Cryptocurrencies and Their Most Popular Uses


Online is the new trend. Almost everything now has a digitized version in order to keep up with our growing technology. Cryptocurrency is one of the latest online trends which gained mainstream recognition in recent years, after proving how useful it is to the world in terms of investment, transactions, and many more.

Crypto is unlike fiat which needs to be converted when moving from one place to another. Crypto users can enjoy their coins anywhere. One thing that users also seem to love about it is the efficient, speedy, and almost cost-free transactions.

It is amazing to see that more and more countries are actually embracing the full potential of crypto. So, if you haven’t tried using it before, then here is a closer look at cryptocurrencies and its most popular uses.

The popular uses of crypto

If you plan to start using crypto, then here is a quick overview of the things that you can do with it.

For entertainment

As crypto started to become an acceptable mode of payment, online playing sites like casinodays have started to allow their players to make use of their crypto when they wish to play. With the option to deposit these coins in their e-wallets, crypto may then be used to wager on slots and live dealer games.

Similarly, game developers also came up with mobile games that were specially made for cryptocurrency users. In fact, some of these games were even made to be available for mobile phones. CryptoKitties and My Crypto Heroes are some of the most popular titles in the crypto gaming genre.

For money transfers

Cryptocurrency allows you to make transactions in the fastest way possible. You shouldn’t worry about your transactions taking days before being completed. In fact, your recipient can receive what you’ve sent in a matter of a few minutes with crypto transactions.

Another great thing about making money transfers with crypto is that it is also capable of sending money in places across the globe with little to no transaction fees. Thus, using crypto is very ideal to use, especially if the receiving end is also a crypto user.

For shopping

Whether it may be for your groceries or for your basic shopping needs, crypto can help you pay for the things you purchase. As crypto grows to be more popular, more establishments and brands have learned to accept it as a mode of payment. This also promotes the use of cashless transactions for shopping.

For private transactions

Another thing about cryptocurrency is that it enables anonymity. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, crypto transactions take place on blockchains which don’t require its users to include their personal details. What only matters is the wallet addresses of the sender and receiver.

For investment

One of the things that make cryptocurrency more appealing to its users is its impressive value which really makes it profitable. With the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, people are shown the full potential of how much crypto can grow regarding its trading value. Indeed, many people have decided to invest in cryptocurrencies to watch it grow on the crypto market.

Popular cryptocurrencies

Now that you know where you can use cryptocurrencies, let us now take a look at the most popular types of cryptocurrency while learning about their individual characteristics and how they differ from each.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto to date. Known as a pioneer of digital cash, BTC really worked well on its own peer-to-peer network just as its creator Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned it to be.

One of the things that makes BTC really popular is its impressive trading value. As of writing, 1 BTC is almost equal to $40,00. With its impressive value, it is quite undeniable that this crypto has the most number of users.

In fact, the digital currency’s immense popularity led several online casinos to be considered as Bitcoin casinos after they had learned to adapt with its use. By visiting sites like casinodays, players can play their favourite games with the help of their BTCs.

Ethereum (ETH)

Aside from BTC, Ethereum is also one of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency. By looking at its value in the crypto market, it is also noticeable that ETH also has an interesting trading value.

Hailed as the second-most popular crypto, one of the popular characteristics of ETH is how it makes use of smart contracts for the verification of their transactions. It functions as a computer code that renders a part or an entire agreement if certain requirements are met.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) is more than just cryptocurrency. XRP manages to work closely with financial institutions, banks, and companies. Still, it is considered to be decentralized even if the company behind it regulates the flow of its units. Despite that, its users are guaranteed that the company can’t meddle with all the transactions.

One of the things which XRP takes pride in is its ability to be a medium of exchange between dollars, euros, and cryptocurrencies in a short span of time. In fact, users of this crypto can have their transactions completed in as little as four seconds with very little transaction fees.


There are more things that people can actually do with cryptocurrencies. It is in this modern age that more things are really starting to innovate just so they can fit into the digital space. Gladly, crypto is something that continuously improves for the convenience of its users.

Also, seeing lots of cryptocurrencies on the crypto market is really astonishing as it gives users the option to choose the type of crypto which they aim to use. Depending on the purpose which needs to be fulfilled or on the lifestyle of a potential crypto user, it is undeniable that there is a cryptocurrency which can meet the demands of a certain person. It also does not have to be a necessity. Crypto is at arm’s reach when you play on online sites like casinodays, as mentioned above.

So, if you haven’t switched to cryptocurrencies yet, you should check them out and discover what they have in store for you.

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