Codewave: Enabling Businesses to bring Mobile Strategy to Life


The mobile app development industry has emerged as a true friend in need, is playing a crucial role in simplifying the daily tasks, and is also changing the outlook towards information. The technology of mobile is growing at the speed of light and the apps are becoming an integral part of the digital ecosystem. In fact, these apps are progressing to make a ubiquitous presence. Codewave is one such company, which is advancing the mobile app industry and delivering impactful solutions with trending technology.
Mission to Build Beautiful Apps
Codewave is an app development services company, founded in May 2013, with a vision to build beautiful apps with reliable technology for businesses needing help with critical digitization goals. In the last 4 years, the creative team of the company has grown from a team of 4 to 50. It has organically grown and capped as one of the self-sustaining business. The company is proud to be a transparent, people – first company, which has developed unique, disruptive people practices and a workplace closer to home.
Codewave has built their own ‘Framework for Continuous Growth’, by the product called ‘Peerly’, which will be soon available for other workplaces to adopt. With the help of Peerly, Codewave has scrapped the annual performance reviews and made growth a daily, peer to peer affair. Peerly has made the opportunities more vivid, enabling people to recognize people, give and receive constructive feedback and make growth a daily affair. Today, Peerly is an app available for web and mobile, using which employees can cheer for others, rate their peers and nominate a customer for a ‘FairPlay’ award.
The Fascinating Duo
Abhijith HK and his wife, Vidhya Abhijith are the Co-Founders of Codewave. Abhijith also holds the position of CEO of the company. The duo, visions to make Codewave a platform that brings people together on journeys of growth, with the highest level of transparency, empathy and humility. Their strategy is to build stronger product influence being a services company, which brings peer comfort with their customers and helps align with the vision.
Abhijith says, “Being a customer funded company, Codewave has been profitable since day 1. On a long term, the vision is to build the capability to scale the business sustainably, replicate the services business model in tier 2 / tier 3 towns, create employment opportunities, onboard people with varying life experiences, and to be a global platform for holistic individual growth and leadership development.”
Tackling the Competition in the Market
Codewave offers holistic solutions to the business problems, from concept to execution – keeping in mind simplicity, mobility and aesthetics, at the best possible cost. The company is one of the early adopters of highly scalable technologies like Node.js which is used by apps like Uber to serve billions of users. They have also built apps that work with the internet, apps that can work with fluctuating internet and apps that don’t need internet at all. Apps that stream content from satellites are also built by them.
Codewave’s vision towards ‘competition’ is fundamentally different. There are companies, which offers similar app design and development services and the company believes that these are these companies which are intensifying the need for them to exist. The real threats perhaps are businesses which are running offline without the need for the internet to intervene and change the game.
Transparent Work Culture
Codewave is a transparent workplace, with a flat structure, people working in small, powerful clusters. They carry out about 10 – 12 projects of about 3 – 5 months long, at any given point in time. They are transparent about the revenue, salaries with employees; everyone knows how much the company is making and what the monthly costs are. Codewave is one of the first companies, to have eliminated the bell curve appraisal and generic rating scales for performance reviews and have instead adopted a more dynamic performance review practice, which carefully aligns potential to opportunity, and promotes individuals when ready.
According to Codewave, the first and foremost thing is to develop capability to communicate with each other, fearlessly and constructively. This initiative was started by organizing a 1-hour event every week, and inviting people to come forward and share a story, inspiration or a technology opinion. Gradually this became central to their culture, and it helped people to talk fearlessly and helped audience listen openly, leading to deeper bonds.
Innovative Solutions & Expectations
At Codewave, they are designing and developing innovative solutions, which fully exploit the opportunities that mobile medium provides today. They are currently building an intelligent IVR solution, powered by AI where a customer calling a call center would initially speak to a bot and make bookings with instructions given by voice or through the keypad. They have also built prototypes on Facial recognition, Mesh Network / BLE, Geofencing and other trending features, which can be implemented in a variety of apps – banking, travel, retail etc. They are also trying to identify opportunities to implement such simple, yet valuable features which can enhance the user experience, with every app being built.
Codewave is expecting to see an increasing demand for intelligent, insightful enterprise solutions, legacy enterprise software to be modernized for use on smartphones and offline businesses quickly bringing a slice of their offerings to mobile. High opportunities in areas of Data & Analytics supporting key decisions, Online marketplaces connecting consumers to suppliers, and consumer facing mobile apps that are personalized for users with deep context is also expected by the company.

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