CMS IT– Leveraging Emerging Technologies in a Disruptive Technology Environment

In the last few years, there has been a rapid evolution of technology solutions, particularly around digital technology and Cloud arenas.  Most of the C- level executives would have made a beginning in these areas. However, the key to any technology adoption is to measure the business value it delivers. The investment is clear, but the return on investment is not, since delivery is still measured in IT terms such as SLA achieved or uptime.
CMS IT believes in the business value of IT and also believes that all their actions should be focused on measurement of IT efficiency & performance in business KPI’s, termed as Business SLA Management. Consequently, all their solutions and IT service models are oriented towards Business SLAs and they have the necessary frameworks, tools and processes to measure the same.
Eminent Leader behind CMS IT Services
Anurag Mehrotra, CEO of CMS IT has been instrumental in conceptualizing and incubating business ideas and scaling them to a leadership position in the market. At CMS IT, he provides strategic leadership to transform and grow services business portfolio by focusing on delivering value to Enterprise Customers through Predictive IT Support Services delivering Business SLAs and Professional System Integration Services. Anurag holds a B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Prior to CMS IT, Anurag worked with companies such as HCL HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Informix International and Wipro Ltd.
CMS IT’s Professional System Integration Services
Customer rely on System Integrators to bring together several complex technology pieces as a composite IT Solution. These solutions are used by customers to differentiate with their peers, and deliver competitive advantage. Failure or disruption of mission critical applications will result in a serious impact on business operations. Keeping this in mind, CMS IT believes that the successful projects have three aspects:
First, having the right people, who have an adequate experience of handling interplay of diverse technologies to conceive and implement new age SI projects. Second, having the right technology partners backing them in areas such as Cloud, HyperConvergence, Mobility and Information Security. And finally, Strong Governance to ensure quick decision making and an ability to promptly and properly address issues that come along the way.
CMS IT’s Product Support Services
CMS IT believes that service delivery quality is the first casualty as cost pressures mount on projects. CMS IT takes a holistic view of PSS. “Cost effective is not what we aspire for; value effective is what we strive for,” says Anurag.
To maintain the “value effectiveness”, CMS IT has key drivers such as Certified Consultants, that are experts in their technologies and areas of work; a “Technology Doctors” Group, which consists of technology experts across domains and across regions, ensuring proximity to customers as well as sensitivity to customers’ needs; and Strong Governance to track Service Quality; Contract, IT & Business SLA adherence; with the focus on continual service improvements.
CMS IT’s Cloud Services
CMS IT’s services are designed to help clients make the right choices to maximize returns from their cloud investments. Besides that, their understanding of legacy infrastructure and applications allows them to deploy and manage solutions that co-exist on-premise and on the cloud. This helps lay the fundamentals for the digital enterprise of tomorrow.
The true potential of cloud is realized when an organization is able to run workloads seamlessly off the cloud infrastructure. With business-critical workloads moving to the cloud, it is paramount to ensure that these workloads operate seamlessly at improved efficiency in a secure environment. CMS IT’s services include Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Security Services, and Cloud Management Services.
All these Services are delivered from their state-of-the-art Cloud Services Center called “Nuvola”.
CMS IT’s Robust and Secure Mobility Operation Center (MOC)
CMS IT’s Mobility Operations Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides 24 x 7 digital Services. This includesMobility Application Development, Application Maintenance, and Digital Device Management. This is a shared service operation with a highly skilled and certified team of engineers, who manage the digital environments of their clients. Also, this is a secure environment with robust Security and Automation, including Call Management systems and Enterprise Mobility Management / Mobile Device Management (EMM / MDM) solutions.
The Mobility Operation Centre is a key part of CMS IT’s growth strategy, which is considering the proliferation of digital devices in their clients’ environments as important manageability challenge. They have executed some very interesting projects from this centre. For example, for one of their clients, CMS IT deployed policies on handheld devices across the globe leveraging a cloud-based MDM solution. The devices were BYOD devices used by multiple roles within the organization. There were 2 complexities with the requirement:

  • The MDM had to be configured with PCI compliance and hence required a complete understanding of PCI requirements and translation of these requirements into the MDM configuration.
  • The devices were spread across three continents, North America, Europe and Asia, and hence the configuration had to be done round the clock.

