Digitally Connecting Brands To Their Consumers With Strategic Branding And Brand Management!!!

With the world becoming digital in every way possible, it’s easy to see why digital media is gaining prominence among both consumers and businesses. For consumers, it offers engaging, informative, timely content, plus it’s convenient and flexible. For businesses, it offers cost-effectiveness, instant feedback, accessibility, and much more. But that’s only if it’s done right. If you’re a marketing professional, entrepreneur, or a digital media evangelist who has worked towards charting digital marketing plans and channelizing efforts with a larger view of driving organizational growth, you’ve probably experienced both, hits and misses.
Creativity in businesses is the ultimate requirement in today’s world when such high competition is there in the market. Proper branding if done right can serve fruitful results in the terms of profit to any industry. Thus, for any niche of industry chosen, it is vital to be under the guidance of a brand management company that aims towards an interactive platform where companies can grow. One such highly acclaimed company that specializes in connecting brands and business to their customers is none other than the Phi, a digital agency which strives towards stretching the conventional boundaries of branding and opening up new paths with efficient technicality.
Additionally, in digital marketing, there are organic ways to grow your consumer base without incurring large amounts of money; it has low entry barriers and scale. So Phi is becoming up-to-date as well as doing a lot with sharp targeting that leads to judicious investments in the online platform.
Phi Creativity’s Journey
Phi started off 17 years ago as Aquadotcom, later Aqua Info Media Pvt. Ltd., to evolve currently into Phi Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. From a startup workshop in a mezzanine floor, to a professionally set up 2,000 sq. ft office with 1000+ clients, 2000+ projects and catering to almost all business verticals. Phi has a consultative approach with in-depth understanding of business. With their dual advantage of branding expertise and understanding of the digital platforms, they always deliver to the clients’ objective in digital marketing.
Over steaming cups of coffee, late nights and endless challenging projects, they have seen, shared and survived together everything from the dot com buzz and its doom, to the current technology revolution. And they are still enjoying the journey!
The Creator
Under the dynamic leadership of  Vishaal S Shah, CEO and Founder, Phi took birth. He is an NIIT graduate and diploma in Digital Electronic Engineering. Vishaal comes from a family business of water and waste-water treatment plants. But he left it to purse his own passion and dream of creating an organization which dwells in the digital space.
Started in 1999, dotcom bust as a pure play web designing company and have now metamorphosed into a branding agency which lives by the value proposition of “Success by Design”. He has hands on experience in leading and promoting brands in the offline and digital pace and has steered digitally brands like Eureka Forbes Limited, Waman Hari Pethe Sons and various other emerging enterprises.
Vishaal has clarity in his thought – how, what and when to communicate the message, especially when every brand and business has multiple things to talk about. He has an ability of seeing a challenge from different viewpoints or perspectives which others might miss the obvious or are so close to the challenge at hand that can’t think straight. Vishaal has very high level of empathy which assists in how the target audience thinks and reacts to a particular piece of design or communication. Also, he is acutely aware with the challenges faced by small and emerging enterprises and hence can deliver just the right solution for them.
Indelible Moment of Phi Creativity
Why are we as consumers so captivated by stories of great customer service? Perhaps it is because they serve as a much needed reminder that there are companies who still care about their customers. Every company says that their customers are their #1 priority, but one memorable incident of Phi shows that they are ready, willing, and able to go the extra mile for each and every one of their customers. As Benjamin Franklin has said “Well done is better than well said”, the same way Phi has acted while facing every single obstacle came their way.
There have been many ups and downs during Phi Creativity’s journey but the most memorable incident has been that once their office caught fire on a Sunday evening and it was burnt down to flames. However, they were able to restart their operations at a new space within 48 hours of incident without any project being delayed or stalled. It just showed Phi’s resilience. This is the attitude with which they approach any and every challenge thrown at them.
