Cozy Infosystems ( Providing Point of Sale Solutions for Retail Outlets

Technology is growing rapidly with the series of business requirements. An advent of the new hardware, software services in the market to solve various business challenges needs integration to Point of Sale software. Young entrepreneurs are more technical savvy and willing to use new technologies to solve their business challenges and improve their core business. However, Software development is a continuous cycle to upgrade as per current and future requirements.
Cozy Infosystems’ came up with their Research and Prototyping Team, who are always ready for any new trends. They upgrade their software to match the latest technology trends and customer expectations with end-to-end capabilities, so that they can easily manage their large volume of data.
Since its inception in 2001 in the USA, Cozy Infosystems has been providing excellent IT services with the focus to provide quality services with a cost and time effective process. In 2007, the company started its operations in India as Cozy Infosystems Private Limited with headquarters in Hyderabad. Run by well versed IT experts, Cozy Infosystems possess a team of highly skilled & proficient IT professionals having an ample industry experience from the major MNCs of the USA.
Cozy Infosystems’ services involve Software Development, Mobile Applications, ERP Services and Application Maintenance.
CozyPOS’ ( Flexible Architecture
Cozy Infosystems is primarily into Point of Sale and ERP software products/solutions for retail industry. The company’s POS software under the brand name of CozyPOS caters to all formats of Restaurant verticals, Retail outlets, Salon/Spa outlets. CozyPOS is well designed with a flexible architecture to provide world class features. CozyPOS software is being used by single restaurant and multi-chain outlets. They have customers in India, USA, Canada, UAE, Mauritius and few other countries.
Apart from Point of Sale software, Cozy Infosystems also develops specialized software products for other industries and also take up custom software development projects.
Jayagopal Theranikal, Founder & CEO of Cozy Infosystems has about 24 years of total IT experience in management and technical roles having hands on technical knowledge in various fields. His earlier roles involve Developer, development DBA, Team Lead, Manager, Senior Manager, Group Manager, and CEO.
Jayagopal is a professional with varied experience in the technology industry, having worked in various leadership positions for big organizations he was associated with Bajaj Auto Ltd. (Pune), Tata Consultancy Services (Bangalore), Wipro Systems (Bangalore), Embarcadero Systems Corporation (Alameda, CA), PeopleSoft ( Pleasanton, CA), Oracle Corporation ( Pleasanton, CA), and at Hyderabad in Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Pixel IT Solutions, and Gopal Systems.
At Cozy Infosystems, Jayagopal is responsible for managing complete operations and responsible for business development in India and USA. Team building, meeting customers, project management, technical guidance to the development team, administrative tasks, accounting, business development, day to day operations are some of the key responsibilities.
CozyPOS ( Easy, Fast and Affordable
Nowadays, restaurant business operations have become very complex due to its nature of business. Restaurant management software should be easy to use, faster in response, flexible to use, manage inventory, recipe, manage employees, and handle day to day business operations efficiently. At the same time, the business owner would like to have central control of multiple outlets through web and mobile app access.
Choosing a right POS system for your lifeline operations is a big challenge; it should be feature-packed and sophisticated enough to handle thousands of inventory items and various store locations.
Business owners are looking for that inventory management system which is best in the POS industry also easy to use and affordable. Moreover, it can do more than just accepting payments and processing it to sales. It should carry some additional features and other capabilities that make it easier to run and scale your business. It should provide dedicated solutions for your type of business and offer 24/7 customer support.
Cozy Infosystems has exactly solved all the above challenges through their CozyPOS flexible architecture. Retail outlet can run the operations without depending on the internet all the time and business owner can access and control outlets through cloud software and mobile apps. CozyPOS architecture allows easier integration to third party software solutions such as loyalty solutions, integrated payment gateways, SMS gateway etc.
