Decoding World Health Day 2019 with Equinox Labs

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A yearly phenomenon for a brighter future!

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th of April to mark the anniversary of World Health Organization. The World Health Assembly was held in Geneva for the very first time in 1948.  Organisations all over the world hold different kind of events related to health on this occasion.

Equinox Labs has celebrated Food Safety Month for the past four years around this time. But this year it has decided to run a campaign for the World Health Day 2019. World Health Week will be observed to spread awareness and alarm the consumers on growing health issues. Since the theme of World Health Day is Universal Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere; this week  will be dedicated to all the age groups and health tips will be shared for each of them on social media sites.

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, of Equinox Labs exclaims that despite the world witnessing progress in several areas, there are millions of individuals who cannot get access to proper medical care at the right time. A majority of people have to make choices between eating or getting the medicines for treatment which makes the scenario even worse. We have decided to observe the World Health Week to minimize the risks associated with healthcare and spread maximum information to the masses, he added.

WHO is working towards a future where healthcare will be reached to every individual. The motive is to enlighten people about equal healthcare facilities across the globe and to disseminate all the myths pertaining to healthcare matters.

WHO works on six-point agenda namely Health security, Strengthening health systems, Enhancement of partnerships, Research, Performance improvement and Promoting the development of its organisation. WHO is leaving no stone un-turned to serve people diligently and make them aware of their healthcare rights.