What’s in their Name
As a strategic branding and communication agency Phi is all about “Success by Design”! Entrepreneurs start a company with a dream, a passion. Along the way they get embroiled into the day to day operations and the work they do, success they garner and approach is more reactive in nature. It’s difficult to sit down and find time and say “Okay! This is how I plan to present myself and succeed in my space”. This reactive approach works for certain years in achieving success but then the growth hits a plateau. Now further success is possible only with a strategic approach. An approach that requires synchronizing as well as synergizing all marketing communication that the company or the brand emanates to the external and internal stakeholders. And the design of this communication has to be done in a way that it helps in achieving the goals of the brand. That’s where “Success by Design” approach from Phi works!!!
Company Motto
‘Serving according to the client’s time’ is Phi’s quality and thus, they are feasible for bringing customizable solutions. The best part of Phi is their experience with different industries which equips them for working on any challenge. They have been working for years to serve better global positioning of companies in Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Engineering, Infrastructure, Reality, ITeS, Services, Lifestyle and various other verticals. The company has a professional team to work with that enables better understanding of the current needs of an emerging company with a supportive motivation to bring customer delight.
Phi’s Methodology
At Phi, they consider everything, from a brand logo to a brochure to a corporate film to a social media presence to a mobile app as a strategic piece of communication which is created for achieving a certain objective. Hence, even if it is a mobile app for a company, they create it based on the various parameters. Since, Phi work with multiple partners to develop apps, they are platform agnostic. While working with their partners, they take the lead to ensure that the branding and communication objectives are met especially since they are the brand custodians.
Phi’s Ideology
Phi is driven by the vision to be ‘partner of choice’ in the growth journey of Indian SME’s; who have national and global aspirations; by offering strategic branding and brand management solutions. They consider that strategic branding exercise is a relation between the company and the branding agency. Hence, it’s critical that they choose each other wisely. They are very selective about the kind of companies they partner with, because the right association always leads to success and growth for all parties involved.
How Phi Evolves
While digital marketing as a space is constantly exploding with newer and newer platforms and trends to position and promote your brand, the fundamentals remain the same, everything succeeds when you understand your consumer and their concern points. Team Phi constantly work towards understanding their consumer better and better. Technology, platforms and digital vehicles than merely become tools. Remember, they (trends and technologies) are information and knowledge at best while they at Phi strive for wisdom by applying it with the right context (consumer behavior) for their clients / brands.
Advice to Young Entrepreneurs and Their Approach towards Marketing
The most exhilarating experience is starting your own venture. Some of the big questions that follow are how to reach masses, how to make your business resonate, how to drive your business results, how to be successful, and how to fulfill your dreams with a shoestring budget? Answering these questions, Team Phi has advised young entrepreneurs that should aim to create value for their customers and team members at all time as they are the pillars of their success. They must be innovative, be open to new ideas but should never try to be different just for the sake of being different.
Understanding the client’s objectives first and work towards them in such a way that it meets the needs of their client and their target audience. They need to build their own brand identity and a slow growth in this fast-paced competitive world can be detrimental to the startup’s health.
When they approach marketing, then they must be aware that there is a funnel comprising of awareness building, engagement, acquisition and then retention. If they are in the internet space it is all about acquisition of the most efficient, effective acquisition channels for the right audience. For startups what is really important is to find one channel that really works, maximize it. Then find the next channel and maximize that and the next one. Build scale within a channel.
Phi’s Future Perspective
In essence, digital marketing is the future of marketing world with the added advantages that it is cost effective than traditional marketing and is measurable. It is no exaggeration that they live in a digital world and from that perspective it is imperative that Phi’s business has an impressive presence in the digital space.
While normally the branding agency and the digital agency are separate vendors for most companies, Phi has a significant advantage of having this dual specialization which becomes a huge advantage for any company that chooses to partner with them. While they understand and are constantly monitoring the advancement in the digital marketing space, Team Phi sees themselves being the “partner of choice” for emerging companies who want to leap into the next stage of growth.

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