Dhaval Vussonji & Associates – Upholding the Law with Dedicated Services

The legal sector in India has witnessed a paradigm shift, with major enactments and reforms in various laws. It has evolved into a diverse and dynamic field opening doors for numerous career opportunities. Furthermore, technology has played an important role, taking the sector ahead. The leading law firms of the country are leaving no stone unturned to resolve various cases and to deliver justice in time.

One such path breaking leader in the field of law is Dhaval Vussonji & Associates. Since its inception in 2013, the firm has grown to a team of 5 partners and 30 lawyers in Mumbai, with affiliate offices in Bengaluru and Delhi.

Focused on Attaining Excellence 

The firm’s primary objective is to provide its clients with quality experience. It focuses on being accessible and responding promptly to the needs of the clients. Selecting a solution-oriented approach and providing sound and legally compliant resolutions to its clients are its key priorities.

It employs a team of lawyers and advocates also qualified as solicitors, company secretaries, and chartered accountants. They assist the firm to deal with matters comprehensively, analyzing the legal, commercial, regulatory, compliance, and taxation aspects.

The firm’s unparalleled commitment to quality, professionalism, effectiveness, and quick turnaround are the cornerstones of its service. “Our work ethic and the accomplished legal advice rendered by the team, under the powerful leadership of our partners is why we are trusted advisors to our clients”, states team Dhaval Vussonji & Associates.

Steadfast Leadership

A key personality responsible for taking the firm to the heights of success is Ms. Prachi Dave, one of the Managing Partners. She has been a part of the firm since its inception. Ms. Prachi is a solicitor practicing on the original side of the Bombay High Court with over 13 years of experience. She advises clients with respect to their in-bound as well as out-bound investments.

Her deep understanding of the banking and financial services sector and private equity is well respected by leading financial institutions and borrowers alike. Her clients also rely on her expertise for the relatively newly introduced insolvency and bankruptcy laws.

Areas of Expertise

Dhaval Vussonji & Associates specializes in many fields including real estate, dispute resolution, insolvency and bankruptcy, banking and finance, capital markets and securities law, to among others. As one of India’s leading law firm in the real estate sector, it is known for its unique approach towards title diligence and review. The firm has been involved in some of the largest and complex acquisitions in recent times. It has investigated complex titles for agricultural lands, conducted in-depth investigation of the laws relating to humane rehabilitation, statute of limitations, principles of harmonious interpretation, and jurisprudence.

The firm has quickly established itself as one of the notable players in the field of litigation and alternate dispute resolution. The team works with a solution-oriented approach, towards making the process hassle free for the clients and ensures that disputes are resolved efficiently and cost effectively. Its dispute resolution practice extends to real estate, company law, family law, banking and finance, slum rehabilitation schemes, redevelopment projects, and so on.

Dhaval Vussonji actively renders advice to several clients across power, cement, real estate, shipping, manufacturing, and transport industries on insolvency and bankruptcy matters, extensively. It keeps itself informed about the ever-evolving law, judgements under it, and due process to ensure that the clients remain well advised. The firm represents clients in the NCLT, NCLAT, and the Supreme Court with its competent litigation teams based in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Giving back to the Society

The firm is very conscious that as lawyers, they have the capacity to not only help but also influence society. It engages in many monetary and non-monetary community activities. Currently, it is working on about 10% cases, which are pro bono.

It is also a supporter of education, especially among children and young adults. The Firm part-sponsored an event by an NGO, Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA), which is a pan India movement to train underprivileged students and help transform them into leading lawyers and community advocates.

Future Perspective

Marching forward, the firm plans to continue expanding its presence, moving into foreign markets and generating a stronger presence there via new and meaningful relationships with lawyers and counsels in those territories. Accordingly, it has joined hands with a partner for practice development, who is helping it to take concrete steps and realize its dream of broadening the horizons.

Advice to the Leaders of Tomorrow

The firm’s advice to anyone starting off as start-ups or entrepreneurs in the business of law is to conduct an extensive research in the space they plan to build their business. It is imperative to assess what the market needs, and objectively assess whether their service is going to help bridge a gap. This is the basis on which young entrepreneurs can set their own firm’s vision and goal.

The firm states that young entrepreneurs should constantly invest in technology, make the time for innovation and keep themselves updated on what the changes in legislation are and how they can impact the clients’ businesses. It encourages them to have the foresight, and to raise concerns for their clients’ businesses far before the impact is actually felt. Addressing the youngsters, the firm states, “businesses, after all, will lean in to you for this kind of prediction and astute knowledge”.

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