Broadband, Municipalities, etc. It was established to enable cost-effective knowledge services. Cadsys is renowned to have a distinction in achieving various breakthroughs with its innovative solutions, fearless approach, and ethical business practices.

“At Cadsys, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality, high-value products and services that exceed their expectations,” says the team of Cadsys. It is evident from the fact that Cadsys has a distinct reputation of having a repeat order from every client the company has catered to. The solutions developed by Cadsys in partnership with its clients have facilitated a great amount of employment opportunities on a global level.

Dynamics of Cadsys

Cadsys provides the following services:

  • OSP Planning and Design Services
  • Wireless Small Cell Design
  • Cell Tower Design
  • Field Services
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Engineering Services

Cadsys is a technology driven company having developed several software products to provide world class solutions to the customers. Some of the products include:

Concord-Pro – The fuzzy logic-based conflation tool to improve geo-positional accuracy and attribute accuracy

ProWorks – Production Management ERP software useful to manage large dispersedly located production Crew.

Cadsys constantly upgrades its software and process by leveraging the latest available technologies.

Its integrated workflow of using the onshore and offshore teams provides a seamless work experience using technology backbone which has been its key differentiator in the marketplace. Cadsys strongly believes that its experienced team, in combination with innovative technology, software capabilities, and documented procedures have proven to render most successful outcome on all projects undertaken by the company.

Cadsys helps companies manage their people, data, and infrastructure more effectively. “Our innovative engineering services and enterprise software solutions help our customers to gain a competitive advantage by enhancing productivity and improving the quality of your entire operation, from planning and installation to network maintenance and upgrades,” says Harish Rangacharya- Promoter and Managing Director of Cadsys.

A Distinguished Leader

Harish is a serial entrepreneur with immense knowledge and extensive experience in software development, CAD, and marketing. In 1989, when he graduated from IIT with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Technology in Civil Engineering from IIT, Chennai. India during the same time was under heavy foreign exchange crunch.

Unemployment was high and the software industry was in nascent stages. Though, Harish had several employment opportunities in government and private sector, he chose to follow his dream vision to develop and create an ecosystem that will provide employment to the young minds of India.

Therefore, Cadsys was his brainchild that started in 1992 with an initial investment of Rs. 50,000 which his father saved. Impressed by high quality services rendered by Cadsys, the company won laurels in the marketplace since its inception.

He is recipient of ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ award in 2004 which was given by Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Government of India, recognizing and appreciating his exceptional entrepreneurial capabilities. He is the member of Board of Governors of TREC-STEP one of the India’s leading Incubation Centre set up by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Over the many years since the company was established, Harish has trained and mentored a team of highly skilled professionals in business areas such as Research & Development, Marketing, Finance and Administration. Apart from this he has nurtured number of engineers in technology areas to provide innovative products and services. Under his leadership the company has had remarkable growth year after year and has consistently gone up the value chain through innovative approaches and number of strategic acquisitions.

Talking about the challenges that Cadsys has faced, Harish sheds some light on the issues that he and his team across while starting the business. He describes, “We are facing obstacles in gaining projects in India as our overseas experience is not considered by government agencies. The GIS and Telecom market has very huge potential and we have the best of the best capabilities. However, due to technical reasons we are being disqualified and are unable to serve the nation.”

 Cadsys is seeing accelerated growth in the coming years. The company offers Turnkey Plan, Design and builds services that include installation and construction services for Fiber, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), and Small Cell Network (SCN) to customers in the telecom and wireless markets.

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