Creative Corner: Promoting Efficiency in Performance and Delivering Success

Creative Corner
Rama Krishna Venigalla, Founder, Creative corner

Companies—of all sizes—place a priority on operational efficiency, especially now in these volatile times. And in order to confront this rapidly evolving world, businesses should follow an agile approach that keeps them flexible, limbers, and enables them to roll with the tides of change so that once the storm is over, they can float, and continue to stay, at the top.

To achieve the same, many organizations are employing ‘one-size fits all’ solution providers who are an extension to the company and help in achieving superlative outcomes. Acting as such an extension and adding value to its clientele, with knowledge, industry-specific, and customer-oriented workforce is this company named Creative Corner. It is one of the finest solution providers that cater to every business need.

Creative Corner is a bootstrapped company that has provided various services to many Telugu Associations like NATS, TANA, etc in the USA. It has also provided its service to various Educational Institutions, Political Parties, Restaurants, and Film Production Houses. The philosophy, ‘Facilitating unique approach to your business solutions’ is central to the company and hence we can say that no matter what niche one’s business is in, Creative Corner has a solution for it.

The Revolutionary Thinker

This innovative thought is the creation of Rama Krishna Venigalla, Founder of the Creative corner. The sheer guidance of Mr. Venigalla has transformed the company into a customer-centric and high result yielding company. It has today, evolved from a small design studio offering small digital agency.

Mr. Venigalla leads the global growth strategies focused on advancing the company’s objectives and promoting revenue, growth, and profitability. Over the years, the company under his guidance has expanded its service offerings to include not just web and graphic design, but, also social media campaign management, search engine optimization, mobile website, and App (Android/i0S) development. “We are privileged to work with established blue-chip, big global corporations on one end of the spectrum and dynamic start-ups at the other,” shares Mr. Venigalla. He is a receiver of ‘The Best Innovative Graphic Design Services and IT Solutions Startup’ in ‘The Future of India Business Awards-2020’, first time in India an Award Ceremony on Cruise

The All-Inclusive Solutions and Services

We established how Creative Corner boosts efficiency, minimizes risk, and accelerates the organization’s success. However, now we need to understand the solutions or services that enable the company to achieve its aim. Following are the high-end services that the company offers:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • App Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing & SEO
  • 2D/3D Animation & VFX & Title Animation
  • Documentaries & Ad Films
  • Logo Design/Audio Visualizers/Lyrical Videos
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Posters/Brochures/Flyers/ Magazines, Visual Portfolio/ Resume
  • Infographics/Video Making/Explainer Videos/Animated Marketing Videos
  • Green Screen Videos
  • Wedding Invitations & Cover Songs
  • Training/Testimonial Videos
  • UI/UX Design.

At Par with Industry Evolution

We can now rightfully claim that Creative Corner allows businesses to be in the ‘see’ however, the increasing volatility of the market demands industrialists to be competitive and Creative Corner prepares itself to meet this volatility by staying updated with the upcoming trends. It believes though it can be exhausting to keep up with the constantly shifting trends within one’s respective industry, doing so is the only way to remain on par with competitors. “As long as one remains aware of the fads and trends developments, the business can be to re-structured for them to benefit from it,” commented Mr. Venigalla.

Briefing On What is to Come

An overview of this company gives us the impression that it is scaled up for continuous growth. Starting from expanding its services, investors, to geographically expanding the company has a long way ahead. Mr. Venigalla’s immediate plan for his company is to build a team of like-minded and creative people.

With respect to its services, the company aims to be a leader in the field of online marketing along with being one of the only agencies that can provide complete branding and marketing solutions to small medium-sized businesses with services like VFX, Animation, and Film Production. The company also plans on implementing digital automation into services that will enable it to offer real-time services. Hence, it is safe to say that while the company will continue to offer customer-centric service, the company’s prime goal will be to maintain the quality of service and its consistency as it grows.

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