Digital Transformation entering the Business World with Perpetuuiti

Cloud computing is the hottest and biggest trend in IT for the past few years, and it will also continue to grow stronger in the upcoming years. Since most of the online businesses today need high accessibility, scalability, and resiliency, within quick time, it’s not possible to achieve all these by your own, and cloud computing becomes the best alternative solution here. Perpetuuiti Technosoft (P) Ltd., a cloud service provider has helped several firms to remain focused on their business, without worrying about IT and infrastructure too much; this has yielded a big result for them.
Founded in 2011, the company has taken long strides and has come a very long way in such a short span of time. Over the period, Perpetuuiti has helped leading global players with their Intelligent Business Automation and Organizational Resiliency challenges; and has established itself as a Thought Leader in the Business Automation space.  Perpetuuiti has a significant global presence with their offices in the USA, UAE, India, and Singapore.
Transformation Artist behind Perpetuuiti
Rohil Sharma, Founder & CEO of Perpetuuiti possesses a rare combination of proven business knowledge, forward-looking technical knowledge and market vision. As a leader of the company, Rohil brings to bear more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience building, advising and investing in successful companies across the US, Middle East and India. He has Investments in Real Estate, Bio Fuel, Data Centre, Venture Capital, Media Business and IT companies. He has successfully raised Angel and VC Investments. Rohil’s strategic priorities towards his company include accelerating the growth of new innovative products, delivering exceptional service and value to customers, and maintaining a focus on the financial health and growth of overall business.
Services Proffered by Perpetuuiti
Perpetuuiti believes in staying committed to delivering the best services to their clients. Their services include –
iBaaS (iNTELLIGENT Bot as a Service) – iBaaS (iBot-as-a-Service) platform provides you with the Intelligent Automation capabilities and implements ‘Intelligent Digital Workforce’ to automate a wide range of industry-specific operational and functional processes Effectively, Efficiently and Spontaneously. iBots are Intelligent Digital Workforce that would Observe, Understand, Think, Decide and Interact as a human would with empathy. The platform is based on Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technology that converges Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into Active Intelligence (AI).
iRaaS (iNTELLIGENT Recovery as a Service) – Enables every organisation  with Quick, Affordable & intelligent recovery from any small & large disasters
Perpetuuiti’s Products
Perpetuuiti is ready with products and solutions that are internationally scalable. The company’s offerings include following Enterprise Software Products –
Av3ar™ – Av3ar is the next generation Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning system from Perpetuuiti. It is aimed to deliver end-to-end Interactive solutions that dramatically improve the operational efficiencies of customers in the global marketplace.
Ops-Central™ – Ops-Central provides a comprehensive Ops-Platform using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With Ops-Central RPA, you can easily and rapidly automate the Processes and day-to-day IT workload related jobs. Ops-Central RPA does not require the prior knowledge of clients’ processes and can automate these processes on the fly, which makes the product unique in the Business Process Automation market.
Continuity Patrol™ – An intelligent, agentless, script-less and automated end-to-end Business Service Continuity and Availability Management Suite which enables Real-Time Enterprise Visibility in a single-click for Business Service Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation.
DDE™ (Dependency Discovery Engine) – Provides for real-time agentless auto Application interdependency mapping and discovery of Application IT Infrastructure supporting those Applications.
eBDR™ – Enabling Anywhere, Anytime Consistent Copies for hassle free Technology Refresh or Quick Rollback in less than a second is eBDR™, the Data Replication and Cloud Migration solution of Perpetuuiti. eBDR™ supports any-to-any platform (physical/virtual/cloud) data migration that is accomplished with Perpetuuiti’s unique technology that uses a proprietary content format, known as NeutralStore.
Continuity Vault™ – Enabling user a comprehensive platform that integrates People, Process and Technology, Perpetuuiti Continuity Vault™ supports creation and maintenance of effective Business Continuity Plan. The Continuity Vault™ system automates organisational BCM practices, response and resolution identification through mobility while performing risk assessment and risk impact analysis using results of Business Impact Analysis (BIA).
Future Outlook
The company aims to continue expanding and accelerating the growth based on its core experience and success with their global partners and customers. Harbouring satisfied clients from Fortune 500 diverse set of industry verticals such as Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and Consumer Products, the company continues to integrate new technology applications and best practices into its solutions.
The company continuously adapts itself to changing business needs and evolving technologies.  The company is also gearing to expand further into other industry verticals and regions including the US, APAC, EMEA and Europe.
Leading the way with a positive outlook, Perpetuuiti aims to scale up and emerge as a true market leader in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation by leveraging on cutting-edge technologies. Perpetuuiti is also partnering with other cloud providers for iRaaS and iBaaS offerings using the latest technologies to bring more value to businesses.

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