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Today, we are living in a digital era where there are 3,424,971,237 internet users in India, where the total population of India is 1,326,801,576. While talking about India the growth rate of internet users is 7.8%.
One can ask, why we are talking about all these statistics? What is the meaning of all these numbers?
From a business point of view, India is a huge market to grow business, career, and opportunity, as well as to make money. It is the best place to attract the potential customer so that all the businesses are aware of it and started to create a better place in this competitive climate with a big profit and also an opportunity for digital marketing in India.
 Digital Marketing is an innovative concept in marketing, which includes a huge concern regarding any commodity product or services with the online technology; It also covers the cell phones, smart phones, display advertisement with the help of electronic and Digital media.
The concept of Digital marketing came into action in the 1990s and 2000s. It has invented the path of brand and communication with potential customers. As Digital Marketing rapidly integrated into the marketing Sector and our day to day life, so the people have started to go digital shops instead of the real ones. Digital Marketing concepts are becoming more and more habitual in our life. Concepts such as search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing are becoming more and more familiar with our innovative technology.
In a survey, India found that from 2010 retailers started to register their own domain address. Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. Digital Marketing concepts have risen faster in prevalence. The digital marketing term includes all the electronics communicating devices like computer, laptops, I-pads, mobile phones, and tablets palmtops and so on. With Digital Marketing Strategies Businesses want to reach more and more people as well as create a brand value.
What is Digital Marketing?
It is a promotional activity, awareness or Branding is done for any product, service or commodity via electronic media, which is different from traditional marketing which includes channels and method which enable organization marketing campaigning for optimal internet user want to get from the internet.
Traditional Marketing V/S Digital Marketing:
 Digital marketing:

  • Minimization Of Marketing Costs
  • Real-Time Results
  • Gives You A Level specified Playing Field
  • Develops A Brand Better Way
  • Better Exposure to New Customers
  • Higher Engagement

 Traditional Marketing:

  • Gives You A Wider Marketing Avenue To Explore
  • Provides Connection On A More Personal Level

Further classification of digital marketing:

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • SEO/SMM (Social media optimization / social media marketing)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile SEO

SEO (Search engine optimization):
A web search result is a software system which is designed to search for information on the world-wide-web. The search result is commonly presented in a line of the result are often referred as search engine result pages. The information may be on a web page, image information, or another type of file. Some search engines also mine data available in the database or open directories. Search engines are able to maintain real-time information by following the number of system instructions.
Search engine optimization is a holistic approach delivering your business information to a potential client via online platform or Marketing with a modern and innovative way.
Whenever we insert a query into a search engine box and command for a search we get a list of results which are relevant to our queries and most of the time, probably we select and open three to four topmost results, but in the meanwhile, in a fraction of a second, in the Back End there lots of operation happens and we are able to see the result …have u ever think how it happens?
There are Hundreds of criteria by search engines which makes an impact on this list of search result some of them are as follow-

  • Similarity in your search query and URL of particular webpage
  • Quality content relevant to your query
  • Back-links for that website
  • Previous traffic for that web-page
  • High Page rank of webpage
  • Crawling of web page by bot
  • Indexing of your Page
  • Relevance of Mata properties of webpage to search query
  • Support of your website for different devices
  • Support of your website for different web browser
  • Stuffing of keyword in Web pages
  • Adwords PPC advertising services…. And much more working on all these factor we can get a high page rank result for our web pages

SMO/SMM (Social Media Optimization / Social Media Marketing)
For the awareness of product, service, event and brand with the social media platform is called the Social Media Optimization. Just like posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus and blogging sites. The objective of social media optimization is to bring traffic to your website. While doing the digital marketing, social media optimization is one of the most important constraints. It has a huge value in creating a brand. The term social media introduce itself that’s making things social with the help media. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google plus, tumbler Instagram, Reedit, Pinterest and much more can be the example of social media.Or it can be defined as it is the avenue, for the like mined mankind to communicate and interact online.
The social media optimization can be defined as follow-
With the no social media platform people create publicity and awareness for their product, service or commodity and create a brand. There are two types of Social media optimizations-
When you share a link, like a post or create engagement activity on any social media it can be considered as organic social media optimization and an advertisement one can see on social media can be considered as inorganic (Paid) social media optimization.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Search Engine Marketing is a mode of online marketing that covers the awareness about a website by increasing their availability in search engine result pages(SERPs) initially with the paid advertisement.
If you are a website owner and you wish to come on the top in the search result within minimum time and generate traffic for your website in such situation you can go for Search Engine Marketing It is a paid service by search engines that when you will pay them u will be the top of the result for particular search queries.
Whenever you type a query in the search engine search box in the result at top of the result you will find the paid advertisement, nowadays it comes with and you click some of them.
Search engine Marketing is a broader term than search engine optimization.
If you wish to conduct online business, you have to be work in both organic and advertised links, which means you need both search engine optimization as well as Search Engine Marketing.
The main advantageous thing in Search Engine Marketing is that you are paying for only those clicks which bring user to your website this concept is called as cost per click (CPC) pay per click (PPC) it’s a huge benefit of digital Marketing that you paying for only that much that have consumed but it does not happen with traditional marketing.
The Google ad words is able to promote three types of advertisement-

