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raju nani
Mr Raju Nani Nadimpalli | CEO | DWP Global Corp

Could Technology provide a solution to any problem, including crisis? The answer to this query lies not in the obviously transformational power of technology. It lies in the genius of the collective human mind.

Because the mind is the transcendental technology of the human brain’s supremely universal force of unified neurons’ combined torque. Mind is everything. What it believes in innately, it can achieve; the solution to any and every problem, including that of crises. Thus, the human brain and its extremely powerful universal technology of mind is the perfect answer to every pertinent question faced by humankind.

The story of the rise of DWP Global Corp as a Tech giant dates back to 2008, when the world was reeling from the Economic Recession. Many companies collapsed. A darkness of depression loomed over even the mightiest.

However, the resilient leadership at DWP Global Corp, including that of Mr Raju Nani Nadimpalli, CEO, saw the light at the end of the tunnel. They saw an opportunity in this calamity. They envisioned that the recession had brought everyone to the same start line. They took this as a fresh start to move toward solutions that would stand the test of time.

 A Core-Competency Powered Legacy

DWP Global Corp was determined to add more value to its client while delivering its core competencies. They focused on automating repeatable work wherever possible, and they improved their internal capabilities and focused on being more cost-effective.

They came up with built-in internal tools that would Scan a Legacy code and provide a comprehensive analysis, including Effort estimation to Modernize the application. Their core focus was on Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, and Cost-effectiveness. They started Lean and slowly developed and added the team as time progressed.

A New Jersey-based technology services and consultancy company with core competencies in Application Development, Data Analytics/Business Intelligence, Compliance Solutions and Legacy Upgrade Services, DWP’s mission is to provide its clients services of the highest possible value.

A Deep-Rooted Knowledge Philosophy

 Mr Raju shares, “By leveraging our specialized technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and proven delivery methodologies, we consistently deliver measurable results for our clients. We have helped many clients across multiple verticals increase business performance by fully leveraging our global delivery capabilities from our best-in-class delivery centers.”

Incepted in the midst of the global economic crisis in 2008, DWP has its Global Delivery Centres in New Jersey, USA and Hyderabad, India. The customer-centric, result-oriented approach and diligence in delivering more value to each client is a deep-rooted, practised, and preached philosophy at DWP Global Corp. Further, DWP is committed to helping clients achieve their strategic and operational goals within their budgets.

 Enabling Agility with Flexible IT Backbone

Leveraging this unique combination, the company not only help organizations build a flexible and effective IT backbone but also capitalize on the business value of their enterprise data and new-age applications.

DWP also assist organizations in realizing the need to be compliant with existing laws and stay ahead in terms of brand value and customer loyalty. The end result is an agile enterprise with access to transformational business applications and real-time intelligence. Mr Raju conveys, “We could be your trusted partner in your legacy system upgrades and existing system integration requirements as per your changing business needs.”

 The First Time Right Mantra

DWP Global Corp was founded to help its clientele accelerate their products and services through its unique, sustainable, and transformative solutions. This mission statement has helped DWP Global Corp deliver solutions targeted to being ‘First Time Right.’

DWP Global Corp believes in this Mantra at its core being. From requirement gathering to architecture to solution design, development testing, and deployment, each stage is earmarked to be delivered right the first time.

 Flow Methodology of Solution Integration

DWP Global Corp works on the Flow Methodology. One can understand this better with the example of the F1 race. Whenever the car has a problem and gets to the pitstop, one can see multiple people working on fixing the issue parallelly.

 This is the new norm in solution integration. An integrated approach to solution giving can help reduce the process’s time and efforts and bring efficiency and process effectiveness to the forefront. DWP Global Corp not only vouches to deliver sustainable and transformative solutions to its clients, but it also endorses bringing more value addition to every single client of theirs. The solutions are centred on bringing more value addition to the client and bringing about the Customer delight factor.

 Centre of Knowledge Management Excellence

If that is not good enough, DWP Global Corp goes the extra mile and implements the Knowledge Management functionality. The IT Industry is dynamic and ever-changing is not an unheard saying to anyone.

DWP Global Corp takes Knowledge Management with vigorous enthusiasm and, for this specific purpose, has an In-House Centre of Excellence.