This centre is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, and has a BCP in Mumbai, has available toll-free lines and is works 24×7 to support customer requirements.
CMS IT Security Framework
Expansion of business eco-system and resulting spread of IT eco-system has created silos in the enterprise security landscape. New threat vectors are emerging and threat complexity has increased because of quick adoption of SMACI (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Internet of Things) and the absence of robust inbuilt enterprise grade security controls in these solutions. CMS IT’s Information Security Framework integrates “layered security controls” with the “emerging IT landscape”, giving customers the ability to leverage benefits of their SMACI solutions within a tight security umbrella.
CMS IT’s Identity Threats Management Service manages the life cycle of identities as well as prevents privilege accounts from identity thefts and other malicious attacks.
Its Data Protection Service enables security controls on data within the enterprise as well as data shared outside of the enterprise. Data protection control span across various types of devices that access organization information including mobile devices, laptops, desktops etc. To tackle the swarming advanced targeted attacks its Secure Infrastructure Practice offers solutions such as Anti-DDOS, SSL visibility, DB Security and Web Application Security. As IT infrastructure continue to expand, the visibility and monitoring of network and devices gets tougher. CMS IT offers 24 x 7 support through its Security Operation Centre enabled by SIEM and APT solutions. It does real-time monitoring, log analysis as well as identifies zero-day/advance threats. IT’s Advisory Service Arm helps its clients to define their Security roadmap aligned with the latest security challenges. Security Program governance is enabled by a robust policy and process framework.
To add corporate identity and access controls to cloud services CMS IT Security offers CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker). This Security framework enables centralized management of identities, better visibility of data and users; and behavioural analysis driven monitoring. Beyond traditional CASB, framework seamlessly extends controls to mobile devices and IOT. In addition to all above, they help the client create security awareness program tailored to target audience requirements and such endeavours have enabled IT users to be the robust defense against social generated threats.
CMS IT’s Microsoft Security Unit
Microsoft is one of the technology companies that has had tremendous success over the past few decades because of their relevant products that are theme-oriented for enterprises. Their Microsoft Business extends the value of adopting the right paradigms of SMACI for new models of collaboration for enterprises. CMS IT has delivered solutions across the spectrum of SMACI. Enabling social transformation of clients, building Mobility Solutions such as for Field Force Automation, providing Analytics solutions for visualization with Microsoft Power BI to help leadership in all business functions visualize their business better and make swifter decisions, leveraging the Microsoft Azure eco-system to deliver DevOps environments for clients, transitioning customers to O365 Productivity Suite and more.
With their deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, CMS IT Services is addressing growth needs of clients across the enterprise with solutions that are easily deployed, and are affordable and agile.
CMS IT Differentiators India based customers are in a bind – large IT companies are expensive, focused on $ business, and unable to provide adequate attention to them. Many smaller companies have fallen by the wayside due to lack of management vision and inability to keep pace with market changes. In such a scenario, customers enjoy massive advantages when they engage CMS IT Services:

  • Robust Governance & Program Management
  • Reliable & Consistent services across distributed customer operations
  • Automation & Continuous improvement in a Secure environment
  • Delivery of complex SI projects within sharp timelines and budgets

CMS IT Services aspires to take a leadership position across its key focus areas with the mission to continue to support India based businesses in their quest for improved efficiencies, differentiation through IT and desire to be globally competitive.
Future Perspective
Considering the fact that they have been a relevant player in the Indian IT Industry for the last 4 decades, CMS IT will continue to be a relevant player 5 years down the line. They intend to continue to be an organization that is focused on bringing the business value of IT closer to their customers. With its market initiatives, CMS IT Services has been experiencing a exponential growth in recent years – whether it is in traditional areas of Managed Services or new paradigms such as Information Security Services, Digital Services, Cloud Services, and System Integration.
Suggestions to Startups
Anurag Mehrotra’s valuable advise to the startups, “Most of the startups that I have seen tend to get enabled by technology. They should be very clear about the specific business value they are going to deliver to their customers, and secondly, know the niche in which they are going to operate. Anything & Everything in IT should rally around delivering value around these key tenets.

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