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Casero Technologies

Casero Technologies is a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions. It allows users to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. The company aims to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, gate, music, video, security, and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home. In an Interview with Insights Success, Arun Kumar E K, the CEO and Founder of the company shared his opinions about the industry, the company, and its future plans.
Please tell us about your Company. What are the different types of Home Automation solutions/services/products that your company offers?
Casero Technologies is a one-stop destination for all world-class security solutions & Smart home solution, offering you a comprehensive set of world-class security equipment from the most reputed brands in the world. Our extensive portfolio comprises of innovative, high-quality, ergonomic products and systems for security, safety, and communication – featuring intelligent functionality and modular concepts that grow with your requirements.
Ensuring that we bring you the best from the finest names in security solution sphere in the world, we are confident that your expectations will be met to your satisfaction. With strong resources and proficient hands to enable us to meet any requirement, we are in a unique position to help, supply, install and maintain our products at all your installations and we assure you the best of service.
Our services are Smart Home Control Systems, Light Automation, Curtain Automation, Automatic Climate Controllers, Intrusion Alarm System, Automated Gate Systems (Swing and Sliding), Automated Roof / Courtyard Openers, Automated Garage, Shutters, Video Door Phones, Surveillance Cameras, Access Controls, Attendance Systems, and Boom Barriers.
Please enlighten us about the Founder/CEO of the Company, and how he/she deals with current problems related to the Home Automation services industry.
I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Casero Technologies. I am a home automation consultant & entrepreneur. I am a young entrepreneur & technocrat. With my innovative & creative ideas I have always achieved whatever I have worked on. I am a graduate in mechatronics branch. My positive approach towards learning something new has helped me to learn many things in life.
I have also worked with many companies as an engineer on multiple domains. I have also guided many start-up companies to achieve their goals. I have delivered many seminars, workshops & webinars in multiple places on various topics. I have trained more students & working professionals. With my influencing personality, I have motivated & inspired many students to achieve their goals.
What is your take on the current scenario of ‘Home Automation Industry’? What steps are you taking to make it better?
Let us explain this with an example, if you are on the way to the office, and suddenly you remember that you forgot to switch off your AC and you really got worried because it will increase your energy bills. What will you do in such a situation? Will you go back home to switch it off? It will work out when you are only a few miles away from your home. What about you are far away from home? Don’t worry, just take your smartphone from your pocket and log into your Home Automation System on the phone and switch off your AC wherever you are. Sounds cool!!?? Yes, this is one of the examples where the home automation helps you.
In India, automation and control systems market has seen significant changes in dynamics over the years. Initially concentrated in the areas of HVAC and security systems; the market has now evolved into newer areas like lighting systems, fire detection systems, entertainment systems, and energy management systems as well. The automation not only integrates different automation systems as mentioned above but also enables substantial power savings as well.
What traits or qualities does an organization need to have to excel in this highly competitive world?
Exceptional leaders have the ability to look into their company’s future and make clear, concrete goals that will benefit their organization. They are confident and optimistic, creating enthusiasm in those around them.
Being a visionary is about managing change while striking a balance between stability and growth. You must incorporate new approaches without getting distracted from the main goals.
Being a visionary means understanding the continuous change occurring all around you, so what worked in the past may not always work now. Practice being adaptable and agile as you implement new strategies and allow your business model to evolve over time.
Which strategies do you follow to remain competitive with continuously evolving technologies and trends? How are you preparing yourself to become unique?
Having created an impact in 2017, it suffices to say that the penetration of AI in applications and services has become inevitable. Forming a layer of systems and people, AI has been instrumental in creating intelligent apps to serve humans better. From virtual assistants to task performers, smart apps have the potential to transform the consumption of services. The growing interest in AI has led to significant investments in the field by businesses. A study by Gartner reveals that 59% of organizations are continuously gathering information to build AI strategies. As the insights into AI learning deepen, the usage is rapidly moving from understanding user voice to performing human tasks that will soon increase machine-human interaction. Incanto’s mobility center for excellence (CoE) leverages the growth of AI in various machine learning solutions. Creating an interactive platform for data, devices, and people, CoE helps build smarter customized applications.
Where is your company heading? What competitive advantages is your company providing to your clients in this contentious world?
Proposals are made to design and build intelligent home meeting the modern requirements satisfying most living standards of consumers. Home security activities supported by real-time audio-visual system which permits only the entry of authorized visitors into the flat are incorporated in the system. Easy handling of selected home appliances in the flat by switching ON or OFF from any room is provided in the system. Moreover, remote control of these selected appliances is performed through telephone dialing or with the internet are accommodated in the system. A Home Assistant system software installed in the PC brings the daily activities to the monitor screen as obtained from the activities programmed in tables of databases. The electrical energy requirements of the flats are partially supported by a unit extracting solar energy and wind energy. Saving of electrical energy by this unit is maximized by automatically changing the angles of the solar panel and windmill fixed on the terrace. Furthermore, the intruder detection unit included in the system dials automatically a pre-programmed sequence of digits to give a message to a remote location while triggering a local alarm.
What were the problems you faced at an initial stage and how did you overcome them?
We faced an issue like heating unit not responding, security cameras not connecting, or entertainment units dropping out. The issue could be that your subsystems are not integrating as they should.
This is a problem that can affect all systems, from a simple plugin device to a centrally controlled heating system. It frequently occurs when homeowners or non-specialist tradespeople install smart devices themselves. The fault caused by smart devices not communicating properly.
Then we switched our solutions to zwave solutions which can be integrated devices to seamless solutions with plugins.
Kindly share your views on the future of ‘Home Automation Industry’. Tell us something about your upcoming products/services/plans.
What is your advice to young entrepreneurs in the Home Automation industry?
The smart home space fascinates me — first because it promises to transform the way we live. Second,
because it has been at the cusp of taking off for decades. And lastly, because it represents big business
for technology companies and tech start-up entrepreneurs.
Think about smart homes as places where people live that contain devices connected to the Internet. Companies write software to program these devices all with a design to make your life easier. Let’s imagine for a moment all of the places you might want connected devices outside of the home. A car could have a device that monitors where it goes and the wear and tear on the wheels. This would all be reported back to the cloud, sharing with the driver at some later date that’s it’s time to realign or change the tires.
Casero smart home solutions are always steeping ahead to the next level. we will be launching casero solutions in many parts of the world soon. We train a huge crew for the instant service support to the Clint.

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