It keeps them up to beat with changing dynamics of the industry. What’s more eye-catching is that they also offer this invaluable service to their clients, keeping them ahead of their competitors with the latest trends in the technology sphere. DWP Global Corp is an Implementation partner to ultra-niche products focused on AI-ML, ML Ops, and DevOps. DWP Global Corp boasts of its expertise in Synthetic Data end monitoring, Legacy Application Migration. They are implementation partners to KOFAX, key players in Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Automation.

They support diverse industry sects, from Banking to manufacturing.

 A Visionary Leader

Mr Raju’s formative years were moulded by the proud heritage of Sainik School Korukonda and being a Computer Science graduate from the Andhra University. Being a proud alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Mr Raju is a great believer of a philosophy of being A leader with a warrior mindset, artistic heart, and athletic muscle. The warrior mind lets you face any challenge head-on. In contrast, the artistic mind enables you to be empathetic towards your peers, employees, clients, and overall, to every stakeholder. Athletic muscle signifies being physically and mentally fit to be an inspiration to all.

The mental and physical agility needs to transport the passion and energy within the organization. Mr. Raju has been idolized by his workforce, as indicated in DWP Global Corp’s work ethic. He believes in hearing out to every single person out there. From the words of an employee who spoke offline, they believe DWP Global Corp to be an extended part of their family. That’s how inclusive and welcoming the culture is at the DWP Global Corp. A clear reflection on the thoughts of its visionary leaders.

 DWP Global Corp’s Unique Selling Propositions

According to Mr Raju, DWP Global Corp’s USPs that make it stand out as a leading consultancy service and solutions provider are:

Every Customer is Unique to us:

DWP Global Corp goes the extra mile in understanding the business of each of its clients and their customer expectations too. A lot of diligence goes in before proposing a solution to the client. DWP Global Corp ensures that their team members visit the client locations and observe the client’s business dynamics in their business ecosystem. In the words of Mr Raju, “We try to be the partners for our clients and give them solutions tailored to their requirements.”

 Quality-focused delivery methodology:

DWP Global Corp has a very objective rationale for mapping the success of its Project Deliveries. They have a handful of KPIs that they track and measure and eventually report to the client regularly. The QCDI (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Innovation) objectives are published to clients monthly or quarterly.

The QCDI helps to eliminate subjectivity, and the effectiveness of the solutions is measured quantitatively and objectively.

We believe in Fail Fast and Fail Safe:

DWP Global Corp always prioritizes being transparent to the clients. Failures are bound to happen at any stage of work, and DWP Global Corp believes in accepting a failure and correcting it early. Failures are steppingstones to scaling greater heights. Not many businesses are comfortable sharing their failures with their clients.

However, DWP Global Corp believes in transparency with clients at each stage. Mr Raju adds, “That’s how transparent we are as an organization. Better to be a fool for five min than be for a lifetime. Failure refines the delivery metrics for us.”

 Always being on Top of Technology trends:

DWP has an Innovation lab, where the team always looks at tools for automating, upskilling, and cross-skilling employees. The team is also setting up Innovation labs for its customers. The employees are deployed at Client locations to bring maximum efficiency to the delivery process. It aligns with the company’s philosophy of “Being First-Time Right.”

 Best of the Breed recruitment:

Mr. Raju mentions, “We don’t buy talent. We build talent, and we adopt the trends.” DWP Global Corp’s basic ethos is built around nurturing every talent welcomed into the DWP Global Corp family. DWP Global Corp seeks to find the best fitment from the market that aligns with their organization’s goals and endows them with creative independence to perform at their best.

 Negligible attrition:

This is by far one of the greatest examples of the collaborative and encouraging work culture at DWP Global\ Corp. DWP Global Corp is creating benchmarks for its peers in the market by registering the lowest attrition in the IT Industry consistently over the years.

the industry standard of 16.3%. While employees are retained, DWP Global Corp has been on a hiring spree to cater to the various exclusive international projects they have recently grabbed. Their shadow policy of assigning additional resources to take the project pressure ensures that employees never get overwhelmed with project deadlines and are in keeping with their work-life balance.

 A Solution Accelerating DNA

 DWP has a Zero-defect philosophy:

Delivering solutions, the First time Right is their motto. Also, Value Discovery Map (VDM) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are implemented to keep the pace of solutions intact. Team DWP Global Corp is always focused on building solution accelerators for each of its undertaken projects. They are always looking at providing value addition for their clients.

