CloudFX: Transforming IT via Cloud Management Platforms and B2B Service Innovation

CloudFX is a strategic technology advisory firm, delivering on the promise of technology as the core driver of business today. Gaining a world-class reputation for their advisory and execution services, they transform customers by re-architecting their entire IT infrastructure, streamlining business intelligence and providing application modernization and migration services.
Originally Headquartered in Singapore but now transitioning their Global operations to California, CloudFX is completely vendor neutral, and they work with customers to take the complexity out of IT – delivering a customized, low-risk and cost-effective solution – positioning technology as the central driving force of business. They believe technology transformation is a journey, and CloudFX is the gateway to its promise. CloudFX has local offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia and works with organizations world-wide.
Since inception, CloudFX’s primary goal has been to lead and enable customers that are wishing to prosper in the Digital Age through the adoption of industry-leading Cloud platforms, disruptive technology innovation, world class solution quality and proven advanced services, as the primary business model and success differentiators.
CloudFX’s Raison D’etre
The cornerstones of the CloudFX’s value creation strategy are 4 inter-related divisions – Enterprise ITaaS Solutions, Digital Cloud Solutions, CloudFX Labs and CloudFX Managed Services. Common to all of these divisions is a deep experience, platform solution expertise, product development innovation, and solution delivery quality. Together, these attributes create an unparalleled value chain for CloudFX’s clients to leverage and scale both today and in the future.
 Adroit behind CloudFX
CloudFX was founded in Singapore in 2009 by Damian Crotty, Founder and CEO, a seasoned veteran executive of the IT industry; with a clear understanding that cloud computing is disrupting business as usual and a clear vision of setting the global standard of excellence for delivering upon the promise of technology by simplifying the process of IT transformation.
Damian is a highly experienced entrepreneur with deep global experience in Sales, Consulting, Operations and Marketing leadership in the Enterprise Solutions, Cloud and Data Centre Computing industries. He has led Sales, Consulting and Operations organizations responsible for P&L, Strategy, Innovation and the overall growth agenda for Global technology leaders in Asia Pacific and EMEA.
Damian has a diverse, global background and a proven track record in leading high-growth, mature and start-up technology businesses. He has vast experience in managing large, complex organizations in demanding, result orientated business environments and over the last 7 years has built one of the fastest growing Cloud Platform Solution Companies in the world.
All About CloudFX
Over the past 7 years, CloudFX has dedicated themselves to defining and delivering transformative change for their clients via professional services, but since 2013, post Intel Capital’s investment, they’ve been executing on this change agenda in a more profound way through the CloudSelect platform. CloudFX’s ability to deliver transformation underpinned by measurable and innovative change for their partners and customers to realize their greatest potential is exponentially greater than it was when they started and their commitment to remain focused on a path which aligns to a philosophy of ensuring their partners prosper in the Digital Revolution through the use of CloudSelect is maniacal and unwavering.
Peerless Services Propounded
CloudFX is described largely as a Digital, Cloud and IoT platform focused company. Their platform, CloudSelect is the connective tissue that intelligently connects all capabilities required by their partners to perform, succeed, disrupt and innovate in a digital based world.
CloudSelect is an open, scalable and integrated approach for managing the hybrid cloud landscape from a single point, smartly connecting intelligent infrastructure, data, applications and business processes.
This platform services is either a multi-tenant cloud service automation, management and billing platform or an Enterprise IT as a Service platform, capable of supporting, integrating, normalizing and optimizing all deployed IT assets to simply the operational complexity associated with sourcing, consuming, designing, managing, quantifying and ultimately, optimizing the set of services which are most likely to deliver the business outcomes which their clients are seeking.
CloudSelect provides Platform partners with an OEM (white label) multi-cloud, multi-vendor management platform supporting more than 25,000 API’s, Adaptors and Connectors. It also delivers automated service provisioning across all digital and cloud services and provides seamless portability between private and public clouds. Its Enterprise-grade management capabilities ensure that the proper security procedures and standards are applied consistently across all cloud resources, and making sure that the cloud solutions are fully auditable and finally, it offers an analytics-based, policy-driven approach that places the right workloads in the right places— delivering an optimal price/performance and automatic, pays on-demand business service scalability.
CloudSelect enables “anything as a service” from core business services to globally supported, on demand multi-provider services at unprecedented scale and they believe these capabilities set them apart as a technology and business partner not just in Asia but around the world.
Distinctive Feature of CloudFX’s
Strategically, CloudFX believes that they have the pulse of the market and there are some clear trends developing which organisation’s wasting money on Hardware and Perpetual software licenses need to understand or ignore at their peril. Digital and Cloud enabled services will impact two broad activity areas of a business or the economy, each of which CloudFX enable both strategically and tactically include:

