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Wagnon astutely defines basic intelligence as the capacity to learn and adjust to relatively new and changing conditions. Learning is inherent. So is the ability to adapt by changing one’s behaviour in response to external and internal change. Every living organism shows this ability of rudimentary intelligence. The kind of intelligence that could be gathered from the fact that every living organism has evolved and is continuously evolving.

Can artificial intelligence or AI evolve, too?

Going by the dynamic information technology age we live in and the onslaught of digitalization virtually transforming every aspect of human living, it is only a matter of time before a company like Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt Ltd would innovate AI to evolve on its own.

Located in Mohali, India, Ellocent Labs specializes in providing innovative and advanced solutions in the IT industry. Ms Sundeep Kaur, the Founder and Director, shares, “We have been providing our impeccable services for the last four+ years to our esteemed clients from all over the globe.”

According to Mr Navneet Singh, another Founder and Director, Ellocent Labs IT Solutions is an esteemed organization with a positive and productive vision to provide software, web application, and AI development services and solutions relevant to the IT sectors.

“Our core belief in quality services helps us bestow our clients with unique business solutions. We potentially help you and your business to connect with customers, integrate with vendors and empower employees to work employing the fullest efforts and calibre using the advanced tool, techniques and strategies: ●Quick to Respond; ●Flexible Price; ●24/7 Hours Support; ●Verified Professionals; ●Conscientious; and ●On-time Services,” says Sundeep.

Breathtaking Feats

Sundeep furthers that they are a whole package to spark growth and break business boundaries. It could be seen from their accomplishments, including

*PILLTABS: This project is built for users interested in having monthly subscriptions to certain medications for their medical conditions. The payments are auto-deducted every month, and orders are created to dispatch relevant medications automatically; the users can chat with nurses and upload documents and medical history in the application.

*COINHAVEN: is an all-in-one trading and exchange platform for desktop and mobile devices where users can easily buy Bitcoin and other blockchain assets with various fiat currencies. Users can exchange their Bitcoin for various cryptocurrencies – such as Ethereum – with just a few clicks.

*ZAPP: Sundeep shares, “In recent months, we have developed the Zapp Customer app for our Netherlands-based client.” It gives the full privilege to customers to book the ride by sending the booking request to nearby drivers. The various functionalities of this app are ride booking, ride scheduling, tracking the driver’s location, and call and chat options for queries with both offline payment modes.


Saying more about their journey, Sundeep states that with time, she and her team have increased their clientele, and their main target countries are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. She adds, “We have levelled up our game of development services by introducing top-notch technologies and become the leading company in AI technology.”

Here are Ellocent Labs’ other marvellous achievements:

  • Developed the healthcare-based AI chatbot/modelthat acts as a trained practitionerand handles all patient-level queries.
  • Recently created RPA for the food cooperation industrythat reduces manual efforts by 75%.
  • RPA automatically fills the form by omitting the efforts of filling in the same queries again and again.
  • Created an AI bot for predicting the stock market shares value and also made the future prediction of US-based stock prices.
  • Expertise with AI, ML, and RPA makes our toolkit a perfect fit for all requirements,” Sundeep says.
  • Specializing in developing AI-driven products for diverse niches like healthcare, real estate, Cryptocurrency, Ride booking, Real estate stock market and others.

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

Telling more about the offerings that stand them apart in a crowded marketplace, Sundeep says that in this digital era, you must come out of your comfort zone. “For us, building applications and software is a comfort zone. We have a keen eye for all the latest technologies, and AI is one of them.”

Building innovative solutions and providing AI solutions for unsolved, complex problems is their way to stand out in a competitive industry.

“We are not afraid of taking a risk because, from a business perspective, risk is also an investment. If we succeed, then it’s a proud moment for us. But if we lack somewhere, it’s also a learning experience for us to return even stronger.

We don’t believe in quitting and just jumping over to new technologies for the sake of the IT industry. We are doing it because we have the urge, potential, and passion to leave our impact/footprints wherever we go.”

Till now, Sundeep led her team at Ellocent Labs and worked with various clients from all over the globe. They have given their best and most cost-effective agile solution to the clients, which has made them stay connected with Ellocent for long-term opportunities. “So, we can say that our work speaks about our service quality,” mentions Sundeep.

Like the AI solutions developed for the US-based real stock market:

Blackhedge: US Stock Market and Bot Development

A truly democratized financial system – the idea around Blackhedge. Now you can finally access the technology that hedge funds and professional traders use to their advantage without needing extensive financial expertise.

Blackhedge is a real-time data provider for multiple cryptocurrencies which fetches raw data from multiple sources and combines them to make it easier to compare and judge behavioural patterns.

  • Blackhedge is an application that forecasts which stocks will rise and fall.
  • It uses a machine learning algorithm to predict the rise and fall of stocks.
  • Users can sign up for free and access limited app features.
  • Secure Payment gateways allow users to pay a monthly subscription for premium features.
  • Users can subscribe to symbols to get notified when that symbol will rise or fall.
  • Real-time stock prices are displayed using WebSockets.
  • Users can create watchlists and add stocks to them.
  • There is a stock news section for users.
  • Users can search through any stock.