  • Text advertisement (advertisement which we can see on Google search engine in text)
  • Display advertisement (advertisement which we can combination of images and text)
  • Video advertisement (advertisement which we can combination of video and text)

e.g. Advertisement on YouTube.
The Advertisement which we are going to Publish have many factors to delivering our advertisement as follow:

  • Google does not promote Prohibited content
  • Prohibited practices
  • Prohibited Gambling and games
  • Bid of your advertisement
  • Quality advertisement
  • Technical support advertisement

Search Engine Marketing always gives you worth return on investment.
Email Marketing:
 Email marketing Means of sending a commercial and promotional message, to a group or bulk set of people, using email. In its voluminous sense, every email sent to a  current customer or potential could be called as email marketing. It usually uses email to send request business, advertisements, solicit sales or donations, and is meant to brand awareness, trust, or build loyalty Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database. The concept usually references to sending email messages with the intention of enhancing a business’s relationship with previous or current customers. Let us take an example of your free Gmail account : Your current Gmail account inbox is categorized into four primaries, Social, promotions and updates parts, in your Gmail inbox one can be able to see promotions there are updated emails these promotion mails updates as you are a potential or loyal customer so the main aim of briefing this information is that if you run an Email camping you can be able to reach directly inbox of people millions of people with single click and cross a milestone for your business.
Mobile SEO:
An advertisement that is appearing on your mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other digital communicating devices is called as mobile marketing. When the technical Customization (responsiveness) made in a website as per the requirement and suitability for portable communicating device (e.g. your mobile phones, smartphones, tablets) in real time is call as mobile Search engine optimization
An amazing fact of internet

  • 80% of the internet users are using internet on mobile phones or on smartphones
  • Google generates a half amount of the revenue from mobile ads.
  • In the survey projected business intelligence…. by the year 2020, there will be 3.5 billion smartphones shipped worldwide. And users are rapidly shifting to smartphones for accessing the internet.
  • “Most of the Google searches take place on mobile and smartphones than on computers/laptops in 10 countries, including the US, India, and Japan,” Google announced last year.

A site can be referred a better mobile search engine optimized site with the help of following criteria-

  • Website presents content well organized on a phone
  • No requirement of pinching/zooming
  • Easily readable on small screens too
  • No Difficulty to navigate with a finger
  • Easy to someone using a phone
  • understood guidelines for Google

 5 Topmost Industries taking the best ROI in Digital marketing
There is a list of industries who are getting best ROI (Return on investment) in Digital Marketing. From the last few days, industries are giving more attention to growing their market share with the help of digital marketing, we can find many examples and case studies to see that how took the advantages of digital marketing and made and grow their business, ROI of  digital marketing always better than traditional marketing nowadays,
Below are some sectors that we are going to discuss ROI in Digital Marketing

  • Technology sector
  • Entertainment sector
  • Real estate sector
  • Food

Technology Sector:
The Technology sector comes out on top with no doubt and right behind it many more. The people who are a concern with technology. Technology Sector is always directly or indirectly connected with Digitalization. People relevant to it always must be updated with all there regarding the sector. As the technology is updating in our day to day life as same that of the digital marketing is updating in the technological sector.
Whenever a person wants to know or collect some knowledge about the technology he just searches it on the internet and gets the latest update about this technology, so it means that digital marketing makes the technology world closer and there is a huge scope for the improvement.
Advertisement and Entertainment Sector:
Whenever you go online you can see the different advertisement in between entertainment channels and programs they are doing it for pay. Branding enterprisers are eager to do this branding because they know that they will get a huge ROI for this investment and the coming traffic for their site will generate a huge profit for them, so advertisement can be a huge market to grow digital marketing in India.
Real Estate Sector:
As we know people in India are huge money investors in real-estate sector and they need to reach more and more potential client to do their business. Nowadays, their potential customers are available on the internet so digital marketing is the best way to execute their plan there. In metro cities, people find real-estate on the internet to avoid the cut off middlemen so a smart real-estate investor never going to lose this opportunity in the digital marketing Real estate sector.
Food Industries Sector:
Building a strong online presence is a crucial way to get new customers to know about your restaurant. With most potential patrons relying on the web, social media and search engines to aid their choices, marketing for restaurants has been transformed. Nowadays Digital Marketing is used in food industries for online reputation, foreign business, customer relationship and for many more reasons.
Suppose you are in a new city and you have an internet connection in your mobile, you can find the best restaurant in that city using your fingertips with the help of digitization and this can only happen through digital marketing.
Digital marketing is a sunrise factor for marketing to be done in the present and in the future in India. Simply putting, Digital Marketing is here to say and trust me; it will stay here for long. If the businesses are going to survive the race of digitization, then digital marketing is the only option available out there.

-Sharad Kamble


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