Checklist to Achieve an Excellent Real Estate Social Media Marketing

In this digital age, Social media marketing stands amongst the easiest and competitive techniques for the Property Consultants to attract the eyeballs of the masses and roll out eminent services and properties. Real estate social media marketing is a significant tool for the property consultants and realtors in order to empower their businesses alongside generating profitable outcomes. Here’s a checklist which can help achieving a successful real estate social media marketing campaign.

Posting Regularly

Post multiple times in a day.

Scheduling the post would produce a greater impact.

Post in distinct formats – Promotional, Personal, Editorial, Shared, etc.

Follow the ‘rule of thirds’ – one-third content should be promotional, one-third should be editorial and one-third should be the content shared from someone else.

Consistently Leveraging Each Platform’s Strength

Facebook – Unique and at-the-point posts, briefing, directing people to own landing page, Facebook live features, using 360o photo option, etc.

Twitter – Maintain a presence with the followers, answer questions, and gather feedback.

Snapchat – Connect people to properties by taking them on short video walkthroughs.

Instagram – Post the most gorgeous and professional pictures, promoting the highlights.

Showcasing Personality to its Best

Creating Shareable content would benefit in the longer run.

Separate professional from the personal life.

Share content that reflects own persona.

Community Building

Create a Facebook group to seek more attention.

Go live regularly for some Q&A sessions.

Focusing on a particular neighbourhood/theme would create a prominent niche.