CozyPOS’ Impressive Features
CozyPOS Billing Software has impressive features such as Touch Screen Based Billing, Easy User Interface, Multiple Menu, Multiple Pricing for Menu products, Section Specific Pricing, Multiple Ordering Types, Multiple Tax Management, Employee Management, Multi Level User Password Protection, Colour Code Menu, Unlimited Products, Order Time Statistics, Modifier Items Prompting, Line Discount/Invoice Discount Options, Detailed Sales History reports, Kitchen Order Printing, Auto Charge for Delivery/Takeout, Ability to Stores Old Invoices, Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day, Easy Printer Management, Customer Management, Loyalty Management, Table Layout Designer, Sections & Table Management, Table Reservations, Future Ordering, Online Ordering, Kitchen Display Solution and many more niche features.
Using CozyPOS software, even a small coffee shop can easily computerize the billing, inventory and also manage the operations through cloud software and mobile app. Additionally, the same coffee shop can start accepting online orders through their online ordering plug-in that can be fully integrated with Point of Sale. All this can be implemented in much less time and at much lower cost when compared with their competitors.
Cozy Infosystems’ Client-First Approach
CozyPOS is a license based software at the outlet and come with optional subscription based plug-ins for web based reporting, web based management, online ordering, online table reservation, multi-outlet management, franchise management, loyalty management, digital signage, kitchen display solution, automatic shelf labeling solution, centralized token display solution and many more niche solutions.
A melt of technical and functional knowledge is the key to product and company’s success. Their team follows the CUSTOMER FIRST theme in every stage. Their support team, serves 24 X 7 to provide support to their customers in a timely manner. Their functional team takes input from business owners and recommend to product development team to implement in future versions. Strong technical team is contributing to product development by adapting new technology trends.
The industry is changing rapidly. New business models and strategies are challenging the traditional software solutions. Upgrading the software to match the new trends is a key for success. Restaurants have been going through new trend in taking orders due to innovative online ordering and delivery aggregators to bring new revenue to them. Lack of integration of such orders with Point of Sale software is causing reconciliation issues for business owners.
Smooth and Seamless POS Integration
Restaurant operators are immensely looking for that system which has easily integrated a variety of capabilities into their point-of-sale (POS) systems. According to Hospitality Technology’s Restaurant Technology Study, Foodservice operators cite integration as a vital business driver influencing their next POS upgrade. Integration between systems opens up capabilities on both the operations side, including kitchen efficiency and better intelligence, and the customer-facing side, like mobile and online ordering, and more sophisticated loyalty programs.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to a smooth POS integration — or integration of any technology type — is connecting disparate systems. Trying to get different systems to talk to one another takes time and financial investment for both the operators and the vendors involved.
Cozy Infosystems has upgraded their software to provide solution through CozyPOS architecture to track third party order sources into the same Point of Sale software that they use at the restaurant and thereby track their sales and inventory more efficiently.
Having more than 15 years of strong experience in Retail Business Software Solutions and dealt with a different Point of Sale software over the years, the company’s design and development team understands the challenges of business owners and developed solutions through feature rich CozyPOS software.
Cozy Infosystems’ Other Products
The company’s CozyPrint is the Aadhaar Card printing software developed in-house. Software is well designed to take the e-Aadhaar file in PDF format and convert the information to the format required to print on a plastic card. This software is designed to take care of variations on PDF format of e-Aadhaar file. This software is being used by several businesses across the country. Same solution is also available as E-Commerce platform with URL and customers can directly upload their E-Aadhaar files and receive the PVC copy to their home.
Also, the company’s Cozy GPS is an innovative and cost effective real time GPS/GPRS tracking solutions comprising of hardware device, GSM SIM and, Tracking platform software. GPS/GPRS tracking solution is best suited for all vehicles to track them 24/7 with the help of satellites and the internet. It’s a unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their vehicles, by using the internet or mobile phones from anywhere. It also enables you to monitor accurately the movements of your employees, children or any other asset on the move. The same solution can be integrated with any ERP software to offer this GPS tracking features under one solution.

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