DIY Diamond Mangalsutra Pendants: Personalising Your Symbol of Love

Diamond Mangalsutra Pendants

Mangalsutra is one of the most sacred pieces of jewellery married Indian women have been adorning for centuries. This auspicious pendant and chain symbolise love and eternity for married couples. And as the years have passed, mangalsutras have evolved just like other jewellery.

Now, you can find a variety of designs – from diamond mangalsutra to charm bracelet mangasutras. In this blog, we have shared how trends shaped the customisation and how you can also create DIY diamond mangalsutra for yourself. Let’s begin!

The Rising Trend of Customisation

The world of Indian jewellery has seen numerous trends and fresh makeovers. Customisation too seeped in with its promise of bringing exclusivity to jewellery. It also touched the sacred threads of mangalsutra when working women decided to add a modern twist to the traditional designs.

This encouraged jewellery brands to come up with diamond mangalsutra pendants that were delicate and stylish. They could easily complement the modern attires without feeling overpowering. In fact, many diamond mangalsutra pendants are sold separately so that women can DIY their own mangalsutra design and add a touch of personalisation.

Personalising Your Symbol of Love

Mangasutras have always been quite special for Indian women. They are the symbol of love and promise. So, to make it even more special, many women go the extra mile and personalise them as per their own taste and style.

Here are three ways you can also add a touch of personal love to your mangalsutras:


Gone are the days when mangalsutra were just threads with black beads. Now, you can get different designs in mangalsutras with precious stones and diamonds.

For instance, take this stunning mangalsutra. Its chain has heart-shaped motifs, and you can also request initials or number charms. Since it’s quite delicate and graceful, you can wear it every day, whether you are going for a meeting or for lunch with your friends.


Did you know that you can now add charms to your mangalsutra too? If not, introduce yourself to these personalised DIY diamond mangalsutra pendants. These magical charms can be added to any mangalsutra to add a personal touch. Known for the convenience, the special hooks holds it like a perpetual relation.

You can select the initials from the vast variety offered. If you want, you can buy two initials – one for your partner’s name and one for yours – to add a little more magic of love and togetherness to any simple mangalsutra. Interesting, isn’t it?


If you think it’s only the designs and charms that can modernise your mangalsutra, wait till you see the next style!

Yes, you saw it right. Mangalsutras are also now available in bracelet style. This exclusive  It combines the beauty of the necklace’s black beads into the charm of a bracelet.

What More?

The stereotypes around mangalsutras are breaking. They are turning into statement pieces married women love to adorn. If you have been planning to create a DIY diamond mangalsutra, we have a few more tips to help you ace the style game. Read on:

  • Always purchase the pieces from a trusted brand so that you don’t compromise on quality.
  • If you are buying charms for your mangalsutra, it’s good to purchase a few more trinkets to give it a fuller look. Try designs like hearts or sun signs.
  • If you want to add colours, pick birthstones and gemstone pendants that can be easily matched to your mangalsutra chain.
  • Make sure you clean your diamond mangalsutra to maintain its sparkle over time.

So, there you have it – tips and the pieces together. No matter what style or design of diamond mangalsutra you pick, make sure you respect the traditions without letting your individuality go.


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