Dreamworks CEO thanks to Telsa’s CEO for saving his life.


Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation exhausted his arm and wrist in an Oct. 19 car crash in Beverley Hills, California.
But Katzenberg states the accident would have ended much more tragically if he had not been driving his Tesla Model S, which boasts high-end safety features.
The report states that, Katzenberg greeted,“Thank you, Elon Musk — you saved my life,”
It’s a great news for Tesla after Consumer Reports pulled its recommendation for the Tesla Model S last week. The non-profit stated that the car was unreliable, while customers reported issues, including charging, sunroof leaks and door handle malfunctions.
According to web the sources Consumer Reports director of auto testing Jake Fisher stated,“Extensive data allows us to forecast that owning a Tesla will likely mean worse than average reliability, a decline from last years average prediction,”.
The Consumer Reports news caused a sudden fall in Tesla’s stock nearby 10 percent, though Musk defended his car, the surveys only took into account early versions of the Model S.
According to sources, Katzenberg’s grateful comments, Musk stated “Compliment from Jeffrey is much appreciated, but the people of Tesla deserve all the credit.”
Source : http://www.insightssuccess.com/

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