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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes, to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela
Languages give people the power to express themselves and make others understand what they want to say and how they feel. The world speaks in more than five thousand languages and the number of dialects is still to be counted. Emotions may be global but the ways in which we express them changes with every step we take outside and into the world. With the world growing ever closer, there is a dire need to converse in a universal language. While that is an arduous task, the least that can be done is understand the other languages.
Day Translations, Inc. is on a mission to break the language barrier and make people understand them better. It began as Spanish to English Translation Company in 2007 in Tampa, Florida. Its first client was a church. As the clientele increased, so did the number of languages being translated and the focus turned to the provision of translation and interpretation services worldwide, into and from any language. Soon, other services like voice-overs, subtitles, transcriptions, and localization were added to Day Translations’ profile.
Sean Hopwood, CEO, and Founder, always had a passion for languages. Inspired by his grandfather, Francis Joseph Day, after whom he christened his company, Sean wanted to be of service to his community and world. And what better way than letting everyone communicates and understand everyone through Day Translations. An MBA from the University of South Florida, he put his experience as a medical interpreter and translator, to create a company that would help solve the problems people with limited language skills faced.
All in a Day’s Work
Day Translations, Inc. has broadened its portfolio of language services and continues to implement new technology, processes, and services that help the company grow while helping more people. It provides human translations, 24/7 customer service, interpretations, voice-overs, subtitles, transcriptions, localization, DTP, web services, and more. Its workforce comprises of professional linguists experienced in different fields and located worldwide.

The company chooses its employees with utmost care as their competency is the key to the firm’s success. Translators must be fluent in a second language, have excellent grammar skills, should be organized and disciplined with their schedule to be able to deliver in a timely manner. Interpreters should be equally fluent in both languages, and well-spoken. They should be resourceful and fast thinkers to translate in real time. Certifications and a passion for languages are a plus but not mandatory. At Day Translations, translators and interpreters are certified by different associations worldwide.

Language ServicesTechnology and trade have brought the world closer and completely transformed the global economy. People and businesses from different countries are connected and interact constantly, without losing their own national identities. Language service providers like Day Translations are the bridge that can fully unite two regions, corporations, and individuals.
Talking about India, the company recognizes the opportunity provided by a wide range of e-learning platforms that need localization services. The most translated into Indic languages are Indian English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Urdu, Oriya, Marathi, and Telugu. The company is channelizing its efforts and targets the mentioned languages the most.

Day Translations has already made a mark in the market by its unique features of 24/7 customer services and human translations. Its position has been further strengthened by the awards it has received throughout the 11 years of being in business. The company features in a prestigious list as “One of the Fastest Growing Private Companies” in the US. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Some recent awards include: “Best CEOs for Women 2018” and “Best CEOs for Diversity 2018”, “Best Full-Service Document Translation Company – the USA”,  “International Localization Service Provider of the Year 2016”,” Houston’s Best Business in Translation Services Category 2014”, and “Tampa’s Best Business in Legal Document Assistance Category 2011”.

Transcribing Future
To enjoy its current position in the market, Day Translations needs to work harder on its web ranking in the US and worldwide too. Phone interpretation is another area it wants to focus on. It is currently developing an app that will provide its customers with instant human interpretations from trained professionals. It will be a game-changer for the healthcare industry and legal firms alike.
For budding entrepreneurs, Sean has a three-point advice. First, they need to consider the needs, desires, and cultural differences of the market that they’re targeting. Second is the environment of the country itself, the costs of the new channels, the taxes, the legislation, and anything that can be a challenge when entering a new region. Finally, they need to consider competitors that are already working in that market.
To grow a business in this field, one should have a passion for languages and embrace cultural diversity. With passion in abundance, Day Translations Inc. continues its journey to preserve languages and break the language barrier. All the while giving people more work opportunities, access to education, proper medical and legal attention, and the power to communicate in any situation.
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