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Dynamic Equities

“Be Your Own Analyst, Trade Simply, Enrich Lives”

Global economies are becoming interdependent hence stock markets are affected by any major policy change in domestic and international economies. Global investors with substantial funds are looking for relatively stable emerging markets like India. Portfolio Management Service (PMS) providers with innovative products are helping them in getting higher returns on their investment. Dynamic Equities Pvt. Ltd. is one such company which gives huge emphasis on educating investors on fundamental analysis, sector analysis and quantitative analysis tools.
Knowledge-Driven Leadership Personified

Shailesh Saraf is the Managing Director of Dynamic Equities Pvt. Limited & Dynamic Commodities Pvt. Ltd. He has learned international best practices and continues to strive for the best in terms of both moral and material growth. He has an experience of over 25 years in the financial market, especially in capital & derivatives market operations, trading, research, and management related areas.
He is a popular figure on the investing.com platform, where his free online webinars attract 1000+ registrants per webinar. His channel on Youtube has nearly 14000+ subscribers, where more than 25 of his webinar videos have around 5 lakhs views. Two-day seminars held across cities are educative, practical and have benefitted investors all over India. Shailesh Saraf, along with Shridhar Bhuwalka at the helm of Dynamic group of companies, has been leading the group with intense hard work, dedication, and integrity.

Making a Difference with Dynamics of Equities
Dynamic Equities Pvt. Ltd. is a SEBI registered investment advisor and stockbroker, a leading financial services provider, and one of the major players in the equity markets in India, with the membership of NSE, BSE & FPSB India.

The company was incorporated in 1999 with head office in Kolkata. It launched its website www.dynamiclevels.com in August 2011 to provide knowledge and hardcore research information free to investors with more than 2 lakhs users. The company started its online webinars in January 2017 on www.investing.com website platform and recently launched mutual funds research analysis on its App- Dlevels.

Innovative Technology Tools
Dynamic Equities offers free portfolio check followed by a presentation of strategies to PMS clients by in-house research experts.  The company has an edge over its contemporaries mainly in the field of data analysis. The Quantitative Fundamental tool is one of its kinds developed by the team for identifying stocks in PMS. The intense effort spanning almost 10 years has resulted in anexclusive quantitative fundamental strategy based research model for PMS Service. All collated together very systematically in a special tool, where at a click of a keyboard, the most relevant data is populated. This quant tool is one of its kinds in the industry and has helped in propelling Company’s PMS performance. It specializes in helping NRIs account opening process and company has a fair share of NRI’s in their list of clients.

Supporting Investor Education
The main purpose for launching the dynamiclevels website & Dlevels app is Saraf’s belief in the famous quote by Chinese Philosopher, Confucius – “If you give a man a fish, he will be fed for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, he will be fed for a lifetime.” The intention is to help the investors realize that the stock market is the best place for investment, to guide them to invest their savings in the stock market with the right education.

Dedicated Products and Services
The company offers a wide range of products & services. Few of them can be listed as below –
Portfolio Management Services: For investors willing to invest INR 25 lakhs or more, Dynamic PMS is the product to go for. To track the PMS performance, the company has launched three Indices – Dynamic Smallcap, Midcap & Largecap index, which has been calculated and computed by NSE Indices Limited, a subsidiary of NSE.
Mutual Funds Advisory: Dynamic has also done extensive research on the mutual fund industry and is well equipped to advise & manage big HNI portfolios, specializing in NRI portfolios.
Seminars: Stock Market learning is made simple and powerful through the 2-day seminars which empower investors to be their own analyst.

Free Services: Company also provides free services like Portfolio Check-Up, online webinars, website dynamiclevels.com & App “Dlevels”.

Embracing New Technologies
Technology has made it easier for investors to become more knowledgeable and investment in stocks is increasingly preferred. Quantitative Fundamental Analysis is a very robust model for identifying stocks in the portfolio. All the 1600 tradable stocks of NSE are filtered with major fundamental parameters. Remaining 300-400 stocks which are fundamentally good can be further evaluated quantitatively. A combination of Fundamental & Quantitative Analysis can prove to be the most effective strategy for investment analysis.

Preparing for Future Challenges 
The major challenge facing the industry today is for the Mutual Fund Managers.  With the SEBI notification in Oct & Dec 2017, categorization of the stocks into smallcap, midcap and large-cap have led to a lot of restructuring of different mutual funds. This has subsequently affected the Portfolio & wealth management services as well.
By 2018, all listed companies will have to follow a uniform system of accounting known as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Another major change is that from 2019, the companies which typically give annual consolidated results will have to give consolidated quarterly results. The company has already started employing the Quant Fundamental method and has also prepared its database in compliance with IFRS so that the transition is smooth and without any technical problems for clients.
Dynamic seems to be living its purpose – “Real Research, Trustworthy Research” 
Source :-The 10 Most Valuable Portfolio Management Service Providers in 2018

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