For example, for a KOFAX Implementation project, the DWP Global Corp had built a Customer Onboarding Accelerator which the client implemented for their healthcare customers in just six weeks. This is something exceptional. Team DWP Global Corp has also built a forecasting accelerator for a manufacturing client for Design and Analysis. This unique solution enables any manufacturing client to predict their demand versus capacity, and it undoubtedly accelerates delivery to keep customers ahead of the competition.

 Data Security and App Vulnerability:

Data Security is the topmost priority in the checklist item for DWP Global Corp’s deliverables, and this is the first step included in the solution design. DWP Global Corp’s DNA has always been Quality and Security.

 Bringing Light in the Darkness

Speaking about the challenges faced initially and the present challenges, Mr. Raju says that DWP Global Corp began when everyone was in exit mode. He expresses, “We saw the light when everyone was seeing dark.” The team began with Legacy migration when people wanted to work on new technologies. Manpower was a concern, as getting the right talent was daunting.

Mr Raju opined, “The post-COVID trauma is still not over. Uncertainty in the IT industry is always looming, keeping the Management on their highest vigil”. A famous saying goes, ‘With crisis comes opportunity.’ The DWP Global Corp team has embraced all the challenges and positively adapted them as opportunities.

The Work from Home model is not a new norm, as this model was adopted by DWP Global Corp much earlier. DWP Global Corp could easily calibrate to the new norm when the entire world went into lockdown mode in the first quarter of 2020. They ensured there was no panic around, assuring zero impact and no trouble for any of its stakeholders.

Other challenges faced by DWP Global Corp are talent retention, managing cost, and balancing growth and challenges of time: With so many clients and projects in the pipeline, there remains some amount of uncertainty as to when the client would sign the Contract. The planning of ‘how to scale the team’ persists as a crucial factor against the given uncertainty of times. However, the core team at DWP Global Corp is determined to overcome all these challenges with consistency, persistence, and dedication.

 Building Robust AI/ML Engines

 Being an experienced leader, Mr Raju’s opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the industry and how DWP is adapting to the change is a revelation. He shared his valuable opinions by saying, “AI/ML are the buzzwords in the industry now. Every IT company typically is seen talking about AI/ML, but very few are working towards building robust AI/ML engines through data modelling and patterns.”

“At DWP Global, we do enough research on the upcoming technologies and quickly adapt ourselves to the change. We are working with a few clients in AI/ML Tech space,” further revealed Mr Raju.

 The Knowledge Leader’s Dynamic Wisdom

Mr Raju’s advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the tech space is straightforward. He recommends aspirants stay ahead of time in this dynamic industry. He further suggests, “Being the Knowledge Leader in the market will keep you sailing through. As for their competitors and peers, he wants to say that “Employees are an asset, treat them right, and you’ll reap heaps of benefits.”

Genuinely Modernistic Vision

Mr Raju’s vision for scaling DWP Global Corp’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond is truly futuristic in the changing scenario. He reveals that DWP Global Corp will soon be shifting base to their own hybrid corporate office. The physical workspace is built with much thought considering Employee comfort and a welcoming ambience for every single employee. DWP Global Corp would continue to follow the Work

from Anywhere concept, giving the workforce independence and flexibility to deliver their best. DWP Global Corp aims to build wireless offices and no assigned workspace. The Employee count has been consistently scaling up from the start.

Now the company is aiming for more than 100% increase in the employee headcount by the end of 2022. Technological changes and collaborative team efforts have helped them minimize errors in their operational purview. Mr Raju proudly shares, “We have the best employee benefits programs, insurance policies, and offer great perks: Our internal talent pool is given priority for the pay scale revision and career progression. This helps DWP Global Corp to retain the talent and at the same time help our employees achieve their professional and personal goals.

DWP Global Corp also focuses on many onsite (global exposure) opportunities for its workforce. It is assumed that at least 50% of the team gets an Onsite opportunity. DWP Global Corp aims to extend their offerings into BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) models to set up offshore delivery models for foreign companies uncertain of the local governance and compliance for their business to succeed.

As a leader, Mr. Raju envisions 100% growth in revenue, customers, and employees for DWP Global Corp in the coming years. DWP Global Corp’s utilization of modern tools, investment in knowledge, and employee-friendly policies are aimed at a safe and secure model for organization’s success. Their success mantra is simple – “Keep employees happy, and employees will keep the clients happy.”

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