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The interior designing sector in our country is experiencing an unprecedented growth. But, to effectively move through the uncharted water of this space requires not just creativity but patience and excellence as well.

The interior designing industry’s market worth in India is estimated between $20-$30 billion. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Creative Ventures is one of the prominent leaders in interior designing services domain. Located in Pune, it facilitates excellent project management solutions amongst other services under the guidance of Mr. Amit SadavarteFounder of the company.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, he has revealed some interesting insights pertaining to the dynamics of the interior designing space in India.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly brief our readers about your company?

Creative Ventures is a consultancy firm providing services for Architectural Design, Interior Design & Project Management since 1996. Having completed more than 300 projects with so many satisfied customers have created a respectful space in this industry. Our projects Ranges from Architectural Design Projects for Residential Buildings/Bungalows, Commercial & Industrial Buildings, etc. Interior Designs of various simple to lavish houses, offices, showrooms & restaurants. Our moto is to make the dreams & requirements of our clients in to reality with unmatched services.

Kindly tell us about the company’s vision and mission?

Value statement of our firm, ‘To stand by till the project till the end and to make dreams come to reality at any cost.’ Our mission is creating spaces which are Unique in aesthetics, perfect in functionality & having a wonderful feeling of the space inside. Having successfully completed numerous projects the owners of the project are now a part of the Creative Ventures’ family. Our vision and mission are to keep expanding our family to many more cities. We also have a plan to encompass further better technologies to ease the process of supporting industries and to come to a stage of saving further time, money and reach effective outputs for each one of us.

What was the source of inspiration for your company to be in the Interior Design Solution Providers segment?

Design is what you see, feel and experience. The maximum time humans spend is indoors be it home, office, or any other space. There is so much that can be done to make the place apt for the said use. This inspired us and is a constant source of motivation for us to design for our clients.

How would you describe your company in one-word or one-sentence?

Creative ventures work on a tri pillar motto: ‘Constant Innovation – Client Satisfaction – Value for Money.’

What kinds of ‘unique interior’ designing solutions or services are offered by your company at par with the current industry standards?

Interior Design today has become a vast subject. According to us, it must be a perfect blend of aesthetics & workability. In order to achieve this, we give our best to create spaces which are very functional, look beautiful though simple, & elegant along with the use of modern techniques in design and execution. We offer both only Consultancy services for Design and also Complete Turnkey Solutions as per client’s requirements. Our Services along with Design & Detailing include cost & time management, execution support, quality survey, timely reporting & complete documentation.

We have expertise available for specialized project typologies like Civic and Cultural, Healthcare, Educational, Hospitality & Recreational Facilities.

What tool/technique does your company use to deliver the safer, economical, and more artistic interior designs to the customers?

At ‘Creative Ventures’ it is believed that we should achieve a golden mean of-client’s needs, innovative design, modern technology, site conditions and getting the best output for our customers. To achieve all this, we use modern & latest techniques like digital design drawings & printings, 3D images, models & virtual reality for a complete realistic feel of the project using out unique material library. This sets us apart from others as the client always gets a holistic solution for his needs. The services the company provides are with full technical backing and a systematized follow-up.

What is the current scenario of Interior Design landscape, from your point of view?

The current scenario is promoting indoor spaces with safety and hygiene as a prime concern, post pandemic effect of COVID-19. The needs are to be re-calibrated for the end users considering personal safety & hygiene. The commercial and office spaces see a big revamp in the way design now is addressed.

With the massive tech-enabled advancements, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it?

With technology booming up and information and images of cushy design available at everyone’s fingertips, it is risker as not all of them are feasible in every condition. The client is also unaware of the technologies and the cost involved related to it. Because of this the responsibility of a Designer has become further serious and challenging as well.

On the other side there also are some wonderful software those make the work of an Architect easier as it creates multidimensional images which gives a complete idea to the internal team working on it and to the client as well. It’s now much easier with products like CAD for drawings, along with SketchUp, 3D max, rhino to project the designs before they become a reality. The latest being Virtual Reality where in you can actually see & feel the space being inside virtually.

What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?

Quality in work, long term vision, solidarity towards the industry, uniqueness in design are things never to be compromised. They never go out of fashion. The stronger you hold on to them the better footprint you shall have. Do your research well, gain good amount of practical experience before diving in.

About the Leader

The Founder of the company, Amit Sadavarte, after having worked with big design houses in Mumbai and Pune, founded Creative Ventures in the year 1996.

For the past 24 years his hard work, sincerity and excellent public relations have helped in growing the small design firm to a successfully renowned company in this industry. To provide best design services in most suitable conditions & providing value for money solutions has been the thought behind starting this company.

His other experience, working with a real estate company, gave him an edge over others and hands on experience of the practical aspect of the design industry. Since the beginning he has believed in giving optimum and justified efforts and design output to cater to client’s needs, pocket and satisfaction. With years of experience and team of expertise in various domains today, his company caters to bigger needs of the industry

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