  • The increasing digitalization of existing markets and creation of new digital markets with platforms like CloudSelect will be the single most profound change in businesses use of technology over the next 3-5-10 years.
  • Businesses’ use of digital technologies and activities to execute key business functions will be based on Cloud and Digital services via platforms like CloudSelect and the use of digital technologies to source and/or use factors of production “as a service” key to the enablement of change will be significant.

Understanding this market, intimately allows CloudFX to develop a set of capabilities around CloudSelect that meet the requirements of their partners and customers both now and in the future. These capabilities focus on certain fundamental principles including Cloud Services Integration, Automation and Management that are the foundation of their business capabilities, irrespective of the source, the vendor or their type.
Finally, CloudFX has deep expertise with API’s both from an integration, development and provisioning perspective. API’s are fundamental to Digital, Cloud and IoT. They believe in Open Systems, Open Source, Mobility, Consuming, Measuring the impact of “as a service” capability and also they believe in Portability through the use of containerization enabling the world of many clouds’s, client choice, flexibility, and real-time innovation.
CloudFX’s Technology Roadmap
In terms of CloudFX’s technology roadmap, it’s about broadening support for emerging technologies and simplifying the integration, automation and management of these, independently or together. The four categories they will remain heavily invested in are Digital, Cloud, IoT and going forward AI. CloudFX is shaping the market vs. responding to new technologies and rationalizing how they impact them. Every year CloudFX spend millions of dollars on R&D, somewhere between 30% – 50% of Revenue’s to be exact, so they lead and rarely follow others.
CloudFX’s Team Strength
CloudFX team is their company. They’ve hired great people and also bad people but eventually one learns what works and Damian couldn’t be prouder of the talent he had assembled across the company today. He is very fortunate to work with people who care about the company and their customers as much as he does. As his team inspires him to work harder, think more strategically, lead them proactively and invest in their development, so they become better students of this industry and are better placed to grow within their company and contribute more significantly to their customers and partners.
Crossing the Hurdles
In terms of challenges, talent and timing are critical. Picking the right people, investing in the right markets, learning on the fly and failing fast are all keys to staying relevant and moving forward. CloudFX has hired wonderful leaders and imposters, they’ve invested in markets which looked attractive but delivered little in return because one need to become comfortable with failing and at the same time, remaining committed to creating change and wishing for a better set of outcomes for their clients.
Building Right Strategy
In terms of CloudFX’s strategy, they’ve been on this broader transformation agenda since 2009 and with regards to platform technology, since 2013. The critical components that are seemingly simple but at times difficult to harmonize, these include innovation, investment, I.P creation, thought leadership, the right human capital and the right customers who test them and make them better at what they do.
As CloudFX has hired wonderful leaders, they have even invested in the largest homogeneous markets and in return, they have created a global client base. CloudFX has proven them in an industry where there is a lot of immaturity and noise but not a lot of practical solutions to enable customers in the Digital and Cloud era. With these fundamentals in place, all that’s now required is remaining committed to creating change, working towards a better set of outcomes for their clients and staying maniacal about pragmatic innovation.
Future Perspective
Throughout the history of the IT industry, CloudFX has seen consistent themes of innovation, evolution and revolution and particularly when the revolution is upon them. As it is with the emergence of Digital and Cloud, specialization always trump’s generalization, at least in the first quartile of the market’s development, so with that in mind, CloudFX recognize that large technology vendors would lack the agility, expertise, specialized capabilities, execution discipline and perspective on how these trends will impact the market and more specifically customers looking for advantage through the use of Virtualization, Digital and Cloud services. The opportunity to turn capitalizes on the evolutionary nature and the speed of technological innovation inspires his team.
In consideration of these dynamics, CloudFX built a business manically focused on advising, enabling and maximizing their client’s success through the use of disruptive technologies via agnostic and vendor neutral capabilities and that’s what excites leader of the company, the opportunity to transform their customer’s businesses for the long term whilst building one of the great company’s in their industry within this new era of technology.

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