Navneet reveals, “We built an algorithmic strategy that returned 76% on the S&P 500 last year by predicting when the price of a stock will go up or down and turned it into easy-to-read Buy and Sell signals for you. Use our app alongside your preferred brokerage service to help you become a more successful trader! For more info, please visit the linkshttps://app.blackhedge.io/; or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blackhedge; or  https://apps.apple.com/in/app/blackhedge-app/id1614822047.”

He assures that while using the app, data safety is assured, as no data is shared with third parties, only personal info as per the legal requirements is collected, data is encrypted in transit, and you can request that data be deleted. “We have developed the mobile app and web app for this client, and if you can check the Google PlayStore, then you will know that this developed product is doing well in the stock market industry,” says Navneet.

According to him, adopting top-notch technologies like ML, AI, and blockchain significantly impacts business industries. These cutting-edge technologies drive digital transformation, increasing efficiency by automating the process.

Ardent Technovators

Disruptive AI technology helps revolutionize the business industry by analyzing massive data, automating the process, and providing invaluable insights. “It helps automate the business process, providing the best personalised customer experiences, and furthermore, if we talk about ML, then it’s used in training the model based on certain algorithms and data.”

Navneet adds, “We have to train the model based on the data set, and then it will predict fraud detection and any other thing like for which particular domain it has been developed.”

Furthermore, blockchain is all about secure and transparent transactions. It’s one of the best and most secure ways for ledger transactions. It enhances security, streamlines processes, and fosters trust among the stakeholders.

So, due to all the pros of these technologies, Ellocent Labs IT Solutions’ mission is to provide a more secure and efficient solution based on AI for diverse niches. Its vision is to provide impeccable solutions for various niches with top-notch technologies.

Navneet mentions, “We have already crafted our path by developing an AI-based model for the healthcare domain. We have trained this model based on certain criteria and data sets. So, when the user or patient asks health-related questions, it can give the appropriate answer.”

So, he thinks that developing this type of AI-based for the healthcare domain is unique and a great contribution to society because, sometimes, there may be a possibility that the patient can’t access the doctor’s service physically, but they have the privilege to access it without any waste of crucial time.

Sun’s Enlightening Wisdom 

In their advice to budding professionals who aspire to venture into the AI-ML technology industry, Sundeep and Navneet says, ‘In this cut-throat competitive world, you must have some unique skills that set you apart from the rest of the crowd.’

“So, our advice to budding or aspirant professionals is to clarify your fundamentals about AI and ML. They need to invest their precious time in learning about these. As we all know, ML and AI are based on mathematics and algorithms, so it’s best for them to have a firm understanding of algebra, calculus, statistics, and others.”

Additionally, they must have a strong grasp of Python. Numerous online courses are available; they can learn from them and try their hands on the projects. Apart from that, they can do internships at the companies. So that they have exposure to real-time projects.

Furthermore, they must have a keen eye for all the latest technologies currently trending in the market. They can connect with fellow members of the online course or colleagues to better understand any topics related to their technological interests.

Moreover, they should also emphasize building their network by attending the meetings, or they can attend the real-time workshop to get exposure to this technology. Another trait should be that they must have soft skills like communication skills, critical thinking, and a problem-solving attitude.

Every goal or dream can be achieved by a perfect balance of smart work, dedication, enthusiasm, and inspiration,” concludes Sundeep.

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Ms Sundeep Kaur – A Determined Tech-Knowl-Edged Leadership

A determined, perfectionist, and thorough leader, Ms Sundeep Kaur’s impeccable passion for people and technology, patience, perseverance, and ability to turn challenges into opportunities make her today’s generation’s ideal icon. By founding Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, she has already shown the young generation how to climb the success ladder, achieve new levels of triumph, and feats of extraordinary achievements by acquiring the qualities like resolute willpower, strong spirit, determination, dedication, commitment, and persistence.

Sundeep has always dreamed of transforming society with innovative, pragmatic, meaningful, effective, and efficient advanced technological solutions. She realized her dream in 2018 by establishing Ellocent Labs IT Solutions. Before that, she had an experience of over ten years in the diverse domains of the IT industry. Her adept mindset, analytical skillset, visionary abilities, and strong strategic acumen bridged the divide between clients’ demands and futuristic solutions.

Sundeep is Ellocent Labs’ brand representative on the international horizon. She holds the capacity to innovate in the face of executing complex projects by guiding her team to build inventions. Her effective leadership, hard work, and charisma helped Ellocent Labs achieve

  • Eighth position in the ‘Top 10+ Software Development Companies in India, 2021,’ from Quespplin.
  • Indian Achievers’ Award for Emerging Company, 2021,’ from Indian Achievers’ Forum.
  • One of the ‘Top Rank in Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies, 2020’ from Clutch.

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